Pay HSN Credit Card bill online, via phone or by Mail (2023)

Just like many other credit cards, the HSN Card has an interest rate and annual fee. However, the biggest perk of this card is the lack of interest for the first 12 months on purchases and balance transfers. You can also get free returns for up to 30 days, which is a great feature if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re a frequent shopper of HSN, this card is definitely worth considering. Now, to know more about HSN credit card/synchrony bank, the bill payment methods, and HSN credit card login synchrony, continue reading below.

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Pay HSN Credit Card Bill using Synchrony account manager

To make an online payment, keep the following information handy:

  • Bank routing number
  • Checking account number

Now follow the steps below for successful HSN Credit Card online payment:

  • Visit
  • To make a payment on your HSN Card or HSN Mastercard through Synchrony Bank’s online account management portal, click “Pay Online“.
  • Use your User ID and Password to log in. You must first register your card if you’re new to Synchrony Bank’s online account management system.
  • Choose “Make Payment.”
  • Click “Submit Payment” after entering the required data in the drop-down boxes.

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Pay HSN Credit Card Bill via Phone

HSN payment phone number: (844) 889-9676.

You can call in payments using HSN Pay by Phone using a toll-free HSN credit card phone number. Follow the directions when you dial 888-724-6649 for the HSN Card or 866-702-9947 for the HSN Mastercard.

Make HSN Credit Card Bill Payment by Mail

HSN Card/Synchrony Bank

PO Box 530905

Atlanta, GA 30353-0905

Wrapping Up

Based on the Prime Rate, the typical variable APR for HSN MasterCard is 21.24 percent and for HSN Credit Card is 26.99 percent. Comenity Capital Bank issues the HSN MasterCard® under a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. You may use both the HSN MasterCard and the HSN MasterCard to make purchases on HSN. The HSN MasterCard can be used everywhere a MasterCard is accepted. We hope you liked this article and found the post informative. If you have any further doubts in your head, then check out the FAQs section below. We have tried to pick some best, most enlightening, and most asked questions on the web for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Is getting an HSN credit card difficult?

 Whereas many HSN consumers may think of the HSN Card as a way to finance purchases and improve credit, there is little evidence that the card accepts bad credit. To qualify for an HSN Card, you should have at least fair credit. You can use the HSN Card to make HSN purchases as well as the HSN Mastercard, which is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted. For additional information on making a payment to your HSN Card or HSN Mastercard, please visit our Pay Your Bill page.

Is a credit check performed by HSN?

HSN may need credit verification for FlexPay orders, and we may evaluate the credit record. You can contact our HSN Credit Department to find out if a credit report was requested, as well as the name and address of the credit reporting agency that performed the report (if applicable). HSN will also replace its present financing supplier with Synchrony technologies that deliver excellent client experiences and data insights.

What is the best way to pay my Comenity bank bill?

Account Center allows you to make payments as well as see your balance, transactions, and statements. Here is where you can find your account in Account Center. Customers having deposit accounts with Comenity Direct should go to or contact 1-833-755-4354.

Is it possible to pay my HSN bill over the phone?

Yes, HSN Pay by Phone allows you to make payments over the phone using a toll-free HSN phone number. Follow the steps by dialing 888-724-6649 for the HSN MasterCard or 866-702-9947 for the HSN MasterCard. If you pick this payment option, be aware that you will be charged a fee.

Is it possible to use your HSN credit card on QVC?

HSN Credit Card has come to greet its users with a warm welcome and exclusive perks like Easy Pay® Every Day and QCard Special financing. It’s the most convenient way to shop at QVC,, and QVC Outlet.

What is the minimum credit score required for an HSN card approval?

Minimum Credit Score Requirements for HSN Credit Card Approval With a credit score of 600 or higher. The caveat is that you’ll need a score of 700 or above to get affordable prices.

How can I find out how much money I have in my HSN account?

You may check the balance of your HSN gift card online or by calling 1-800-284-3400. You may also ask a clerk at any HSN shop to check your balance for you.

Which bank is the issuer of the HSN card?

Comenity Capital Bank, which assesses credit and promotion eligibility, is the provider of HSN Credit Card Accounts.

What is the purpose of the HSN code?

For GST purposes, the Harmonized System of Nomenclature code (HSN Code) is used to classify products. The World Customs Organization has given the codes (WCO). They are used to organize commodities into sections, chapters, headers, and subheadings that are all of the same kind.

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