Chase Debit Card Activation Guide. Activate Chase Debit Card Via Phone, Online, Or ATM

What do you know about Chase’s Debit Card? If not enough about then you will get to know everything about Chase Bank and its debit card here in this article. With the Chase Debit Card, you will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs and make payments for any good or service. If you Activate Chase Debit card then get a pretty decent advantage as it has zero liability protection which means a condition in a credit card or debit card agreement that states that the cardholder is not responsible for unauthorized charges. In simple words, you will not be responsible if there is an unauthorized transaction noticed, but you need to report to the bank right away. 

About the Chase Debit Card-

It incorporates other features as well such as contactless chip-enabled tech in order to enhance security. However in order to experience the features offered by the Chase Debit Card you need to activate your card in the first place. After you open a checking account in the Chase Bank you receive a new Debit Card. Another way when you receive a new debit card is when you apply for a replacement of the card.

The Process Of Activating Chase Debit Card Via Phone call

You have the option to Activate Chase Debit Card through a phone call and receive it via the mail in no time. The phone number that you need to call for processing this activation process is attached to the sticker with the card. Along with that, the customer service number is also mentioned on the back of the card. For future assistance, this is the number you can call to. The number that you need to be using while making a call for activating your Chase Debit Card should be the same number you have given to them while applying for the card. 

Information That You Are Required To Give-

Debit card number
Last digits of Social Security Number
Your Date of Birth

You can be asked about your other details as well which you need to answer over the call. After you are done with the phone call you are ready to make use of your Chase Debit Card. 

Activate Your Chase Debit Card Online

Activating the Chase Debit Card online is way easier than any other method. Let’s see the steps-

  • Go to the Chase website, and visit the verification page.
  • If you have not enrolled yet then create a new account, or else you need to log in to your account with the details.
  • In case you are creating your account now then, you will need to enter your card number, SSN, billing address, and your email.
  • After you are done filling in details, tap on the option “My account’’.
  • Now choose the debit card that you need to activate. 
  • Follow the further prompts in order to activate the card.
  • Tap on the button ‘’Activation’’ after you are done with the above steps.

The Process To Activate Chase Debit Card Through The Application

You can also do the activation process through the application, let’s look at the process-

  • First, install the application on your smartphone. 
  • Use this link to download the application on an IOS smartphone- iOS
  • Use this link to download the application on an Android smartphone- Android.
  • After you finish with the installation process, open the application.
  • Now log into your account by entering the username and password.
  • In case you are not having an account then click on the ‘’Signup’’ option.
  • After logging in, you will see an option ‘’My account’’, click on that option.
  • Further, follow the prompts given there to continue activating your debit card.

The entire process will take a few moments to finish but right after the process, you are ready to use your card.

You Can Activate Your Chase Debit Card At An ATM, Here Is The Process-

Activate Chase Debit Card

Have you received your debit card but are not sure how to activate it? Then you just need to visit the nearest Chase ATM and get it verified. You have to follow the steps that will appear on the screen of the ATM. The steps will be easy and simple to do. The process will complete in no time. In case you have some problem while doing the process then you can contact the Customer Support Team to seek help.

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  • Facing A Problem While Activating Your Chase Debit Card?

-If by any chance you are having trouble while activating your Chase Debit Card then here are few solutions which you can do and may work for your problem-

  • In the case of activating the card via phone, make sure you are using the same number that you did use while applying for the debit card. 
  • In case you are facing issues regarding the process then call on this number- 1-800-935-9935.
  • If the given number doesnt work then you can call on the number given on the back of your Chase Debit Card.
  • If you desire to reach them through mail then log into your account first then you can use the section of Secure Message to reach them out this way. 
  • If nothing works for your issue then, at last, you need to visit your nearest Chase Bank to have an in-person conversation. Make sure you take all the documents with you.
  • How You Can Find The Current Account Number On The Debit Card?

-You can get the current account number after you sign in to your Chase account. You got to select the account you need and then click on the option ‘’Show details’’. The 9 digits of the number will be the routing number and the numbers in the middle will be the account number.

  • How Can You Find Out If Your Debit Card Is Activated?

-After the activation process has been done you will receive the verification notice or else you can also contact Customer Service.


You can withdraw the cash from approved ATMs through the Chase Debit Card. the first thing you need to do when you receive your Chase Debit Card is to activate it through any of the methods mentioned above. You can begin using the debit card after the activation process. The methods through which you can do the activation process are Online, phone call, or through the application. 

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