Log into your Free Spirit Credit Card to Pay your Bill

Online access is available for your Free Spirit Airlines Credit Card account. After entering your username and password, select “Login.” You must first enroll your card if you don’t already have an account by selecting “Enroll.” Additionally, you can use the issuer’s mobile app to access your account.

It’s advantageous to have constant access to your online banking account because it gives you the opportunity to:

  • Pay bills or make payments on time.
  • Check out your transactions
  • Review your assertions
  • Edit the details of your account.
  • Speak with customer service.

Mercury Financial and First Bank & Trust provide an exclusive airline rewards credit card called the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard®. The card offers a respectable sign-up bonus, 2X points per dollar on Spirit flights and transactions, and no FX transaction fees (for some).

Free Spirit Credit card is perfect for: 

  • Those who desire an airline rewards card yet have fair credit
  • Receive a pre-approval letter offer from Spirit Airlines and Mercury Financial
  • Use Spirit Airlines or sometimes go on vacation

This guide will help you get a Free Spirit credit card login. Just click “Forgot ID/Password” on the login screen if you can’t remember your login details. Then, simply follow the instructions to reset or retrieve your login information.

Features of Free Spirit Credit card:

Depending on the edition, the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® offers additional features. For instance, the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® offers the fundamental Mastercard protections and advantages:

  • Zero Fraud Liability: If their card is used fraudulently or stolen, cardholders are not responsible for paying anything.
  • Worldwide emergency assistance is available around the clock through Mastercard Global Service. Services offered include reporting and replacing lost cards, providing cash in an emergency, and more.
  • ID Theft Protection: Free credit report monitoring that notifies cardholders of any alterations or potential fraud.
  • On either side, the Free Spirit® Points Plus Mastercard is a World Mastercard. It provides further advantages over those that come with a standard card.
  • ShopRunner: A free subscription that offers 2-day shipping at more than 120 top online shops.
  • 24/7 concierge service for airports, travel, and other issues is provided by World VIP Concierge.
  • At more than 2,000 properties globally, the Mastercard Luxury Hotel Collection offers complimentary upgrades, late checkout, and other perks.
  • Cell Phone Protection: If your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, $1,000 in coverage per year ($600 per claim) is provided. Cardholders are required to use an approved card to pay their phone bill. Applying terms and conditions
  • Both versions offer free monthly access to FICO Scores, online account management, and almost universal Mastercard payment network acceptance.

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How to Get Rewards from Free Spirit Credit card?

The Free Spirit® Travel World Mastercard® from Bank of America and the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® are quite similar. With that card, you can earn 2X Free Spirit points when you buy Spirit Airlines flights, 1 point on all other purchases, and a number of Spirit-specific benefits, including:

Spirit Airlines’ Zone 2 priority boarding offers a 25% in-flight discount via a statement credit rebate. Bonuses of two Free Spirit points (on signup and at card anniversary). Many of these benefits are also available with the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard®. On Spirit expenditures, including airfare, checked baggage, and in-flight purchases, the card offers a 2X point-per-dollar earning rate. The Free Spirit frequent flyer program awards one point for every dollar spent on all other transactions. The total number of points that may be earned is unrestricted, and as long as the account is active, points never expire.

Additionally, the card offers 5,000 additional points as part of an introductory promotion after spending $500 on purchases during the first 90 days of account setup. The bonus offer comes with a special requirement because this card is targeted at people with subprime credit, and it depends on making at least one minimum payment due.

How Do You Use Rewards?

There are numerous methods to redeem rewards points for flights with Free Spirit. The distance of the requested award route determines the price of award flights with Spirit:

1. Region 1: 0 – 1,249 miles

2. Region 2: 1,250 – 1,749 miles

3. Region 3: 1,700 – 2,499 miles

4. Region 4: 2,500+ miles

When the distance of the trip is calculated, award flights come under one of several categories:

  • Off-Peak Tickets: These flights can only be booked as awards when using a Spirit Airlines credit card, such as the Mercury or Bank of America cards.
  • Standard Flights: Only on specific days of the week and at specific times of the year are these flights offered.
  • Peak Flights: More options are available than with Standard prices, but blackout periods still apply.
  • Premium Flights: The most pricey mileage class that offers the best alternatives for award flights.
  • Off-peak flights in Region 1 begin at just 2,500 points, while the starting point for premium flights to Region 4 is 45,000 points.

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Should You Apply for the Mastercard® with Free Spirit® Points?

Are the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® or the Free Spirit® Points Plus Mastercard® something you should apply for? It depends, really.

At the moment, applications for the cards can only be made by invitation. This procedure is comparable to that of the Mercury Mastercard, the other credit card offered by First Bank & Trust and Mercury Financial. These offers, which can be received by mail or email, are nevertheless rather typical.

The cards are tempting for people who receive a targeted offer, especially if they often or regularly fly with Spirit. The card is flexible and useful because it allows you to accumulate points toward free flights to over 77 locations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Not having to pay any fees when transacting internationally is also advantageous.

In the end, people who frequently find themselves wishing they could get an airline credit card but don’t have the credit score needed to get the best offers may find the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® to be a great option. It offers value, simplicity, and respectable signup bonuses for people with average credit scores.

Choose a merchandise card like Merit Platinum, Freedom Gold, Buy on Trust, or Unique Platinum if you have terrible credit or perhaps no credit history at all. These catalog or merchandise cards give cardholders access to an unsecured line of credit that they can use to make purchases at particular stores, as detailed in each card’s evaluation.

How can I view the statement for my Spirit Credit Card?

Here is the link to your online account where you can access your statement. For additional help, you can reach customer care at 800.732.9194. We hope this was useful.

Where can You check the balance of my Spirit Credit Card points?

Your free Spirit Airlines credit card points balance is available here:

  • Through the Spirit Airlines login page
  • Using the iOS and Android Spirit Airlines smartphone apps
  • Telephonically by calling (855) 728-3555

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What is the Free Spirit® login procedure?

You can access your Free Spirit account any time, any day of the week. To log in, simply click this link. You can also go to spirit.com and log in by clicking the “SIGN IN” table in the upper right corner of the page. The email address and password linked to your Free Spirit account will be required. For password reset options, click here if you’ve forgotten yours.

As previously indicated, the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® is an airline card targeted at consumers with fair and subprime credit. As a result, the interest rate on the card is higher than that of the Bank of America Free Spirit credit cards.

The Bank of America cards end when the purchase and balance transfer APRs begin. The best interest rates for rewards credit cards are around 26%, which is much higher than the industry standard. However, the interest fee can be avoided by paying the entire sum in full before the end of the payment cycle.

There may be an annual fee for the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard®. The Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® and the Free Spirit® Points Plus Mastercard are the two variants of the card offered by Mercury Financial, with an annual charge of either $79 or $0.

Thankfully, there are no foreign transaction fees with the card, which is a wonderful bonus for any travel card, but especially for those with fair credit. But keep in mind that people with poorer credit may be required to pay a 3 percent foreign transaction fee, which is calculated from the transaction fee in U.S. dollars.

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