How to Activate NetSpend Card without social security number

No credit check, cashback, faster transaction, and whatnot you can have if you are using a Netspend card. Maybe that’s why; Netspend has gained popularity among those companies offering prepaid debit cards. Several cards are being offered by Netspend, which require activation before you could use them. The process to activate Netspend card does require your information, particularly your Social Security Number which might be not comfortable for the majority of people to share their personal information with the activation team. But seriously why you have to share your SSN when you can activate your Netspend cards without SSN.

Netspend Prepaid

Now that you have got your NetSpend Visa Card, to use it you will have to activate it. Activation can be done either online on NetSpend Activation Page or via NetSpend phone number. You can ask Netspend for prepaid cards from Visa to Mastercard which will even not require any credit check that means you don’t have to keep a minimum balance on the card. The process for activation is easy but before activation, let’s check the requirements.

What all is needed to Activate NetSpend Card

You will be required with the following details for activating your card
• Visa card number
• Login details of your NetSpend
With all this information now you can proceed with NetSpend card online activation.

Start Off your Netspend Card Online

Follow the process to activate your NetSpend visa card online

  1. Visit their website at Netspend
  2. Move to the right top corner of the homepage and click on “Activate Card”
  3. Input the card numbers printed in the front of your card
Netspend Card Activation
  1. Input the CVV now, those last 3 digits security code from the back of your card.
  2. Click on continue to proceed further.
  3. Now you can easily log in to your NetSpend account. If you haven’t created the account, then you will be required to create one by providing the information from the issued government identification card or number.
  4. After completing the entire required step your card will be activated and ready to use at any point in time.

Get-Going with Netspend Card over the Phone

For activating Netspend Card over the Phone, you will have to call on this number (866) 387-7363 and from the menu options provided, you have to opt for “activate new card”. Then you will be asked to input your card number printed on the front and the 3 digit CVV security code printed at the back of the card.  

After that, you will be connected to a customer care representative for verification of other information of yours like your date of birth, government-issued identification number, address, and driver’s license number. Once the process of verification will get completed then your card will be activated for use.

Activating Netspend Card without SSN

Activating a Netspend card without an SSN is near to impossible; you will be requiring a government-issued identification number or Social Security Number if you want to get your Netspend card activated. Without a legal identification number, you cannot activate the Netspend card online, believe me that it’s not possible.

The correct and legal way of activating and acquiring the card is by providing the organization your SSN or government-issued ID number. In case you do not have a government-issued ID number or SSN then you can go for an Alien Registration Number and with this number you can activate your Netspend Card without SSN.

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