How do I Activate Secure Spend Visa Debit Card (Dec 2023)

It’s easy to activate Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift card, either visit their website and follow the given steps or it gets activated right after you purchase the card or at max within 24 hours.

Concerned with the Vulnerabilities the Digital Age brings along with its ease, not everyone feels safe sharing their personal information while making transactions. And it is fair if you too feel unsafe while sharing your personal details while making a transaction for daily purchases as low as $100. 

But not to worry anymore! Because the SecureSpend card has got your back. From dining out and paying for gas to online or in-store shopping, a SecureSpend prepaid Visa card is just what you need for your daily expenses. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can Activate a SecureSpend Card, how to make payments with it, and how to use it nationwide for your everyday spending. So, read along and get all your queries solved under one roof.  (Activate Scene Card Today!)

What is a SecureSpend card and how do I get one? 

SecureSpend is a prepaid gift card that was launched to keep your transactions and personal information safe. You can use a SecureSpend card to make daily purchases without actually sharing your credit/debit or other personal details that are otherwise needed to make a transaction. 

If you want to purchase a SecureSpend card, you can simply reach out to any of the retailers across the US that sell SecureSpend cards. A list of Secure Spend retail locations across the US is attached below. You can find the nearest store of your preferred retailer and grab your SecureSpend card without any registration. 

SecureSpend Retail Locations in the US
Activate Prepaid Secure spend Card

How do I Activate my SecureSpend Prepaid Card? 

To start using your SecureSpend Card, you first need to activate it. SecureSpend card activation is as easy as acquiring the card. There are three possible ways to get your SecureSpend prepaid gift card activated: 

  1. Present it to the cashier while making payment 
  2. Login to the official website at
  3. Allow the card to be auto-activated within 24 hours of purchase

There’s no other process than these three to activate your SecureSpend prepaid gift card. 

Do not fall prey to any online website suggesting otherwise. 

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How do I use my SecureSpend prepaid card?

The ease of using a SecureSpend card is beyond worldly delight! From paying online bills, to paying for gas and tipping at restaurants; you can use your SecureSpend prepaid card for literally anything. 

NOTE: Some types of payments you make via SecureSpend gift cards can hold up to 20% of the purchase amount. 

You can use your SecureSpend card for online and in-store transactions. Here’s how: 

Online Payments: 

  1. Before making the purchase, ensure that the balance on your SecureSpend card is greater than the total amount, including taxes. 
  1. Select Debit/Credit as the payment method. (Do not choose Gift Card)
  1. Enter your card information. 
  1. Fill in your name and address in the Billing address section. Voila! You just made your first purchase using the SecureSpend prepaid card. 

Note: You cannot use your SecureSpend prepaid card for any recurring payments, such as memberships or subscriptions. 

In-store payments: 

  1. Present your SecureSpend card to the cashier while making a purchase. Make sure to know your balance beforehand.
  2. Finalize your purchase by choosing Credit and signing the receipt. (You can track your transactions online via your SecureSpend account.)
  3. Or you can finalize the payment by choosing Debit and entering your card PIN. (You can manage your PIN online via your SecureSpend account.) 

How do I Split Transactions using my Secure Spend prepaid card?

There can be times when you don’t have enough balance in your SecureSpend prepaid card, and that’s when you choose to split your transaction by using a second payment method such as cash, check, credit, or debit for the difference. 

Just make sure to inform your merchant beforehand when you decide to split the transaction. Additionally, let them know in advance how much from each type of payment you will be using to make the purchase. 

NOTE: Not all merchants allow splitting transactions. While some accept only cash for the difference, others may insist on paying the difference through debit. Ensure that you talk to your merchant in advance of splitting a transaction.  

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How do I Check the Balance on my SecureSpend Card? 

Checking the balance on your SecureSpend prepaid card is another easy process that can be done in minutes. Here’s how you can do it: 

Step-1: Go to the official website at

Step-2: Fill the form that appears with your card information, such as, 16-digit card number, expiration date, and CVV

Check balance on your SecureSpend prepaid card

Step-3: Click ‘Continue’

Or you can call their toll-free number 1-833-563-8200 to discover your SecureSpend Balance. 

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