Guide to activate your EBT card in 2023

EBT cards, also known as electronic benefit transfer cards, are the debit cards issued by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the United States and are issued in order to enable users to make purchases for food. These debit cards do provide a framework for additional subsidization, such as the one received by enrolled students in school food programs who have been affected by the pandemic’s effects on school closures and the unpredictability of the teaching-learning process. These students have been impacted because of the pandemic’s effects on school closures and the unpredictability of the teaching-learning process. In the event that you are one of the users and have been looking for a way to activate your EBT card, here it is!

activate EBT card

Because this card cannot be given to another person, the only person who can activate and make use of it is the person who originally received it. The SNAP stipulates that the fact of theft or loss be informed in order to send a duplicate of it in order to prevent fraud or prospective identity theft using the associated personal data. This is done in order to avoid potential identity theft using the associated personal data.

How to activate EBT card

After successfully submitting an application for SNAP benefits or WV WORKS benefits and being approved, you will get an initial Mountain State EBT card in the mail within seven to ten business days. Immediately after you have received your card, you will need to activate it before you can use it. The activation of your card will not take more than a few minutes and will be a straightforward process. Your first West Virginia EBT card must be activated, and you can do it in one of these two ways:

  • You need to call the number that is printed on the back of your card, which is 1-866-545-6502, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. This is the approach that is the least complicated and takes the least amount of time.
  • Or to access the Cardholder Portal, go to on your web browser.

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EBT Card activation

Follow these steps to activate your EBT card easily:

  • In order to activate your card, call the number that is printed on the back of it, which is 1-866-545-6502; then, follow the steps that are provided by the automated system.
  • To hear the instructions in English, click 1, and to hear them in Spanish, press 2.
  • Enter the 16-digit card number where it says “CARD NUMBER” on the front of your card.
  • To see your birth date, type it in here. This information is presented in the format of months/days/years.
  • Please include your Social Security number if it is requested of you.
  • Pick four numbers to serve as your Personal Identification Number when prompted to do so (PIN).
  • When prompted to do so, you must once again input the numbers that make up your PIN.

You can also begin using your card after you have activated it via the use of the Cardholder Portal. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Visit the website at the following address:
  • To get started, go to the left column and look for the link that says “Cardholder Login.”
  • Enter the 16-digit number that is printed on the back of your card here. Please enter your login information by clicking the Login button.
  • Within the green stripe, you’ll see the button labeled “PIN Select.” Simply tap on it.
  • To see your birth date, type it in here. This information is presented in the format of months/days/years. Simply using the tab key will allow you to move between the various fields.
  • the number assigned to you by the Social Security Administration.
  • Pick four numbers to use as your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Repeat entering your PIN using the same four digits that you picked before.
  • Select “Update.”

How exactly do you go about using the EBT card?

Always double-check your available funds before making a transaction.

  • Take a look at the most recent receipt that you’ve been given.
  • To access the EBT Helpline, call 1-866-545-6502 on your phone.
  • Have a look at the Cardholder Portal for FIS.
  • Get the FIS ebtEDGE mobile app on your mobile device.

You can use your card in the following ways at a point-of-sale device:

  • Put your credit card into the reader there.
  • If you are presented with the choice, go with EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).
  • Please enter your PIN in the appropriate area (PIN). Keep your personal identification number (PIN) hidden from the cashier at all times.
  • After inputting the total, hit the ENTER key to confirm that it is correct. If you think that anything is wrong, speak to the cashier.

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Check out the money you’ve been given:

And check to make sure the name of the store you purchased from, the date, and the time of the transaction, as well as the total amount of your purchase, are all shown on the receipt.

Participants in WV WORKS and the Child Support Incentive Program are the only ones who are permitted to withdraw money from a QUEST® ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

  • To use your card, either swipe it or put it in the reader.
  • Please enter your personal identification number in the appropriate section (PIN).
  • Select “Checking” and then “Withdraw Cash” from the drop-down menus (No purchase cash back).
  • Enter the amount of the withdrawal that you would want to make.
  • Bring along your cash, your card, and the receipt from the transaction.
  • Save the receipt so that you can keep track of how much money you have remaining.


EBT Cards are really helpful if you are going through some financial issues. And these were the only steps you need to complete in order to activate your EBT card on your own. If you follow them judiciously, you will be able to activate and use your EBT Card in no time. We hope you will find the content of our guide beneficial to you.

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