Google Is On Track To Improve Its Voice Assistant’s Accuracy

If you are an Android user, you might be well aware of the ingrown issue with the Google Voice Assistant, as it works badly at times. That’s why the US tech service giant, Google has come with the idea to improve its voice assistant’s accuracy. And for that Google Assistant will use your data to improve its functionality. For the major improvement, the company is now using the “federated learning” option on Android devices just in an effort to reduce “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” misses and misactivations.

If we talk about the new deep learning method that Google is using its Federated learning. It is a privacy-enhancing technique that permits Google to improve its machine learning models without sending any raw data to the Google servers. Federated learning is depending on deep learning, where it will keep some audio recordings of the users on their device. With these recordings, the entire data will be processed and analyzed just to understand the reasons why the “OK Google” function is triggered. 

The Newer Technology Model Respects Your Privacy

Even though some of your audio data will be used, in the meantime, Google respects your privacy. Recently Goggle has come with a message that “Your audio recordings remain on your device while privacy-friendly technology collects your information and the information of many other participants.” Just to improve response and quality “Ok google” you will be benefited to use the new concept of Federated Learning. All this will help to improve the Google voice assistant accuracy and the experience that the users had in past years.

The audio recordings that the platform uses will be deleted from the device right after a maximum of 63 days. Other than this, not more than 20 recordings per day will be saved on Android simultaneously and it will always be encrypted just to make sure that users’ personal data is protected and secured.

How does Federated Learning work With Google Assistant?

When the Google Voice Assistant activates or nearly about to activate, the federated learning temporarily stores some short bits of voice recordings on your device. And then the platform will use these recordings to learn how to adjust Google Assistant’s triggering logic. Audio recordings that have been saved will stay on your android device for around 63 days and then they will be deleted automatically. This way your privacy will not on the stack.

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