Google’s WiFiNanScan App Aims to Boost Technology To The Next Level

Another milestone has been achieved by Google, as the company introduced a new application called the WiFiNanScan app, which allows users to connect with others without even having the internet. The newly launched application is now available to download via Google Play Store. The Wi-Fi Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) allows Android 8.0+ devices to search for nearby users even without having an active internet connection. It works faster than Bluetooth connectivity even at a distance. The software giant also says that the developers can also use this tool to upgrade apps like finding my phone, which lets users share files wirelessly.

In simpler words, the WiFiNanScan app is a new tool to measure the distance between two smartphones simply by using the Wi-Fi Aware protocol. Meanwhile, if you are wondering how the application works and from where you can download it, then read this post and know every detail related to your query.

What’s the Reports on “Wifinanscan app” by Google Say?

The “Wifinanscan app” by Google is available on the Playstore for developers to measure exact distance between phones!

According to a report on 9to5Google, tech giant Google has unveiled the WifiNanScan app on the Play Store for developers to explore the potential of Wi-Fi Aware. This is another another addition to its discovery capabilities. Devices running Android 8.0+ OS may “identify and connect directly to one another flawlessly without any kind of connectivity between them” thanks to the Wi-Fi Aware technology. Technology will revolutionise our daily routines as it becomes more widely used and could be quite important.

This allows you to book reservations at neighbouring eateries without an internet connection, even while the establishment is closed. Users can use mobile identification like a passport or driver’s licence to speed up the security process at immigration, customs, and airport checkpoints. Wi-Fi Aware will enable businesses to collaborate for greater output. Through synchronised devices, coworkers can share project-related ideas and documents.

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The technology framework’s application programming interfaces (APIs) may frame network connections that can transfer massive amounts of data and can identify the presence of neighbouring devices. This emerging technology, according to Google, “offers better transmission rates over longer distances than Bluetooth connections.”

The WifiRttScan app, released by Google two years ago to use Wi-Fi Round Trip Time instead of GPS for interior locating, has been replaced by the WifiNanScan app. In order to increase productivity and mitigate the possibility of lost connections, the tech giant has also made significant enhancements to Wi-Fi Aware in Android 12 OS. Vendors, developers, and other stakeholders can use the application as a testing environment to create cutting-edge peer-to-peer data transfer and ranging applications.

How does the Google WiFiNanScan app work?

The newly developed application complements the WiFiRTTScan app that was released two years ago on the Play Store Platform. So, by using the WiFiNanScan application you can easily send a document to a printer without even logging into any network. Also, it is a great alternative to the previously released app. Talking about its functions, one can with ease make restaurant reservations or view their menus. And the best part is all things to be done without even having an internet connection. At the same time, the app developers can also automate the process, which makes it easier to cross airport security, immigration processes, customs, traffic police, and more.

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How to Download the App?

The process of downloading the Google WiFiNanScan App is easy and hardly takes a minute or two. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps and use the application on your Android device.

Note: This app is not meant for iPhone users.

Download WiFiNanScan App via PC – 

  • Start by visiting the official Google Play Store.
  • Now, use the Search address field located at the top of the screen and type the WiFiNanScan app. From the searched results, click on the application icon and then click on the Install button available in the green color.
  • This will begin the downloading and installation process. Once it is done, launch the application and create your profile to start using the app.

Download WiFiNanScan App via Android Phone or Tablet –

  • To start with, unlock your device and launch the Play store app on your Android device or Tablet.
  • Now, with the help of the search address bar type WiFiNanScan App and wait for some time to fetch the results.
  • From the obtainable results, click on the app icon and then tap the install button to start the downloading process.
  • Once it is downloaded, install the application on your device and start using it at your convenience.

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FAQs :-

How does WifiNanScan operate?

What is the process of WifiNanScan? Neighbour Awareness Networking, often known as Wi-Fi Aware technology, is used by WifiNanScan (NAN). An Android 8.0 or higher device can connect to a neighbouring device using Wi-Fi Aware without the need for a communication medium. The gadgets that are connected can easily share data

WIFI Nan: How to know about it?

A neighbourhood area network (NAN) is a byproduct of wireless local area networks (WLAN), which allow users to easily and cheaply connect to the Internet. Typically, one person instals a NAN to feed a family or several neighbours.

How can I determine how far apart two phones are?

You may use WifiNanScan to determine how distant the other device is from your device because it is based on the fundamental design of Wi-Fi Aware. This app is described by Google as: The Wi-Fi Aware protocol, also known as Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN), is used by the WifiNanScan app to calculate the distance between two smartphones.

Wi-Fi aware what?

Devices running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher can find and connect to each other directly without the need for any other sort of connectivity thanks to Wi-Fi Aware capabilities. Neighbor Awareness Networking is another name for Wi-Fi Aware (NAN).

How can I make Android P2P-enabled?

WiFi Direct is currently the name of Android P2P. Click Wi-Fi in the Settings window. A list of WiFi networks will appear; however, you want to select the menu option in the lower right (the vertical one). Selecting it brings up a submenu with Wi-Fi Direct as one of the choices.

What Kind of Network Is Man?

A cable TV network in a city or the portion of the telephone company’s network that may offer a customer a high-speed DSL line are examples of MANs.

What is P2P on Android?

Android 4.0 or later smartphones with the necessary hardware can connect to each other via Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer (P2P) without the need for an access point. The Wi-Fi Direct standard is adhered to by the Android Wi-Fi P2P technology.

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