Guide to Remove Google Chrome Notifications On Your Active Device

Wanna remove Google Chrome notifications on your active device? We totally understand that it’s quite frustrating to receive notifications from websites through the Google Chrome web browser. Unfortunately, it is something that happens with many people, considering the fact that Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. But luckily, keeping away your pc or smartphone saturated with these bothering notifications is not a hefty job anymore. There are fairly simple and effective ways to remove Chrome notifications that keep bothering you, especially when you are sleeping or need some calm. 

This post is all about how to remove Google Chrome Notifications that keep bothering you. So, if you are interested to disable Chrome Notifications then keep on reading this post. 

Remove Google Chrome Notifications

Every time a website or an application wants to send you a notification, Chrome starts alerting you about the content. However, it is often the case that, while you are in a rush, you accept the receiving of such notifications by mistake or unknowingly, and resulting you will begin to start the notification of the website, whenever the site admin posts anything on it. But, as mentioned earlier, there is a simple way to remove Google Chrome notifications from your device that you don’t want to receive. Here’s how?

How To Draw out Chrome Notifications On Your PC (Computer/ Laptop)

  • Start by going to the menu available in the upper right corner and tap on the three dots to open the Settings. 
  • Now, from the Settings section, visit the Privacy and Security option and, from there, do navigate to the Website Settings.
  • You will see a list, where you need to find a subsection called notifications, simply click on it.
  • This is how you will get an opportunity to remove the Chrome notifications that have been bothering you. More than this, you can also deactivate them all, so that no website will be able to send this notification pop-up again. Apart from this, you can also select, one by one, and choose which pages you want to block. 

Steps To Disable Chrome Notifications On Your Android Device (Phone/ Tablet)

You might know that Google Chrome also shows these bothering notifications in Android devices. Only the Apple product – iPhone and iPad can easily get rid of this option. But, no need to worry more as you can easily remove notifications from Google Chrome for Android. The entire process is quite easy, all you require is to pursue these guided instructions:

  • Open the Chrome web browser on your Android device and go to the menu button available in the upper right corner. 
  • Now, select Settings and click on it. Inside the Settings option you will see a tab called Notifications, so make sure to click on it. 
  • The most effective option to block or accept notification is by tapping on the option called “All notifications from Websites”.
  • You can also check and see the web pages that you have visited and whom you have permitted to show notifications. At any time you can disable them so that they can’t be able to send you any notification.

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