Use Your Phone as a Remote Control for FIRE TV Stick – Here’s How

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has more or less been taken the market by storm ever since it made its debut back in 2014. There have been regular updates to the software and the features. Amazon recently introduced the third generation of the Fire Stick. One of the more prominent features of the device is its lack of dependence on a remote. You can control your Fire TV Stick using a mobile phone with the Fire TV Stick Remote Control App.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick third generation has seemed more promising than ever. With sales at almost an all-time high, the possibility of a guide to set up a mobile phone as a remote becomes quite necessary. Let us see how you can have the ease of using a remote without actually having a remote through the Fire TV Phone App.

To be able to use your mobile phone as a remote for your Amazon Fire TV Stick, certain prerequisites have to be met.

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Prerequisites to use the Fire TV Phone App

  • The first prerequisite is to download the Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Control App on your device.
  • All the processes can be performed only through the Fire TV phone app.
  • The Fire TV Stick Remote Control App is compatible with android version 4.03 and above along with IOS 7 and above.

Then proceed according to this step by step guide for setting up the Fire TV phone app:

  • Bring the Mobile phone and the Amazon Fire TV Stick in sync – To begin, you need to connect your mobile phone to the same Wireless connection as your Amazon Fire TV Stick Device.
  • Now Open the Fire TV phone app on your mobile device.
  • Select your Device – From the screen of the available device, choose your mobile device and pair the Fire TV stick remote Control App to the TV.
  • Continue by following the on-screen prompt.
  • You then need to use the on-screen navigation, keyboard, and other menu options to control the selected Fire TV device.
  • Sign to your Amazon account.
  • You will receive a connection request code which you’ll have to enter.
  • Once the connection is established you can use your mobile device as a remote.

The Fire TV Phone app has several salient features to make the user experience splendid. Users can control their Amazon Fire TV Stick through the touchpad in the middle of the screen, there is a microphone icon in case you want to give voice commands and a built-in keyboard to type in your preferences.


The usage and functioning of the Fire TV Stick Remote Control App is no rocket science either. Most functions are similar to the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote and the rest of the functions are in plain sight. Therefore making the Fire TV phone app a success.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has changed the way we have viewed televisions and is still adding to the benchmarks it has set. Something as simple as using the Fire TV Phone App as a remote has made lives much easier for viewers throughout the globe. There are loads of features associated with the Fire TV Stick Remote Control App, all one needs to do is explore.

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