Activate Fintwist Card with Activation code over the Phone

Say goodbye to check-cashing fees, payday loans, and the embarrassment of not being able to pay for necessities. The Fintwist card, backed by Mastercard and supplied by Comdata, the leader in payroll cards, provides customers with quick access to their income as well as a simple digital tool for managing their money. Furthermore, no bank account is necessary. 

The Fintwist Card is the first payroll card built to fit the U.S. workforce. The reason for this is simple. Payroll cards have been used for years in other countries, but in the U.S., we’ve utilized direct deposit and check payments. However, doing this has led to many problems within the United States economy, leading us towards a solution ourselves, making Fintwist possible today! And what does this post do? Well, we are here to guide you with the Activation process of your Fintwist card using the activation code. So, are you ready to get started with all the steps to enjoy all the benefits?

Why Fintwist card, above all other Great Mastercards available today?

Fintwist offers a convenient payroll card to enable employees to access their income without having to open a bank account. The card is safe, convenient, and gives employees greater control over how they spend their money. With the Prepaid Card, your staff can spend on any legitimate prepaid card product in the U.S. or abroad with just a 4-digit pin code. Furthermore, there’s no overdraft or late fees for spending beyond one’s balance or going over the available funds on the card. Try it out today and see how it improves your employee’s quality of life and increases their loyalty to your company.

Fintwist is a prepaid card on the Mastercard network. It allows you to transfer wages instantly and safely, to your employees. You can also use it to pay bills online, check balances and get cash instantly at ATMs or retailers that allow cashback With Fintwist, your employees will have a simple digital tool for managing their money towards their financial goals. Introducing Fintwist, the easily loaded, instantly spent, and securely reloaded. The employee quickly taps it to pay for goods and services at more than 27 million US locations, including online. No checking account is necessary.

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Fintwist is a simple, flexible, and secure way and employees to be in control of their hard-earned money. How do payroll cards work? Money is deducted from paychecks and loaded onto the card. Employees use their cards at ATMs, stores, and on the Internet just like debit cards. They are also able to make purchases over the phone or online with companies that accept MasterCard. The biggest benefit is the control employees have over their paychecks; they can choose which accounts to deposit their Fintwist Card into and schedule when they get paid each week with Easy Pay Direct.

Check out the Advantages of Activating Your Fintwist Card:

  • The Fintwist card is your easy-to-use, secure payment card. With the Fintwist card, you get important features like an emergency $100 cash reserve without fees. It’s designed to help you manage your money effectively while earning rewards through the Comdata SMARTRewards program. Get an employee digital wallet that can give you all the power of a bank card without actually being one.
  • When withdrawing cash from an ATM, always pick the checking option. To avoid ATM withdrawal costs, use the Fintwist mobile app or cardholder online to locate an Allpoint® ATM near you, or call 888.265.8228.
  • You may pay out the card in its whole — for free. Alternatively, you may cash out your card for whatever amount you choose at any Mastercard® member bank. While you may cash it out, they encourage keeping monies in your Fintwist balance so you can make payments and track spending, which will lead to improved financial management.
  • Paying employees has never been easier. Fintwist offers one great solution with the cards you already use, giving all the staff immediate access to their wages when they need it. Their hands-free card readers are optimized for mobile devices, making it convenient to manage, train, and pay employees when you want, wherever they are. Discounted pricing for larger volume purchases to help you save money.

The Activation Process for you to Use your Fintwist Card-

Maximize your payroll, save on administrative costs, and increase employee satisfaction. Comdata’s Fintwist™ payroll card offers all the security of direct deposit to more than 25 million ATMs and 300,000 retail locations where Mastercard is accepted. This card allows employees to access their wages at their convenience by simply clicking “withdraw” online or by replying “yes” when prompted by the ATM screen. Here are the following steps of activation:

  • To avoid a charge, call 888.265.8228 to activate your card before using it. Make a note of the Fintwist Customer Service phone number. It’s worth noting that the pound key is [#] and the star key is [*]. To go back to the previous menu of the automated system, press [*]. To enter the main automated program menu, press [9]. To contact a customer care agent, dial [0].
  • Enter the activation code provided by your company. This might be your birth date, employee number, phone number, or another corporate-defined number. If your company chooses the date of birth as the activation code and your birthday is April 7, 1970, your activation code will be 04071970.

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What must be the Fintwist Card Activation Do’s and Don’ts?

Fintwist is simple to use. They issue you a Mastercard Paycard linked to their Comdata card account. Accepted wherever Mastercard is welcome, the Fintwist Paycard keeps track of your cash balance and can be used online, over the phone, or at the point of sale. Using the Fintwist debit card is simple. They provide you with multiple options for loading your Fintwist card, the most popular being the direct deposit of your paycheck. Check out the to-do and not-to-do list below-


  1. If a transaction has been denied or your card has been stolen, banned, or misplaced, call Fintwist Customer Service at 888.265.8228 to talk with a live person.
  1. Use your card as if it were cash, and enjoy making transactions everywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  1. Remember your PIN; if you input it incorrectly three times in a row, the card will be banned.
  1. To have unlimited access to all of the money-saving features, enroll on the website and download the Fintwist application.

Do not’s:

  1. If your transaction is refused, do not continue to use your card to avoid costs.
  1. Avoid checking your balance at an ATM to avoid costs.
  1. Paying for petrol using your payroll card is not a good idea. You must go inside and pay for the petrol in advance.

Final Note

Fintwist Card is your payroll card in its vanilla flavor! It has quickly proven to be a beneficial solution for many different employee needs. In fact, Fintwist has made a few improvements that you requested—so if you’re a current user of the Vanilla flavor Fintwist Card, you might want to check out their Choco Mint flavor of this new Dairy Queen Breakfast Treat. How was this unique information? We are sure you liked it! Now, that you have Activated your Fintwist card, how about checking out some frequently asked questions below to make you completely doubt-free?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How do I get rid of my Fintwist card?

Send HELP to 57911 or call 800-833-8640 for assistance. To cancel, text STOP to 57911.

Fintwist is a debit card or credit card?

When you get paid on your Fintwist card, your money is immediately available—no need to cash it out or stand in check-cashing queues. To begin using the card for free, simply swipe it as debit or credit.

What is the procedure for transferring funds from Fintwist to my bank account?

Follow the steps below to set up automatic transfers from your Fintwist Mastercard to your bank account.

1. Go to and log in to your account.
2. Select “Card-to-Bank Transfers” from the drop-down box under “Transfer & Pay.”
3. Fill out your bank information by clicking “Add External Account.”

What ATM do I have access to for Fintwist?

Find an Allpoint® ATM near you on the Fintwist mobile app or cardholder web, or call 888.265. 8228 to avoid ATM withdrawal costs. You can also cash out your card for any amount you choose at any Mastercard® member bank.

What is the best way to figure out how much money is on my Fintwist card?

Today, the Fintwist app can assist you in gaining control. If your employer has provided you with a Fintwist or Comdata Payroll Card, you may use the Fintwist app to check your balance, monitor your transactions, and simply track your spending for better money management. Whatever option you select, will be straightforward, quick, and easy.

Fintwist uses which bank?

The Fintwist Mastercard Paycard is a revolutionary and cost-effective method of paying your staff. Fintwist, backed by Mastercard and delivered by Comdata, the leader in payroll cards, gives customers instant access to their income and a simple digital money management solution they’ll appreciate.

Do you get paid before the end of the month with Fintwist?

They don’t grant early paycheck advances, unfortunately.

Is Fintwist compatible with Venmo?

You’ve stored your Fintwist pay card credentials to your Venmo account, but you need to send money to a pal.

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