How do I Activate Scene+ Card to redeem points on Scene

Want to Activate Scene+ Card: If going to the movies is something that you like doing, signing up for a Scene card is one of the greatest ways to save your money. Activate your Scene Card with us and secure Scene points that’ll help you get discount coupons for your next movie date. Wondering, how to activate scene card online?

The scene card activation steps is as simple as a piece of cake. Every time you spend money at a Cineplex theatre on things like movies or concessions, you will be rewarded with points. You can also earn Scene points when you eat at a variety of participating restaurants, such as Montana’s, Swiss Chalet, and Harvey’s, to mention just a few of the available options. It does not cost anything to sign up for the Scene program, and you can begin earning points as soon as you do so

How to Activate Scene Card Online in 2024

How to Activate Scene Card Online? Take these easy steps to activate your Scene card online:

  1. Go to to access the Scene website.
  2. On the homepage, click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner.
  3. For account login, enter your email address and password.
  4. Once you have logged in, select the “Activate Card” button on the screen’s left side.
  5. Enter the 16-digit card number found on the front of your Scene card and click “Activate.”
  6. To complete the activation process, follow any additional instructions that may appear on the screen.

There you go! Your Scene card is now active. You can contact Scene customer service for help if you run into any problems during the activation process. Check out to know how to activate Scene+ Card


  1. Fill out the form to become a member to join the SCENE membership program for free. You can also join through the app on your phone or in person at any SCENE.
  2. You must Activate your black membership card after 90 days of joining SCENE to receive the bonus points. To earn or redeem points, display your member card or register your membership number at the time of transaction within 90 days of initiating SCENE to start receiving 250 bonus points.
  3. If you terminate your Scotiabank account, you’ll still be a Scene+ member, and your rewards will only expire after 24 months.

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scene card activation steps

How to Activate Scene+ Card

Simply follow the below procedure to activate Scene Plus card.

  • You can activate the sense+ card from the official scene website or  mobile app.  
  • To activate the sense plus card from the official website navigate to the sense website.
  •  once you are on their website login to your account  using your login credentials.
  •  if you have not yet created an account you can create an account before starting activation process.
  • After entering into your account navigate to the activate Card section to  proceed further.
  • Now you have to enter the activation code that was given along with your card. 
  • Make sure to enter the activation code correctly so, that you can complete the activation process without any  delay. 
  •  After this follow the onscreen instructions to complete the rest of the process. 

How do I get my SCENE Card on my phone?

If you want to get the Scene card on your phone here is the process of you.  you can simply get this scene card on your phone using the mobile app on your phone.

  • The scene app is available in both App Store and the Play Store.
  •  if you are using Android device simply download the scene app from the Google Play Store in case if you are using iOS device download it from the app store. 
  •  after you have downloaded the scene app on your mobile I love you to install.
  • Now open the scene app and login to your account using name and password. 
  • Then, click on the “My Card” section and from the drop down menu choose the digital card.
  • Once you choose the digital card you are requested to follow the on screen instructions to add your scene card to digital wallet.

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How do I Activate my Scotiabank Scene+ card?

Once you received the Scotiabank Scene+ card you can activate the card both online and by phone securely and in a few minutes. To do so here is the guidance for you.

  • To activate any of your Scotiabank credit cards including Scotiabank scene+ card by visiting their  online activation page. 
  • After entering to the activation page follow the onscreen prompts to activate the card securely online.
  • Alternatively you can also activate your card over the phone b calling 1-800-806-8600.

Can you cash out SCENE points?

Members of Scene+ have the ability to redeem points for a variety of products at Playdium, The Rec Room, and Cineplex. These purchases can include items like complimentary movie tickets, as well as food and drink. While using this approach, scene points can be paid in at a rate of one cent for each point earned.

How much are 10,000 scene+ points worth?

10,000 Scene+ points are worth $100, assuming that each point is worth an average of one penny.

How to add scene+ points from the receipt?

You can use the Scene+ app to add Scene+ points from a receipt.

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So guys this is all about activating scene + card.  In this article we have discussed all the available methods to activate seem plus card including online method telephonic method and in person method. you can choose either of the methods to activate your scene + card if you encounter any problems during the activation processor you can contact the customer support team to resolve your issues.  We hope this article is useful and informative to you if yes consider following as for more interesting stuff. Thank you for being with us till the end see you all soon with an another informative blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find my scene activation code?

You can find the scene activation code on the back side your card. It is a 16 digit number. 

How do I add a scene card to my existing account?

To add a scene card to existing account open the scene app<< profile icon<< Add cards<< enter the 16 digit code<< Click on add card to confirm.

Is there an app for the SCENE card?

Yes, you can download the Scene card which is available on both Appstore and PlayStore.

Can two people use the same SCENE card?

Scene cards are not transferable and can only be used by the person to whom they were originally issued.

Can you transfer SCENE points to a new card?

No, Scene points are non-transferrable to a new card.

Can I get a second SCENE card for my spouse?

There can only be one actual Scene card associated with a member’s account. Download the Scene app to have instant access to your card or to share it with other members of your family.

Is my SCENE card the same as SCENE plus?

The SCENE membership number and login information for SCENE members will not change; they will continue to be the same. Users will be able to keep using either the physical card that is now in use or the digital card that can be found on the program, which will be renamed SCENE+.

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