How to Activate a Scene Card? Ways to Earn Scene Points

Activate a Scene card and enjoy a Cineplex SCENE membership enables you to earn points while watching movies at participating Cineplex theatres. Watch movies, earn points and redeem them for rewards. It’s that simple. Just register your SCENE membership online or at the theatre, and you will get an easy-to-use membership card. Get movie passes and save on concessions with Canada’s ultimate entertainment brand. Benefits include 1,000 points = $10 towards FREE movies, FREE Movies on your birthday, skip the box office – buy tickets online, get 10% off at Cineplex theatres and online store, exclusive monthly offers, and more!

The scene in Canada’s number-one entertainment loyalty program. Earn points when you go to the movies, on food and drink at Cineplex theatres and restaurants, and on digital downloads. Then redeem those points for FREE movies, concession upgrades, and more!  (because they are avoiding legal talk). Use a Scene card to earn points with every movie purchase! Redeem the points for free movies or treat yourself to free snacks. Buggy friendly! Now, let us begin our guide to Activate the Scene card using top-notch steps and details.

The activation process of Scene card- 

  1. Fill out the form to become a member to join the SCENE membership program for free. You can also join through the app on your phone or in-person at any SCENE.
  2. You must activate your black membership card after 90 days of joining SCENE to receive the bonus points. To earn or redeem points, display your member card or register your membership number at the time of transaction within 90 days of initiating SCENE to start receiving 250 bonus points.
  3. Please log in to your account to view your points balance. Your point balance will be displayed in your “profile.” You can also check your points balance by downloading the Cineplex Mobile app or the SCENE app!
  4. If you terminate your Scotiabank account, you’ll still be a Scene+ member, and your rewards will only expire after 24 months.
  5. See for additional information about Scene+ credits.

How can I discover my Scene+ membership number if I’m already a Scene+ member?

Contact to have your Scene+ membership number emailed to you. Every customer with an email address on file received an email with their membership number. The membership cards are now being mailed to people who do not have an email address on file. In the interim, you can figure out your membership number in one of two ways:

  • Log in to Scotia OnLine and go to the Account Summary page to enjoy Scene+.
  • To figure out your membership number, you can also contact the Scene+ call center.

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Earn and Redeem 

Once you plan your next trip with Scene+ Travel, their third-party service travel center that is part of the new Scene+ program, you can earn and redeem points. When you reserve your hotel and car rental using Scene+ Travel, you’ll earn 3 points for each and every $1 you spend (including taxes and fees), although if you pay with your credits. Whenever you book with Scene+ Travel, you may redeem 100 points for $1 toward your flights, hotel, or car hire.

Up to one year after purchasing, you can use your Scene+ points to offset travel costs by selecting the Apply Points to Travel choice in the Scene+ Program. Scene+ points will soon be able to be used to partially redeem an approved travel transaction. In the meanwhile, please call 1-866-586-2805 to claim your rewards right now. There are no modifications to your existing Scotia Rewards Program booking(s) made before December 13, 2021. The booking information contained in the Scotia Rewards trip itinerary emailed to you remains unchanged.

By calling 1-866-586-2805, you can make changes to your existing travel booking booked before December 13, 2021, through the Scotia Rewards Travel Service. Please note that modifying your booking may include an administration cost, which will be charged to your credit card. Points cannot be redeemed to cover the cost of a reservation or any other administrative expenses associated with travel modifications.

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Travel with the Scene Scotia Rewards Travel Service-

If you are scheduled to travel with the Scotia Rewards Travel Service before December 13, 2021, you can make modifications to your existing booking by calling 1-866-586-2805 and following the directions for ‘Travel.’

  • For travel, choose ‘1’.
  • Choose ‘2’ if you want to travel before December 13th, 2021.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that the Scotia Rewards Travel Service is run by a third-party travel agency.

Scene+ members are allowed to save an additional 10% on their Tuesday movie ticket, on top of the already reduced Tuesday ticket price. This is true even for Premium and VIP performances! To receive this discount, simply show your Scene+ membership card or submit your membership number online when purchasing your ticket.

The standard interest rates on the SCENE VISA card are 19.99 percent on purchases and 21.99 percent on cash advances, balance transfers, and Scotia Credit Card Cheques. The principal card, as well as each supplementary card, has no annual charge.

Deliveries from Swiss Chalet and East Side Mario’s are as follows: To earn or redeem SCENE points, members must submit their SCENE membership number at the time of payment. To redeem, choose ‘SCENE Card’ as your payment method, then enter the amount you want to redeem in $5.00 increments.

Get a FREE General Admission or 3D movie ticket* when you redeem 1,250 SCENE points! Here’s how to do it: Show your SCENE card at the in-theatre box office. Purchase your ticket at

So, that was all in the post to Activate the Scene Card online and we hope you liked it! Movies lovers also check out our guide to Activate Movie Anywhere

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