Microsoft’s Xbox Series S Being Top-Seller Console in the USA
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Microsoft’s Xbox Series S

The United States of America is the world’s foremost gaming hub, and Microsoft is a popular gaming company known to develop the best yet most popular pc operating system around the globe. Having a strong market for gamers, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is now considered the top-selling gaming console in the United States. The company has been – Read More

Play Your Xbox Series X Or S Games On Your Gaming PC
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Stream Xbox Series S on PC

The next-generation gaming console Xbox Series X or S is what you have been craving for so long. For gaming enthusiasts Microsoft has come up with their gaming consoles – Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S comes with dozens of astounding features with 4K gaming and fast loads. This article covers every bit about stream online games on – Read More

Epic Games Activation 2021 Guide – Activate Product Key on Epic Games
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Product Key Activation on Epic Games

We just can’t deny the fact that video games are a billion-dollar business nowadays. Formerly known as electronic games, video games are the new trend of the digital world that enthusiast young budding gamers. Particularly in 2020 till now, where the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, video games play a major role for – Read More

EA Play Games Are Finally Available for Xbox Game Pass for PC Members
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EA Games Subscription for Xbox Game Pass

Finally, the day has arrived for Xbox Game Pass PC holders, as the EA Play subscription is now available for them. Microsoft has announced that the service will allow all the potential Xbox Game Pass members to access the EA play library and play more than 60 games with ease. These major games names include – Read More

Gamers Treat via Steam & Epic Games- Guide to play “Metro 2033” for free
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Guide to Play Metro 2033 via Stea,

Video games have remained an integral part of enjoyment with family, friends, and more ever since their origin. With this, Metro 2033 had a good run, as it’s the first in the 4A Games series, available for free on Epic Games and Steam until 15th March 2021. Yes, you heard it right! This popular PC – Read More

How do I join friends using Xbox Companion App?
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Join friends with xbox companion app

For some reason, if you are unable to join friends using the Xbox Companion app then this guide is going to be useful for you. Due to a lack of knowledge, the majority of new gamers are not well-informed about the features and functions of the Xbox Companion app. With amazing features such as looking – Read More

Easy Fixes to Xbox not working on PC
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xbox down on PC

If your Xbox not working on pc, then you don’t need to worry as in this article we have mentioned the effective workarounds that will fix the problem easily. Although the Xbox has launched its new family members – Xbox Series X and Series S are here, still, Microsoft is unable to fix some major – Read More

How to align Xbox Companion App connection with Xbox?
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Connect Xbox App with Xbox

Microsoft has rocked the gaming world, as the company has launched the video gaming brand known as Xbox for all the potential gaming lovers. The video gaming brand created more than five video game consoles such as Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S, as well as major Xbox applications (games) – Read More

Does your Xbox help you to open Windows 10?
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xbox to windows 10

There have been times when a majority of gaming lovers won’t be able to access their Xbox gaming console with their Windows 10 pc. This is due to the reason that they are not configured the latest version of the Xbox Companion app on the Windows 10 device. In this guide, we have compiled the – Read More