Guide to Activate Epic Games in Easiest Steps [Updated]

People who are completely interested in Epic Games and web-based video games may simply register at and redeem a code to download, install, and play the electronic games. And for those who don’t know about Epic Games yet, continue reading. Epic Games, Inc. is a well-known video game developer and publisher based in North Carolina, United States. The firm became famous for developing the Unreal Engine and making use of it for creating popular video game series like Gears of War.

Epic Games, Inc. is one of the world’s leading video game and software developers known for their work on Fortnite Arena and Unreal Engine, which made its mark in the market with some of the latest hit games such as its client-based free download Fortnite and key titles such as Gears of War 4 and Shadow Complex Remastered. The firm was founded by Tim Sweeney in 1991. You can now get this platform activated via

Know All about Epic Games and its Popularity-

Epic Games has been a leading video game script development company for 25 years. The company is best known for developing its Fortnite, which is also available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Other popular games developed by Epic Games include Infinity Blade 3, Gears of War, and Unreal Tournament among many others. 

Don’t be afraid to go to the Epic Games Store and buy your favorite games. It’s important to remember that you only need a product key to activate video games if you bought them through the Epic Games Store. If you bought a video game via the Epic Games Store online, you’ll need to go to the Library area of your Epic Games Launcher to download it. If you don’t already have the Epic Games Launcher, you can get it here by hitting the Get Epic Games button in the upper corner.

On the page, we have detailed the whole Epic Games activation method. Read out the manual right now and unlock Epic Games.

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Step-By-Step Activate Epic Games at–

Before you get started with the process, ensure to have the following –

  • Must have a Free Epic Games Account that you can access at EPIC GAMES STORE Page.
  • Other than this, make sure to sign up for Epic Games through Steam, Nintendo, Playstation Network, Google, Xbox Live, Facebook, and Email.

Once you fulfill all these above-mentioned norms, you can continue with the process.

  • Now, download and install the “Epic Games Client” on your device.

Note: Once you receive your game key via email, you will require to check the following steps.

  • To start by, log into your Epic Games Account through the Epic Games client or via
  • In the next step, tap on the option, which says “Game Display Name” placed at the bottom left-hand side.
  • Then, tap on the “Redeem Code” option and start typing the game code that you received on your mailbox into the “Redeem your product” box.
  • Tap “Redeem” to activate your game.

This is how you can easily go for epic games activation and explore the uninterrupted world of new-era video gaming.

How to Activate New Games on Epic Games Launcher?

Here’s how you can perform the activation steps on Epic Games Launcher and activate your new game.

  • Start by exploring the at Epic Games Website.
  • Now, complete the sign-in process to Epic Account by using the right login credentials.
  • In the next step, explore the “product activate” page and enter your Epic product key.
  • Finally, tap on the “Redeem” option.

Alternatively, you can try this method too.

  • Start by downloading and installing the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Now, from the bottom-left corner, tap the button, which shows your profile.
  • Click “Redeem Code” and on the next page, make sure to enter your CD key to successfully redeem the code.

By implementing these steps, you can easily activate the game that can be found in the Epic Library.

Proven Steps for Product Key Activation on Epic Games

  • Go to the official website of to sign in to your Epic Games account. In case you are a new user, don’t forget to create a new account.
  • Once you are logged in to the account, you can use this link to activate your game.
  • Now, enter your account key and tap “Redeem”.

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You can also try this alternative method to perform the steps:

  • Start by launching your Epic Games application.
  • Now, tap on your account name and then click on Redeem Code.
  • Finally, enter your key and tap “Redeem”.

Wanna Troubleshooting Epic Games Launcher Issues? Here’s How You Can Do The Same

Looking for easy troubleshooting steps that you can pursue to get rid of the major Epic Games Launcher issue. Here’s what you need to perform:

Initially, Check Epic Games Server Status For Any Technical Fault:

The first thing you need to do is to check the Epic Games server status, as this will help you to fix an Epic Games Launcher issue immediately. For this, go to the Epic Games Server Status page to see whether there is an outage of system-wide issues. Ensure to fix the outage and the Epic Games Launcher problem will automatically be resolved.  

Run Launcher As an Administrator Command:

Steps to follow:

  • Right-click on the Epic Games Launcher shortcut available on the screen.
  • Now, tap the “Run as Administrator” option and follow on-screen instructions to conclude the steps.

Don’t Forget to Clear Launcher’s Web cache:

At times, when you are not able to use the launcher, simply clear the web cache.

For Windows:

  • Start with, right-click on the system tray icon. This will help you to exit the Epic Games Launcher page.
  • Then, click “Exit” and after this, press the keys “Windows + R” on your keyboard and type “%localappdata%”.
  • In the next step, hit the “Enter” button. This step will open a File Explorer on your Windows screen.
  • Now, open “Epic Games Launcher” and select the “Saved” folder.
  • Next, tap the “Web cache” folder and then delete the same.
  • Restart your device and pre launch the Epic Games Launcher.

For Mac:

For Mac users, here’s what you need to follow to clear the launcher’s web cache.

  • Start by exiting the Epic Games Launcher and then open “Finder”.
  • Now, hit the “Go” button and then select the “Go to Folder” option.
  • In the next step, you will require to type ~/Library/Caches/com.epicgames.EpicGamesLauncher in the given space and then press the “Enter” key.
  • Drag the option “web cache” to “Trash” and then click on the “Empty Trash”.
  • Finally, launch the Epic Games Launcher once again.

How to Use Epic Games Via Offline Mode?

With the offline mode of the Epic Games, you can still operate the store functionality without even having or connected to the internet connection. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the official website of Epic Games, and then click on the “Skip Sign-In” option, in case the launcher asks you to sign-in while you are offline.
  • Now, when your pc is connected to a strong internet connection, explore the Sign-in interface and then select the “Sign In Later” option that will take you to the offline mode.
  • In the next step, simply tap the option, which says “Skip Sign In” and follow the on-screen prompts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How do I activate Epic Games?

To get your Epic Games account activated, follow these steps. It’s possible that you’ll need to allow pop-up windows in your browser.

1. On your console, start Fortnite.
2. Select Link an account from the drop-down menu.
3. Use your smartphone or computer to enter the code on this website.
4. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
5. Create an Epic Games account and log in.
6. You’ll receive a confirmation notice before being able to play on your console.

How can I connect my PlayStation Network account to Epic Games?

Log in to your amazing account. Go to associated accounts after clicking on your profile. Then scroll down until you see PlayStation Network, click connect, and then sign in with the pop-up. You can now play Fortnite PS4 with your own account when you’ve completed those steps.

How can I get into my Epic Games email account?

The Epic website should be directed to you. You can always go there yourself if you’re on a PC. Next, in the upper right corner of the screen, pick My Account, and scroll down to Personal Info to see your Contact and Address Information. This is where you’ll find your email address.

If you can’t log in to your Epic Games account, you’ll need to reset your password.

To access the page, click Reset Password in the password reset email, or copy and paste the URL into your browser. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can create a new password. A RESET YOUR PASSWORD message appears.

What’s the deal with Epic Game Launcher not working?

You can try to Clear the web cache in your launcher by following the steps given below:

1. Go to the Epic Games Launcher folder and open it.
2. Go to the Saved folder and open it.
3. Delete the web cache folder by clicking it.
4. Restart your computer before launching the Epic Games Launcher again.

How do I use Epic game Launcher?

From the Start Menu, open Epic Games Launcher. Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and type Epic Games Launcher. To run Epic Games Launcher, select it from the list of search results.

How do I get Epic Games to work on my PC?

Sign in to your Epic Games account by clicking Sign-in in the top right corner. Hover over your display name and select Account from the drop-down menu. Connect the account you want to connect to your Epic account by clicking Connect. Select Link your account from the drop-down menu.

What steps do I need to take to verify my Epic Games account?

1. Go to your account page and log in.
2. You might resend the yellow notification at the top of the screen.
3. Find the verification email in your inbox and open it.
4. VERIFY YOUR EMAIL is the next option.
5. Simply select on Continue if you wish to return to your Account page.

How do I enable epic on steam?

Start Steam and look for the button to redeem a code. Once you’ve logged into Steam, go to the top of the client and select the Games menu. On Steam, select Activate a Product.

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