Guide to Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard and Login

These days the market is flooded with lots of credit card options offering the best and unique services to their customers. But when we consider talking about credit history, plenty of people are affected by poor credit score/ CIBIL scores. That’s because they don’t correctly utilize their credit card.

Today we are going to discuss the Indigo Platinum MasterCard activation process by implementing the right step-by-step instructions. However, before getting into the Indigo MasterCard activation steps, let’s understand the features and benefits for the long run. 

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How to Apply for an Indigo Platinum MasterCard?

If you are interested to access the above-mentioned benefits, you will need to apply for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard at page. Check for the complete application process of the Indigo Card. But before proceeding with the application process, make sure to fulfill the prerequisite criteria to qualify for the card.

  • The minimum age of an applicant is 18 years.
  • Should have a stable source of income or household income, as it is mandatory to show.
  • You shouldn’t have submitted any request for applied for the card in the past 2 months.

If you fulfill all the above qualities, you are good to check out with the following steps.

  • Visit Indigo Card Invite page to get started with the steps.
  • If you have received a qualified letter via email containing your Indigo “Invitation Number”, you need to visit the website
  • On the homepage, make sure to enter your Invitation Number and then enter the “Zip Code”.
  • Finally, click on the “Get Started” button.

Note: In case you didn’t receive any response from the officials, submit the request once again at the above-mentioned link. 

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Indigo Card Activate via indigo.card/activate

Activating your Indigo card at will permit you to keep track of all of your transaction history and more. Here’s how you can easily activate your Indigo card.

  • Enter your login credentials (username and password) and enter the same in the empty required fields.
  • Once you enter the details, click on the “Login” button, and after login enter the details of your card. 
  • Next, select your PIN-code for your Indigo card and click on the “Activation” button.

After completing these steps, wait for a couple of minutes or a little longer to get a successful notification on your registered mobile number or email address. 

Registration at to Manage Card Activity

If you want to manage all your MasterCard activity, then first, make sure to register your ground at myindigocard com. Follow these steps underneath to activate your card online. 

  • First, visit and tap the “Register” button.
  • You will be asked to submit your MyIndigoCard account number in the empty field.
  • After entering your account details, it’s time to enter your Date of Birth in the Month, Day, and Year format.
  • Now, type your SSN (Social Security Number) mentioned on the card and then click on the “Next” button.
activate Indigo card
  • With this, you can finish the complete registration process of your Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

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Indigo card login account – MyIndigoCard Login Steps Guide

To access the best services and features of the card, you will need to learn and follow the major login steps.

  • Visit the official website on your favorite web browser.
  • Next, enter your key-in credentials – username and password.
  • Tap the “Login” button to access all the facilities and services.

Hope this blog assists you in applying, activating, and registering for Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

Indigo Platinum Master Card

Having a bad credit score might construct many obstacles for you in the future. Especially, if you are looking to get a loan for your home, or business, or looking for a new job in a new city. If you, too, are in the same dilemma, don’t look around and just apply for an indigo card. Indigo Platinum MasterCard is the best way to overcome a bad credit history and activating its services is easier compared to others. All you need to do is visit the URL to successfully activate your Indigo credit card.

Highlighting Features of Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo MasterCard has some solid features which you must know before applying for the card. Have a look at the offering features:

  • The annual fee of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard ranges from $0-$99, depending upon your creditworthiness.
  • You will get a credit limit of $300 with the Indigo Platinum Mastercard.
  • There are no major rewards like cashback offers or points for using the Indigo card.
  • Easy pre-qualification process. 
  • Bankrupt people can also apply for this card.

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What are the Major Benefits of Using Indigo Platinum Mastercard

Stop searching for top benefits on different portals, as here we have mentioned all of them. Check out some of these amazing benefits of the card that will force you to apply ASAP for Indigo Platinum MasterCard.  

  1. Travel – With Indigo MasterCard, you will get a complete travel assistance service like a pre-trip planning guide, medical facilities, legal referrals, and more. Additionally, you can take the Master Road Assist services from the professional team when it comes to finding an emergency service like Tow trucks, Driving, Fuel Delivery, and Tire changes.
  2. Security – The Company is well-known to provide a theft resolution service.
  3. Shopping – When it comes to shop, you will get warranty protection in a product for a certain time limit.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How much credit can I get with the Indigo credit card?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard has a credit limit of $300. If you are accepted for a version that requires an annual charge, the money will be taken from your credit limit.

How can I make a payment on my Indigo Mastercard?

Here’s how to pay with your Indigo Credit Card:
Online: Sign in to your Indigo online account and proceed to the “Bill Pay” section.
By phone: Call Indigo Credit Card customer care at (866) 946-9545 to make a payment over the phone.

How much limit does Indigo approve you for?

Every one who is authorized for this card will receive a basic credit limit ranging from $225 to $300, depending on the annual charge. If you don’t have the means to put down a hefty deposit but need a regular credit limit right away, the Indigo Platinum card is an excellent alternative.

What is the Indigo credit card’s minimum payment?

Your minimum needed payment for your Indigo credit card should be stated on your monthly statement, which you can see through your online account here. The minimum payment on this card is often the greater of $25 or 1% of your balance, plus interest and fees.

Can I pay my Indigo credit card using a debit card?

The short answer is that you cannot pay your credit card bill using a real debit card. Payments must be made using the nine-digit routing number from the checking account to which your debit card is connected.

How long does it take for an Indigo card payment to be processed?

It may take up to three days for the credit to reflect on your account after the store submits it to us.

Is there an Indigo MasterCard app for the iPhone?

You may pay your bills online at the Indigo Platinum MasterCard website, or you can utilize Prism’s mobile app.

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