Best Animal Planet Shows 2022 To Binge-watch Anytime & Anywhere

Are you looking for the best animal planet shows? The fact is that there are countless great Animal Planet shows that it can be tough to choose just one as the absolute best. However, based on popularity and ratings, here are the top 12 Animal Planet programs. Our wildlife tv shows provide details about the shows like genre, Developed by, Narrated by, Country of origin, Language, No. Of seasons, No. Of episodes, Original network, and IMDB and Google Users ratings.

By logging in using your provider details on the Animal Planet Go app, you can watch a live stream of Animal Planet programming (or on-demand content). On iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, the app is totally free. On Philo, DirecTV Stream, Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, Fubo TV Elite, YouTube TV, Vidgo, or Xfinity Choice TV, you may watch Animal Planet without a cable subscription. Now that you have known enough about Animal Planet, let us quickly explore Animal planet shows 2022 below.

Best Animal Planet Shows to Watch

The most extreme

It is a documentary series on Animal Planet. It was first published on July 7, 2002. It incorporates all the majestic anatomy of animals. Projection encompasses some computer-animated division in contrast with the potential of human beings. As the name suggests it includes the extremes, the earth itself is a planet of extremes, extreme places, and extreme animals. It has uncommon and remarkable events.

GenreAnimal documentary, nature
Developed byShelby Wilson
Narrated byAdam Harrington
Country of originNew Zealand
No. Of seasons5
No. Of episodes77
Original networkAnimal planet
Google Users96% of the users liked this show

Growing Up Wild

Growing Up Wild is one of the best Animal Planet shows out there. The show follows the development of young animals as they overcome difficulties throughout their lives. One of the things that you will love about this show is that it really highlights the importance of family and community. It’s amazing to see how these animals help each other out and how they rely on each other for survival. Another thing that we really appreciate about Growing Up Wild is that it doesn’t shy away from showing the harsh realities of life in the wild. We see how animals have to fight for their lives on a daily basis, and how tough it can be. Overall, Growing Up Wild is an excellent show that we would highly recommend to anyone. It’s educational, heartwarming, and just downright fascinating.

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GenreWildlife Documentary
Created byTom Armstrong
Developed byJohn Guanzon, Lucy Garrick
Country of originUnited States
No. Of seasons1
No. Of episodes23
Original networksThe Pet Collective
Google Users69% of the users liked this show

River Monsters

The show River Monsters was first published on April 5, 2009. It accompanies the experiences of Suffolk- born British host who is a wanderer and angler Jeremy Wade. He scouted rivers and lakes to exhibit the magnificent creatures following the crucified narratives of monster fish. The show portrays the dark characteristics of the creatures which were left unrevealed.

GenreDocumentary fishing
Presented byJeremy Wade
Produced byAndie Clare,Luke wiles,Doug Mackay Hope
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. Of seasons9
No of episodes57+44 specials+2
Original networkAnimal Planet,Discovery Channel,Discovery MAX
Google Users95% of the users liked this show

 The Jeff Corwin Experience

Jeff Corwin is a biologist and TV personality who is best known for his work on the Emmy-winning show The Jeff Corwin Experience. The show, which airs on Animal Planet, follows Corwin as he travels the world to study and observe different types of animals in their natural habitats.

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In addition to his work on television, Corwin is also a passionate conservationist and educator. He frequently speaks out about the need to protect endangered species and habitats, and he works with various organizations to promote conservation initiatives. Whether he’s swimming with sharks in the Bahamas or tracking tigers in India, Jeff Corwin always brings an engaging and informative perspective to his work. His passion for animals and dedication to conservation makes him a true force for good in the world of wildlife.

GenreNature and Travel Documentary
Created byJeff Corwin
Developed byJeff Corwin
Country of originUnited States
No. Of seasons3
No. Of episodes42
Original networksAnimal Planet
Google Users81% of the users liked this show

Miami animal police

The show Miami Animal Police was first published on January 5, 2004. It portrays the considerable duties of the Miami- Dade Police Department Animal services unit, concentrating on the work of twenty ACOs, five civilian animal cruelty investigators, six Miami – Dade police department administrators, and a pit-bull investigator. It also depicts the services of other private companies that move wild animals from places they shouldn’t be. However, animals can be hazardous to native wildlife and/or local residents if left unchecked which follows some menacing events.

Narrated byRick Pasqualone
Country of originUnited States
Production locationMiami, Florida
Original networkAnimal Planet
JustWatch84% of the users liked this show

Meerkat manor

The show Meerkat manor is a documentary with narratives, this portrays the story of Whiskers, more than a dozen of families of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. It was first published on September 5, 2005, on Animal Planet. It was in the form of a project- ‘Kalahari Meerkat Project’, prolonged research into the environmental convictions and evolving repercussions of the nature of meerkats.

GenreAnimal Documentary, Drama
Created byCaroline Hawkins
Narrated byBill Nighy,Mike Goldman,Sean Astin,Stockard Channing
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. Of Series4
No. Of episodes52
Original networkAnimal Planet International
Google Users92% of the users liked this show

Big cat Diary

The show Big Cat Diary which is also famous as Big Cat Week or Big Cat Live is enduring documentary series that was first aired on BBC and then is available on the Animal Planet channel as well. It was published on September 11, 1996. A bewildering adventure with Jonathan Scott, and Simon King with other professionals and camera crew as they arrive from Masai Mara Game Park in Kenya, Africa. They encounter divergent families of animals concentrating mainly on leopards, cheetahs, and cute cubs too.

GenreNature Documentary
Presented byJonathan ScottSimon King,Jackson Looseiya,Kate Silverton
ProducersKeith Scholey, Robin Hellier
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. Of episodes76
Original networkBBC
Google Users92% of the users liked this show

Pit-bulls and Parolees – Top Animal Planet Show

The show Pit Bulls and Parolees is a reality television series on Animal Planet; it was published on October 30, 2009. It encompasses a dog’s rescue center- Villalobos Rescue Centre, significantly pit bulls dogs. This show specifically devoted to the misconceptions about pit bulls and other similar dogs. Along with this, offering employment and conversion for recent parolees who are endeavoring to return to society.

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StarringTia Maria Torres
Country of OriginUnited States
NO. Of seasons17
ProducerPatrick Keegan
Original networkAnimal Planet
Google Users97% of the users liked this show

North woods law

The show North Woods Law is a reality television series that was first aired on March 11, 2012, on the Animal Planet channel. This show is full of dangerous events on every step. Uncovering trickery and saving are in every day’s schedules. All the way following bears on vivid mountains and arresting drunk drivers. They risk their lives in order to protect the life of animals and the people residing in Maine.

Narrated byCharles Parnell, Mike McColl
LanguageUnited States
No. Of seasons14
No. Of episodes127
ProducersJessica Winchell Morsa,Mick Kaczrorwski
Original networkAnimal planet
Google Users87% of the users liked this show

Wild Kingdom

The show the Wild Kingdom is also known as Mutual of Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom is an American documentary television program that highlights wildlife and nature. The wild Kingdom was first aired on January 6, 1963-1988. At the beginning of the show, cameras inspected the animals in a zoo then in the middle; the cameras inspected the Wild Kingdom to acknowledge the habits of the animals. There will be a glimpse of the animal’s world of Jungles, deserts, and savannas.

GenreDocumentary, Nature
Created byDon Meier
StarringMarlin Perkins,Jim Fowler,Stan Brock,Stephanie Arne
Country of originUnites States
No. Of seasons25
No. Of episodes50
Original NetworkNBC, Syndicated, Animal Planet, Web
Google Users92% of the users liked this show

Crocodiles hunter diaries

The show Crocodile Hunter Diaries is a wildlife documentary television series. It was first published on January 2, 2002, on Animal Planet. The show encompasses the life of Steve, Terri along the other employees of Australia Zoo. The main event follows the pregnancy of Terri and the medical problems of Steve’s dog Sui. The staff everyday faces some peaks and valleys at the zoo.

Created bySteve Irwin
Country of originAustralia, United States
No. Of seasons3
No. Of episodes96
Original networkAnimal Planet
Google Users90% of the users liked this show

Incredible Dr. Pol – Top Animal Planet Show

The show Incredible Dr. Pol is an American reality television show which was first aired in 2011. It depicts the story of veterinarian Jan Pol and his family along with the employees.  They practice in rural Weidman, Michigan. The prime essence is the prolonged running of cable television. More than 20,000 patients were treated by Dr. Pol, who specialized in large farm animals, but retiring, he takes an old-school, no-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine.

GenreReality Television
Created byJon Schroder
Developed byCharles Pol 
Country of originUnited States
No. Of seasons17
No. Of episodes198
Original networkNat Geo wild
Google Users96% of the users liked this show

These top Animal Planet shows are selected among countless. They fit perfectly according to your longing, as they have the highest ratings and reviews. You don’t need to find the best ones among endless, we have already done it for you. You just need to sit back and enjoy these shows!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

What are the best Animal planet shows in 2022?

We have provided the wildlife TV Shows list above, but you can easily refer to a few best content available on Animal Planet below:

– The Most Extreme (2002 – 2007)
– Pit Bulls & Parolees (Since 2009)
– Tanked (2011 – 2018)
– River Monsters (2009 – 2017)
– Lost Tapes (2008 – 2010)
– Crikey! It’s The Irwins (Since 2018)

Where can I find Animal Planet in its most extreme form?

Currently streaming is the documentary series Animal Planet: Extreme. Watch it on your Roku device or Apple TV.

Can you still find content on Animal Planet?

The Warner Bros. Discovery Networks division of Warner Bros. owns the American international pay television channel known as Animal Planet (stylized with all lowercase since 2018).

The reason behind Animal Planet’s logo change.

Animal Planet needed a new visual identity that could be used globally, was digitally responsive and would enable the brand to expand into a variety of goods and services. There is still a lot of fondness and appreciation for the original Animal Planet logo, which featured an elephant holding a globe.

What new shows are on Animal Planet?

If you want to explore the best Animal Planet shows of 2022 then, Cobra Kai, Love Is Blind, The Sandman, and Partner Track are a few of them.

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