Best SyFy Channel Shows

The Syfy network, currently owned by NBCUniversal, launched with a bang in September 1992 when it debuted the Nationscape live from New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. It quickly gained popularity and became one of the first cable networks to offer a slate of original programs. The channel also pioneered the application of special effects in its shows; for example, in the episode ” Eureka,” the creators of the show caused debris in space to rain down upon a planet’s surface unexpectedly. The network gave viewers science-based content they could believe in with shows like dimensions where people live and work.

As the network has matured and expanded its offerings (including hosting ceremonies for reality series The Talking Dead and Hell on Wheels), so has its approach to sci-fi. The network has found its voice with emphasis on bold storytelling and social commentary with a biting take on life in the universe, punctuated by spectacular special events and genre-bending twists that only Syfy can deliver. 

As its core audience has grown up with various forms of fantasy and science fiction (and often switched over for other types of programming), Syfy has found its way back to its roots exposing audiences to stories that could occupy some of our minds when we were younger. This July, why not we get back to those times? Let us know the Best Syfy Channel Shows of July 2021-2022. You can binge-watch the content right on

Best SyFy Channel Shows of July

Lexx – Best SyFy Channel Shows

If you are looking for a metafictional metaphor for apocalypse you could do worse than looking at Lexx: a genetically engineered being created for the sole purpose of wiping out humanity and leaving its survivors in stasis. Lexx isn’t created by an evil mad scientist out to make life harder for everyone; it is born of a violent political struggle between two warring camps, one within the Systems Administration and one represented by the radical left-wing punk rock group Fugazi.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

The story follows Lexx as it attempts to deliver a message from its creators (the group calling itself “The Family”) across a randomly selected region of space/time. While Lexx isn’t inherently irrational or evil, its creators do have an ulterior motive for creating it: using its crash-landing abilities and technological prowess they hope to establish a utopia free from Earth’s limitations.

The future of Lexx may look like this: an evolving, synthetic species engineered to live in isolation (and forgiving of any crimes) on a gas giant floating above the solar system. Lifers travel from world to world carrying vital information and cases of beer along with their suggestions for improving humanity. The head of the program is Jax, a twenty-something who believes he’s found his calling in the service of others (including himself).

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.3/10

Google users: 84%

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

Battlestar Galactica

The personal is connected to the collective. Epic stories are not just stories about great men or women, although those are necessarily central. Epic stories are also about how we got here and what we are capable of achieving if we have the will to change. In modern society, the personal has become separated from the professional.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

We are seldom exposed to something we can genuinely relate to. Our heroes are rarely regular people doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. This has led to an attitude among modern people that the real story does not involve heroes at all. We are taught that there is a “real world” out there which we ought to pretend we occupy, but which only exists in our imaginations.

Battlestar Galactica is entertainment with a broader appeal than sci-fi, this is partly what they’re getting at. That said, it is an amazing show and if you enjoy science fiction and adventure you will find it an amazing place to live. Viewers have personally have found the storytelling to be engrossing without being overwhelming and always surprising me with what was coming next. The characters, while still somewhat disposable, are interesting and complex (and not in a cheesy way). Battlestar Galactica offers a lot in just one show.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

Google Users: 91%

Doctor Who – Best SyFy Channel Shows

Doctor Who has always been about the development of its universe. Most importantly, it’s about exploring what it means to be human. When the show premiered almost 50 years ago, it didn’t just introduce a new Doctor Who; it also introduced what would become known as the regenerative force, or Tardis. Though there are numerous references to time traveling throughout the show, it’s Whittaker’s ability to turn into an adult without losing her youth that sets her apart from previous Doctors. She not only can travel through time but also materialize objects out of thin air. This was never more apparent than in the recent season finale when she physically appeared behind Matt Smith, lifted him off his feet, and carried him through a tunnel—not even breaking a sweat!

Best SyFy Channel Shows

Doctor Who has always been an institution, but it’s never changed. It was always a show that spoke to what was on people’s minds. And in an age where content is everywhere—from viral videos to tweets, and everything in-between—it’s all the more important that someone recognize what you’re putting out there. Because what you post on social media isn’t just important to your audience, but could also affect how they feel about you as a person. That means being aware of what people are thinking about you—and responding promptly and genuinely, no matter what.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

Google Users: 92% 9/10

The Expanse – Best SyFy Channel Shows

In Syfy’s The Expanse, Mars and Earth are two eminent power racing to gain the technological superior hand, while those who live in the Asteroid Belt mine resources for the better fortunate planets and become even more prostrate to radicalization. 

Best SyFy Channel Shows

This controversial series paints a realistic and gripping picture of a future where human civilization has spread to other stars and places beyond our solar system, but human-settled space populations are still largely dependent on governments and corporations for resources and support. The Expanse focuses on two crew members on different sides of this conflict and explores many themes central to humanity’s search for survival and expansion: greed, anti-feasibility, and the cost of reaching for something bigger.

The Expanse is an American Mythology-themed science fiction television series created by megahit television showrunner Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad!) and Executive Producer Mark Fergus. Set in the 23rd century, the show focuses on the conflict between Earth and Mars over resources as both countries attempt to expand their influence into other solar systems. The flagship show of its parent series, Syfy has also developed series such as Embassy once described as “a political thriller set on a galactic scale.”

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 94%

Google Users: 94%

Farscape – Best SyFy Channel Shows

Farscape is an outstanding example of what can be done with an ensemble cast and a strong creative vision. Despite having an episodic structure, the show manages to develop its characters and worldviews throughout its six seasons. Audiences love it so much that they would actively seek out other shows which follow this same model. This is particularly valuable for newcomers to the sci-fi genre as it can allow them to familiarize themselves with a diverse range of shows without having to consume massive amounts of unnecessary garbage.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

Farscape is a fantastic show to binge-watch. In just 40 minutes, each episode manages to deliver potential plot twists and turns while also spending time developing its characters and world. Sure, there are Trek-like characters and space battles, but what makes Farscape unique is how it builds its world and mythology such that even when it gets technical (like a warp core breach), it feels fresh and new!

Who is Farscape for? If you’re looking for something adventurous and colorful with a dose of grit and romance, then Farscape is perfect for you. The space drama follows Captain Rexford MacFarlane (played by Simon Pegg), an engineer on a mission to investigate an unlikely wreck that took the lives of his crew. Though they suspect it might be an aggressive act by an outsider looking to steal a valuable set of coordinates, MacFarlane and his team soon realize there’s more behind this mysterious wreck than meets the eye. Farscape is not just visually stunning but also one of the most entertaining television shows.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

Google Users: 90%

The Magicians

One of the most talked-about shows on Netflix, The Magicians is an entertaining fantasy series about two teenagers who discover they have extraordinary powers. After discovering their talent at a young age, they decide to use their gifts to help others, but things quickly go awry as they struggle to keep their newfound abilities a secret. The show blends elements of mystery, action, romance, suspense, and humor along with magical realism. It comes with an extensive soundtrack that will righteously fill your ears with all sorts of magical going-on.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

The Magicians is a show for all ages. It’s based on the novels by bestselling author Lev Grossman. There are normally two parts to each series; each half consists of an episode. The first part, called “The Magicians”, is about what it’s like to be a kid who becomes an adult in the magical world of Brakebills, where Quentin lives. This is followed by “The Watchmen”, about a different group of kids that find themselves caught up in a drug-related murder case when they’re younger than the main group and things get complicated from there. 

Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long and is well worth watching. You can share it on social media using the buttons below or save it to your account so you can watch it whenever you want.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Google Users: 72%

Dark Matter – Best SyFy Channel Shows

The show is set in a near-future where people can live indefinitely in suspended animation, but there are some rules: you’re either an adult or have committed some major crimes (like murder) to get your place in the underworld. Your start in life on the Dark Matter is random; no two people will ever be the same. Each episode is told from the point of view of one of the six people who survived the last apocalypse, and they deal with issues like who to trust, how to deal with spouse issues, and life leading up to that.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

The basic plot follows six people who wake up on a space station with no memories of who they are or how they ended up there. One by one, they realize they have been placed in different groups: One group is made up of scientists; another consists of maintenance workers; a third contains engineers, and a fourth consists of scientists who have been tasked with keeping the ship running.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

Google Users: 71%

Wynonna Earp

Everyone loves a good monster movie, and if you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen at least one of them. If you haven’t, then let me introduce you to Wynonna Earp. A Curse of the Blue Nile is one of the best (and creepiest) vampire flicks ever made. It was both visually stunning and scary with a soundtrack that would put any moviegoer into a full-on zombie state. The movie was so good that it spawned a television show (The Midnight Watchmen) and an animated series (Wynonna Earp). You can stream the movie on Netflix and purchase the DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon. For our upcoming movie review, we spoke with show creator Emily Bartran about making an awesome movie about a lady with a grudge.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

If you loved Wynonna Earp’s first season, then you’re going to love her second. It takes place three years after the events of the first and follows Earp (played by What Who Is Jennifer Lawrence?) as she deals with her past, present, and future. While the first half of the season focuses on Earp trying to move on with her life after her mother’s death, the second half takes place over summer as Earp tries to figure out how to handle her new responsibilities as an adult, including figuring out whether or not she should tell her parents about the history of demons she has seen in her dreams.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

Google Users: 89%

Continuum – Best SyFy Channel Shows

Continuum is a thrilling futuristic police drama that blends elements of action, mystery, and psychology. The story follows FBI agent Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) as she works with a specialist Detective to uncover a plot that threatens to destroy all that the United States stands for. With Continuum, Syfy has created a crime drama that is unlike any other we’ve seen. It isn’t afraid to tackle complex subjects such as terrorism, corruption, and societal issues in a thoroughly realistic manner that will leave you hungry for more.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

Continuum is an enjoyable and well-told drama that ranks among the best the network has to offer. It’s got the action and adventure you’d expect from Syfy but blends it with enough unique elements that it stands apart from other genre offerings. The show also does a fantastic job of building up its characters and making you care about them throughout their journey.

Continuum is a deceptively quiet show. It’s not filled with explosions and gun-banging. Rather, the show steers clear of the typical “must-see” scenario and focuses instead on what lies ahead for its characters. While the narrative is kept largely under wraps, the overall mood is one of worry for its characters as they face down seemingly insurmountable problems. The series showcases the tensions between personal freedom and security within a totalitarian society.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 88%

Google Users: 82%

Defiance – Best SyFy Channel Shows

Fifty-episode story arc was ambitious enough for the writers of Defiance, and they delivered. The show depicts seven individual civilizations vs. one massive, intergalactic threat (which gets pretty intense toward the end). Despite being set in a sci-fi universe where time travel and alternate dimensions are possible, the series never takes place in a time warp. This keeps the story grounded and logical, and allows each episode to stand on its own two feet.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

They wanted to find a new planet to call their own, but they didn’t want to leave their friends and neighbors behind. They came to Earth intending to build civilizations on this distant planet. But soon after setting down roots, the Votans realized they didn’t have the skills or technology to build anything worthwhile in their world. This led them to develop the Defiance card.

The Votans wanted to show the Earthlings that they were peaceful and friendly. They showed up with gifts and peacefully asked for help building their space station. The humans responded by taking them prisoner and throwing them into volcanoes. When the volcanoes started to erupt, they realized the Earthlings weren’t going to help them out. It was then that Shane realized that there was more to these people than just a bunch of peaceful people who just wanted to avoid conflict.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 58%

Metacritic: 58%

Google Users: 87%

Ghost Hunters

In less than a decade, SyFy had produced more than 200 shows, garnered more than 18 million subscribers, and had – through hard work, creativity, and innovation – created a culture of fandom among its fans. Despite the massive success that “Ghost Hunters” has achieved, SyFy and Eric Kessler still cherish their humble beginnings.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

In its 12-year run, Ghost Hunters created a mythology around a network that never implemented a science fiction show—one that explored people and their interactions over much of the world; one that gradually developed strong bonds between its characters and their motivations as viewers; one that was rarely afraid to tackle challenging topics while keeping its characters at the center of it all. As such, we thought we would dedicate this article to answering the following question: What is the truth about ” The SciFi Channel” and its defining program “Ghost Hunters”?

You may have heard that it was created for SyFy as a comedy series. The first episode was just an airdate-style plug for the series. It never received any interest from traditional networks or studios, however, and after the success of the show, SyFy optioned the series for an array of DVD releases and syndication offers. The network even bizarrely chose to air an entire 26 episode run of the show during its Premiere Dates; this put both potential and actual viewers into an entirely new mindset about ” Ghost Hunters”. It also opened up new doors for Syfy–who would never think of airing a show about ” people with weird abilities”.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 6.2/10

Common Sense Media: 3/5

Google Users: 3.4/5

Warehouse 13

Cinemax’s Warehouse 13 is one of those shows you’ve seen in syndication where people talk about how they can’t believe they have been on it. But if you got the chance to watch the actual episode (which we suspect was rare), there are some things you should remember. First off, one of the things that made it fun was watching actual actors play their roles. You didn’t just see a set of actors doing the scenes they were supposed to do, you saw actual human beings playing out their roles with confidence and ease. Plus, as crazy as this sounds, watching actor after actor pulls off their respective roles was pretty fantastic. Many a time we would forget about some of the effects used in the scenes simply because they seemed so gratifying.

Best SyFy Channel Shows

Warehouse 13 show of Syfy Channel was created and created with women in mind. The show carries its DNA from its pilot which sees the team battling an incurable illness in over their heads as they try to keep an FBI investigation alive. Pilot and series creator Sam Hansen wanted to make sure that the women viewers fell in love with weren’t walking away from the series. 

Warehouse 13 was conceived as a way to honor and celebrate the fans – industry veterans and newcomers alike – who supported our favorite storytelling while helping us kick off our new mission: To give back. We launched Warehouse 13 Miniseries on Demand – our streaming service – to bring fans the best of what we got from our favorite shows while putting their loving characters before them.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

TV Guide: 65%

Google Users: 87%

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Now you are all set to make your July month full of excitement and fascination with these amazing Syfy Channel Shows. We hope that this post on the best Syfy Channel Shows of July 2021-2022 was a useful guide to you. If you think the same, then please do not forget to like the article and provide your valuable comments below. Thank you!

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