Animal Planet Shows Of 2023: Best wildlife TV Shows A List

Some of the most popular Top Animal Planet shows now airing can be just as enlightening as they are amusing. Animal Planet is well-known for producing educational programs on animals and animal behavior. Are you looking for a solution to an issue with your dog? Are you fascinated by the possibility that stories about fantastic creatures such as unicorns and Bigfoot include any grain of truth? In this scenario, the program Animal Planet is an excellent choice.

So, are you looking for some suggestions on Top Animal Planet shows in 2023? There is a wide range of topics and styles covered in the programs that are presently being broadcast on the network. Watching Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson is a must for everyone who has a soft spot in their heart for both animals and popular culture. On this variety program, well-known people and authorities on animals discuss the relationships they have with their pets and share stories about their experiences. Finding Bigfoot and Expedition Mungo are two documentaries that, for those with an interest in mythology, investigate the idea that legendary beasts can in fact exist in the world today. The book “At the End of My Leash,” which offers expert assistance on how to teach your dog, is a good resource for getting some helpful pointers. So, which of the well-known shows that air on Animal Planet is the most enjoyable? Let’s list the Top Animal Planet Shows to watch in 2023.

Top Animal Planet Shows to watch in 2023

Crikey! It’s the Irwins

Crikey! It’s the Irwins is a popular Australian reality show that airs on Animal Planet and stars Robert, Bindi, and Terri Irwin. The Irwin family and their life in the Australia Zoo are the subjects of this reality television series. On October 28th, 2018, it was first shown on Animal Planet. On May 28, 2020, it was announced that the show would be renewed for a third season, which was scheduled to premiere later that year. Additionally, it was announced that the show would be airing a special episode entitled “Life in Lockdown,” which would demonstrate how the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia had affected operations at Australia Zoo on July 11, 2020. The first episode of the third season aired for the first time on Discovery+ on February 7, 2021, and it was also shown on Animal Planet following the Puppy Bowl. The broadcast of the third season in a linear format on Animal Planet started on June 5th, 2021. On January 1, 2022, the debut of the fourth season took place.

Top Animal Planet Shows

Coyote Peterson

Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson is a wildlife educator, YouTuber, and presenter of the series “Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild” is one of the Top Animal Planet Shows. Peterson was born on September 1, 1981, in the United States. He is perhaps most recognized for his YouTube channel by the same name, Brave Wilderness, which is devoted to filming and teaching viewers about various species. Peterson has also built a name for himself thanks to movies in which he willingly submits to being stung by various insects and animals, such as the bullet ant and the executioner wasp.

In addition to that, he is the host of a number of other programs that can be seen on his YouTube page, such as Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, Base Camp, Blue Wilderness, On Location, and Coyote’s Backyard. These series take place in a wide variety of tropical and temperate locales, such as large portions of the United States, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica, to name just a few.

Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa, both of whom are professional wildlife specialists and are also members of his team as cameramen, sometimes broadcast programs on their own.

Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild is the name of a new television show that will be produced by the team of Brave Wilderness and will air on Animal Planet. The announcement was made on November 16, 2018. On their YouTube account, an episode featuring the signing of a contract was uploaded. On February 3, 2019, the first episode of the television special titled “Coyote Peterson: Return to the Wilderness” was shown. On February 9, 2020, the first episode of the series Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild was shown on Animal Planet.

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River Monsters

River Monsters is a nature documentary television show that is produced for Animal Planet by Icon Films of Bristol, United Kingdom. The show airs in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It is presented by extreme fisherman and scientist Jeremy Wade, who goes across the world in quest of the most terrifying freshwater and saltwater killers. He looks for evidence, eyewitness accounts, and anecdotes of individuals who were dragged below by these ferocious predators. He makes it a point to capture the most impressive specimens possible and then lets them go back into the wild. His mission is to provide accurate information to the general public in the hopes of preventing the extinction of some of the world’s most unique and endangered species.

Top Animal Planet Shows

River Monsters was one of the most-watched and most successful programs in the history of Animal Planet, and it was also one of the most-watched series on Discovery Channel in the American market. The series made its debut in Great Britain on ITV, and it went on to become one of the most-watched programs on Discovery Channel in the United States.

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Whale Wars

The documentary-style reality television series Whale Wars is an American production that has been airing on the Animal Planet cable channel since its debut on November 7, 2008. This show is one of the Top Animal Planet Shows. The show followed Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as he and the crew onboard their different boats sought to halt the slaughter of whales by Japanese vessels (whalers) off the coast of Antarctica. The whalers were hunting whales in the Antarctic waters.

Top Animal Planet Shows

The show Whale Wars became a huge success for the channel and has been met with general acclaim from critics. The president and general manager of Animal Planet said, in reference to the show’s excellent ratings, that it was a “wonderful illustration of where we wanted to go into competitive adult TV.” The aggregator of reviews known as Metacritic has given the video game Whale Wars a score of 71 out of a possible 100 points. In an article for the New York Times, Neil Genzlinger wrote: “The people-at-work reality series is becoming an increasingly stale genre, and Whale Wars jolts you awake with a frothy, salty blast of — well, you get the picture. The show is like frigid saltwater splashing over the genre like it’s a wave. This is a really spirited presentation.”

Animal Planet made the announcement in March 2012 that they would be airing a spin-off series called Whale Wars: Viking Shores. This series would consist of five episodes and would follow Sea Shepherd’s efforts to put a stop to the traditional whaling practiced in the Faroe Islands. Sea Shepherd referred to this mission as “Operation Ferocious Isles.”

A second documentary called Seal Wars followed members of Sea Shepherd as they sought to intervene against activities such as seal hunting that were taking place on the beaches of Namibia. On the evening of June 8, 2012, it was shown prior to the second episode of the fifth season of Whale Wars.

The Secret Life of the Zoo

Top Animal Planet Shows

The Secret Life of the Zoo is a documentary series that first aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and was produced by Blast! Films. The majority of the action that takes place in the series takes place in Chester Zoo, which is located in the northwest region of England. The show focuses on the ways in which the animals at the zoo interacting with their keepers and the other visitors. Olivia Colman provided the voiceover for the first five seasons of the show. Beginning with the sixth season, actress Tamsin Greig has been providing the narration. The series provides viewers exclusive access to the Chester Zoo’s 21,000 animals and the people who work there, allowing them to see what goes on behind the scenes. Each episode includes interviews with the zookeepers, in which they discuss the many animals and occurrences that have occurred. Nick Hornby, Head of Programmes at Blast!, explained that because they wanted to tell the story from the perspectives of the animals, they did not want the bars of the cages to be in the shot, so they placed fixed cameras in the various enclosures. This allowed them to tell the story without showing the bars of the cages.

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Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl is an annual television show that airs on Animal Planet. It is a parody of an American football game that is played with pups and is modeled after the Super Bowl. The program is shown on the Sunday before the Super Bowl every year, and it features a video of a group of pups playing within a miniature stadium, along with commentary on the puppies’ antics. The pups that are featured in the Puppy Bowl all come from different rescue organizations. The purpose of the whole campaign is to increase people’s awareness of the need of rescuing abandoned animals and adopting dogs from shelters.

Top Animal Planet Shows

On August 8, 2008, the Puppy Games, a spinoff of the Puppy Bowl, was televised during prime time on NBC, directly in competition with the network’s coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. The “opening ceremony” of the Puppy Games had kittens performing various roles, while the competitions included swimming, gymnastics, boxing, and soccer. Both the play-by-play announcer and the color commentator for the event was John Ramey, while Mary Beth Smith was in charge of the latter role.

On February 3, 2018, a day before the Puppy Bowl XIV, another spinoff called the Dog Bowl was shown on television. It showcases 50 dogs ranging in age from 2 to 15 years, categorizing them as either “Oldies” or “Goldies,” and it encourages people to adopt older dogs. On February 2, 2019, a second episode, titled Dog Bowl II, was broadcast. On February 1, 2020, the broadcast of the third installment, titled Dog Bowl III, took place.


So, this is the list of the Top Animal Planet Shows to watch in 2023. They are all very amusing yet informative. We hope that you will find them up to your liking. Please leave your valuable feedback in the empty comment area below. We’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What shows are still on Animal Planet?

The current wildlife tv show’s list of Animal Planet includes the following:

– Lone Star Law.
– Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.
– River Monsters.
– The Zoo.
– Pit Bulls & Parolees.
– Louisiana Law.
– Tanked.
– The Zoo: San Diego.

What Animal Planet programs are about zoos?

Get all of your favorite series, characters, and original content in one amazing service. Explore themes like New Cats on the Block, A New Reality, Bouncing Troody, Cubs in Queens, Giraffe Dance, and Mystery Piglet, on the Zoo show on Animal Planet Channel.

What vet shows are on Animal Planet?

Here are the things you get to explore on vet shows on Animal Planet:

– The Vet Life: Extreme Animal Encounters
– Animal Castration Is No Bull
– A Cat’s Injured Leg
– Red and the Giant Mass
– Emotional Support Kangaroos
– An Invisible Obstruction

Where is Animal Planet broadcast?

On Philo, DirecTV Stream, Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, Fubo TV Elite, YouTube TV, Vidgo, or Xfinity Choice TV, you may watch Animal Planet without a cable subscription.

When will the zoo be back on Animal Planet?

The Bronx Zoo’s Revolutionary Work in Animal Care & Welfare, Conservation, and Education is highlighted in this series. 24th of September 2021, New York, the renowned Bronx Zoo returns to Animal Planet with new amazing tales of extraordinary animals and the devoted personnel that look after them.

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