Top History Channel Shows of All Time to Binge-Watch

History is a basic human instinct and a need of mankind. The same can be said for the television medium. So naturally, a network that combines history and television would seem to be a dream come true. And that is exactly what History Channel is. It first started off as The History Channel, until they realized there are plenty of other channels out there that specialize in history topics (World War II, Discovery World War II channel, etc.). The channel has given us compelling TV shows on everything from the Civil War to Bigfoot; it gave us heroic and dramatic TV shows like Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars. So here is the list of best History Channel Shows of all time.

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History is full of amazing events and people. From warriors to artists, your favorite celebrity to influential politicians, there’s an experience for every age on HISTORY. One of America’s most richly detailed network channels, History has provided detailed information along with interesting programming since its debut in 1996. What are the best new shows on History Channel? Which are the greatest hits from this historical television channel?

There are a lot of great History Channel TV shows on this list, but which one is the absolute best? That’s for you to decide. You can use this rundown of the most popular History Channel TV shows to create a new list, re-rank it to fit your opinions, then share it with your friends. So, let’s get started with the article on the best History Channel Shows of all time.

Best History Channel Shows


Vikings - Best History Channel Show

The Vikings is a historical drama television series created by Michael Hirst. It premiered on March 3, 2013, in Canada as Viking Tales, and on March 27, 2013, in the United States at 10/9c with its new title. It began broadcasting on March 22, 2013, in Ireland and April 5, 2013, in Australia. It is produced by World 2000 and Takes 5 Productions. The series was renewed for a second season of 20 episodes comprising two sub-seasons.

Vikings follow the adventures of the famous Norsemen of medieval Scandinavia. As a humble farmer, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his family seek a new land: England. Once in England, Ragnar leads his fellow Viking warriors to glory and riches via raids on monasteries and English cities. But success in England incites the attention of ambitious kings back in Scandinavia.

Vikings Popular Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes93% Tomatometer,
87% Average Audience Score
MetacriticMeta Score 74,
User Score 8.2

WWII in HD – Best History Channel Show

WW2 - Best History Channel Show

The sights and sounds of history’s most notorious war are brought to vivid life as WWII IN HD takes viewers on a journey through the monumental events and battles that defined the most powerful and destructive war in history. From eyewitness accounts from twelve American veterans to archival footage of the 1940s captured by news cameras and amateurs, WWII in HD offers a unique perspective of this defining conflict through the eyes of those who fought it.

WWII in HD takes viewers through the European, Pacific, and African theaters with stories told by the men and women who fought in them. Watch as these veterans recount their harrowing tales of survival, capture, and comradeship. Each episode of this documentary miniseries is one hour in length and presents a snapshot of war from the viewpoints of individuals who experienced them firsthand. The series aired on television on the History Channel.

WWII in HD Popular Ratings

Google users94% liked this show 
MetacriticMeta Score 73%

Modern Marvels – Best History Channel Show

Modern Marvels - Best History Channel Show

For nearly two decades, the internationally-acclaimed Modern Marvels has been delivering up-close-and-personal hour-long looks at everything from the inner workings of gigantic earth-moving machines to the science behind your favorite toys. From the first episode that featured a close look at Frank Sinatra’s legendary collection to more recent episodes about the world’s largest and most powerful machines, Modern Marvels take you deep inside an array of different kinds of topics.

Have a seat and get comfortable because you’re going to be watching Modern Marvels (part of the History Channel) for a while. This show covers the concepts from the basic history of certain technologies to how it applies to everyday life. This is one of my favorites. Open your door to the world of discovery with this original series, Modern Marvels. Learn how everyday innovations—like the automobile, Hoover Dam, and the Eiffel Tower — shape our lives.

Modern Marvels Popular Ratings

Google users92% liked this show

History’s Mysteries – Best History Channel Show

History's Mysteries - Best History Channel Show

History’s Mysteries is a highly successful American television program that has been on the air for over fifteen years. The program examines mysteries from history in an attempt to shed some light on them. By the end of each hour-long show, host Don Wildman will theorize on what might have happened. History’s Mysteries is widely considered to be one of the most accurate and honest programs of its kind.

History’s Mysteries is an exceptional series that covers the paranormal and supernatural. The program features various stories that will bend one’s mind and evoke an emotion or two. From aliens to ghosts, secret societies, and more, each episode is chocked full of interesting facts about unusual myths, theories, and events in history. Being the History Channel, this show is very educational as well, covering history as we never knew it.

History’s Mysteries Popular Ratings

Google users86% liked this show

Gettysburg – Best History Channel Show

Gettysburg - Best History Channel Show

Directors Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman deftly cover a tremendous amount of information in this single film. The battle of Gettysburg didn’t just mark a turning point for the Civil War, it ended the idea that American soldiers were citizens who could choose whether or not to participate in the fighting. The powerful images from the field are moving and open your eyes to the devastation caused by the war fought on US soil. This documentary is best seen with a group of adults and teens so you can discuss its historical significance after viewing.

The documentaries in this collection look at the Civil War from the point of view of both Union and Confederate soldiers. They present a different perspective on this historic conflict that continues to fascinate us today. This collection also includes an interactive web experience that allows you to explore Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and engage with experts and historians in Civil War discussion forums.

Gettysburg Popular Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes77%
Google users86% liked this show

So, these were the collection of the Best History Channel shows of all time. Hope you liked this article. If you find the rundown useful for you then please do not forget to leave your valuable feedback. Also, if there’s any other History Channel show which left an impactable influence on your life then do let us know!

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