With the release of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, Microsoft has once again taken the lead in the console wars. The new consoles have reportedly outsold the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox in terms of sales, and Satya Nadella has announced another significant accomplishment with the new… Read More »

Online streaming has become more popular as a result of people’s growing desire to view their preferred television shows on a big screen. The majority of TVs come with Google Chromecast, which enables users to stream content from various online video streaming services to their television. Users of the Getstreaming service device can stream movies… Read More »

Here’s the Guide to Activate your SiriusXM subscription and log in to SiriusXM. Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is North America’s largest audio entertainment corporation. SiriusXM’s subscription and digital advertising-supported radio platforms feature distinctive programming and material. SiriusXM’s platforms reach over 150 million listeners across all digital audio genres, including music, sports, talk, and podcasts, making… Read More »

How can the Instagram shutdown be negligible when we all are witnessing the influence of social media in our daily lives as digitization accelerates. We can’t imagine going through the day without access to Snapchat, Facebook, or Whatsapp. And this time, it’s about Instagram, the popular Instagram reel-creation tool. Instagram is one of the well-known… Read More »

We completely understand how annoying it can be to receive notifications from websites through the Google Chrome web browser. However, given that Google Chrome is the most popular online browser in the world, this is something that many people experience. Thankfully, keeping your computer or smartphone free of these notifications is no longer a difficult… Read More »

If you use Android, you’re probably familiar with Google Voice Assistant’s inconsistent performance. To improve the accuracy of its voice assistant, Google is now using your data to enhance its capabilities. Google is utilizing the “federated learning” option on Android devices only in an effort to decrease “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” misactivation. Federated learning… Read More »

The internet is a necessary part of modern life, but it’s also a potential goldmine for criminals and hackers who want to steal your personal information. That’s why privacy is such a big issue, and it’s why the recent addition of the SmartBlock feature to Mozilla Firefox is so important. SmartBlock is designed to improve… Read More »

Another milestone has been achieved by Google, as the company introduced a new application called the WiFiNanScan app, which allows users to connect with others without even having the internet. The newly launched application is now available to download via Google Play Store. The Wi-Fi Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) allows Android 8.0+ devices to search… Read More »

It looks like Google is in hot water again, this time facing a $5 billion class-action lawsuit over allegedly tracking users in Incognito Mode. The lawsuit claims that Google violates privacy and wiretapping laws by monitoring, tracking, and gathering conversations while users are in Incognito Mode. Google has been attempting to get the lawsuit dismissed,… Read More »

It’s been a year or more, we are still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the number of cases doesn’t seem to be ending soon. With this crisis, we are obligated to stay at home and perform our office work at home. By means of the progressing technology and equipment, individuals can match up to… Read More »