Swca23 Activate: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Activation

Do you have plans of attending the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2023 (Swca23)? Well, you are in here for a treat, then. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this amazing Star Wars Celebration Anaheim event happening in 2023 (Swca23). So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Star Wars Celebration 2023 (swca23)

The Star Wars Celebration 2023 will take place at ExceL London once again from Friday through Monday, April 7-10, 2023. ExceL London is located at Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom.

Timings of the Shows

Friday: 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM GMT

Saturday: 10:00 AM GMT – 7:00 PM GMT

Sunday: 10:00 AM GMT – 7:00 PM GMT

Monday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT

The Star Wars Celebration will include health and wellness procedures and criteria to assist ensure attendees have a positive, stress-free time that is also secure. In order to guarantee that their procedures are up to date and reflect the most recent health and safety recommendations, their staff will continually create, evaluate, and update our standards. Every participant, whether they are an attendee, an exhibitor, a visitor, or a member of the staff, is required to adhere to the health and wellness rules that were in effect during Star Wars Celebration. If you would like further information, please go to their official website.

Soon, their team will be sharing a variety of show announcements as well as other surprises honoring everything Star Wars-related, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media to guarantee that you are the first to learn about any exciting new information on the Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Celebration 2023 Ticket Information (swca23)

All that you need to know about Star Wars Celebration 2023 tickets is detailed below:

When will tickets for the star wars celebration 2023 be made available for sale?

Tickets for the Star Wars Celebration are available and can now be purchased. Please visit their ticket website at https://www.starwarscelebration.com/en-us/tickets.html in order to get information on their tickets and to purchase them right away.

What is the last date that tickets can be mailed?

The last day to send in your Star Wars Celebrations tickets is February 12th, 2023.

Do I need to activate my badge in advance?

We strongly recommend that you activate your badge as soon as it arrives (remember, your badge is the physical ticket that you wear around the event!) in advance of Star Wars Celebration. This will allow you to access the onsite reservation system as well as exciting limited events and opportunities. Keep visiting their official page again and again, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, in addition to starwars.com, to get special news on the reservation and random selection process.

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How do I get involved in the panel research and reservation process?

Go over to their official page at the beginning of 2023 for more specific information on how to engage in a chance to attend a restricted panel or event, buy special items, or make advanced panel reservations. In addition, we highly recommend that you follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in addition to starwars.com in order to stay up to date on any special announcements pertaining to the reservation and selection process.

How do I collect my tickets from the will-call booth?

In the event that you buy your badge after the cutoff time for mailing it, you will be required to pick it up onsite at Will Call in the Registration Area. The location of Will Call as well as the pick-up timings will be announced closer to the performance.

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swca23 com Activate Process

  • Online purchases are the only method for acquiring Star Wars Celebration 2023 tickets. It is not possible to buy tickets over the phone.
  • There is a limit of four (4) Jedi Master tickets, eight (8) Single Day tickets, and four (4) Day Passes that can be purchased per order. The maximum number of tickets that may be purchased is twelve (12).
  • The prices that have been shown above do not include VAT or the cost of delivery.
  • During the checkout process, any taxes and shipping fees will be applied to the total cost of your ticket purchase. A service charge of $3.25 will be added to the total price of each ticket.
  • When you get your ticket, make sure to put it somewhere secure right away! In the event that you need a new ticket, you will be charged the full fee.
  • Send an email to their customer support team if you need medical accommodation onsite such as services in American Sign Language (ASL), wheelchair rentals, or scooter rentals.

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Mailing Out Tickets

If you bought your ticket before the 12th of February and did not choose the option to pick it up at “Will Call,” it will be shipped to the address you supplied. If you miss the deadline for sending in your order for tickets, you’ll have to pick them up at the venue. The venue for On-Site Pickup will be in the North Event Halls of the convention center. We ask that you always keep your badges safe and secure, since they may be replaced for the full amount of their retail value if they are lost.

Pickup service is available onsite, as well as extended hours for the accessibility services desk.

Thursday, April 6th: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Friday, April 7th: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Saturday, April 8: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Sunday, April 9: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Monday, April 10: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

What is “Will Call”?

If you bought your ticket after the 12th of February or chose Will Call when purchasing it, you will need to pick up your badges in the Will Call area, which is also known as the Onsite Pick-Up section. The venue for On-Site Pickup will be in the North Event Halls of the convention center. We ask that you always keep your badges safe and secure, since they may be replaced for the full amount of their retail value if they are lost.

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What exactly is the Star Wars Celebration?

The Star Wars Celebration is the pinnacle of fan conventions, with its attention centered on a galaxy far, far away…

Celebrations will be held all across the globe in honor of the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, and fans of all ages will participate. At the same time as it celebrates the enormous history of the Star Wars world, Star Wars Celebration revels in the thrill of new Star Wars movies, television series, novels, artwork, and comic books. There is a unique experience for each and every kind of Star Wars fan at the Star Wars Celebration!

Celebrating everything that has to do with Star Wars, the Star Wars Celebration is a convention that takes place over the course of four days and is packed with major announcements, immersive exhibits, an interactive show floor, screenings, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, panels, autograph sessions, fan-inspired activities, costumes, and other surprises. The Star Wars Celebration is a truly once-in-a-lifetime event where memories are created, families are brought together, old friends are reunited, and new connections are built – all within the setting of the ever-developing Star Wars world.

Lucasfilm, in conjunction with ReedPop, has been producing the Star Wars Celebrations since the fifth annual event in the series, Star Wars Celebration V. ReedPop is also responsible for running New York Comic Con, C2E2, and PAX, in addition to a large number of other events all around the globe. All-Star Wars Celebrations are considered to be official events since they are organized in conjunction with Lucasfilm Ltd. and with their permission.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the procedure for getting a refund on a ticket?

When you have your ticket in hand, you are obliged by the rebel alliance to come to the performance with us and the other members of the rebellion. We are sorry, but we do not give any kind of return on Star Wars Celebration tickets. Badges associated with the Star Wars franchise cannot be resold and cannot be given to another person.

Do you provide passes for media personnel?

Star War Celebration 2023 is excited to introduce you to “The HoloNet News Stages!” Star Wars Celebration is searching for the absolute finest Star Wars podcasters, fan sites, and media outlets from all around the galaxy to join them at the festival and present their distinctive programming to a live audience. They will have the opportunity to share their content with more fan base in a forum that is rare and special; live and face-to-face with Star Wars fans from around the world. They are excited to expand upon what was once a featured space just for podcasts, and now include a wider range and higher volume of Star Wars media.
Podcasters, Star Wars fan sites and other media sources focusing on Star Wars that are interested should stay tuned for details on how to apply. Participants who have been pre-screened and whose applications have been accepted will be given a Speaker badge that may be worn during the whole of the program.

Do you offer accessibility services?

Star Wars Celebration is dedicated to providing an unforgettable occasion for each and every one of our devoted followers. Please do a needs assessment in light of the fact that you will be attending the exhibition. It’s possible that their Accessibility Assistance Program is the right fit for you, depending on your requirements. Individuals with mobility, physical, eyesight, hearing, cognitive, psychological, invisible, or any other form of disability may get help at ReedPop Shows. Other types of impairments include: If you have any queries, please send an email to [email protected] in the coming weeks until further more specific information is presented on the website.


So this is all that you need to know about Swca23 com activate which is nothing but the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim that is going to take place in 2023. We’ve tried to include as much info as possible to make things easier for you. But if you still have any doubts or issues, please leave them in the empty comment area below. We’d love to help you out.

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