With more than 95 million members worldwide, Netflix is a leading provider of on-demand video and audio content to satisfy consumer demand for diverse genres and experiences across multiple platforms. The Company offers member-exclusive titles, complete seasons of exclusive series like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, and new original series produced… Read More »

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It’s safe to say that no matter the month or the season, binge-watching on Netflix is an indulgence we all partake in. However, the limited selection can eventually get monotonous. Worry not, Netflix has heard your pleas and the coming months are jam-packed with exciting releases of must-see movies and the return of some fan-favorite… Read More »

You agree or not but Netflix has given us some never-ending comfort television series this year. From To All the Boys: Always and Forever to Behind her Eyes, every story creates a cynical aura of entertainment. Here is your ultimate guide on everything coming to Netflix in 2021 and bringing a flow of excitement to you.… Read More »

Netflix has a large library full of romantic movies that will get you in the mood for love. You can stream this collection of movies on any device including smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Just click on the circular blue button that says Streaming and it will open a new window directly to Netflix.… Read More »

You sound interested to watch American Netflix in Canada, isn’t it? Well, we all know that Netflix Canada isn’t on par with the US Netflix shows yet. There is an ample number of great shows, which you’re gonna get from American Netflix. Meanwhile, you can watch the astounding shows of the US Netflix version on… Read More »

Let’s face it. We all have a friend who wants access to our Netflix account. And no matter how much we want to refuse, we can’t. Call it friendship or the emotional attacks your friend casts on you, but you won’t be able to say no. Why shouldn’t you save your Netflix account? It’s a… Read More »

So, you wake up on a bright Saturday morning. You’ve had a long week and all you plan to do that day is “Netflix and Chill.” But as you open your Netflix, you find that you’ve been logged out. You assure yourself that it could’ve happened because you’ve not used Netflix for a while.But then… Read More »