Wrestlemania XL: The Ultimate Showdown

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March 29, 2024

Event Details

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Wrestlemania XL will take place on two memorable nights: Sat, Apr 6 and Sun, Apr 7, 2024.

This thrilling event will happen in the iconic Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In this event fans will watch exciting matches, rivalries and unforgettable moments.

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Main Event: The Ultimate WWE Universal Championship

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Reigning champion Roman Reigns is going to defend his title against Cody Rhodes who is the winner of Royal Rumble, 2024.

Rhodes has got the second chance to finish his story by becoming the undisputed champion.

Let’s see if Reigns will continue his dominant run or will Cody Rhodes become the universal champion.

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WWE Women’s Championship Clash

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The rivalries will collide as Bayley challenges the former WWE Women’s champion, IYO SKY.

Bayley v/s IYO SKY

Bayley has prepared herself to win the title of becoming the next WWE Women Champion.

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This match will cover a battle of supremacy as Rhea Ripley has taken over Becky Lynch

Rhea Ripley v/s Becky Lynch

Both the competitors are showing hunger for the victory making the title hang in balance.

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Why is this year's WWE Wrestlemania special?

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Wrestlemania is getting hosted for the second time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city previously hosted the event in 1999.

This year Wrestlemania is special because it is the first one happening after WWE was sold to Endeavor.

The sale of WWE was finalized in September 2023, resulting in WWE and UFC merging to form TKO Group Holdings.

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So, don’t miss this epic event streaming live on Peacock in the United States and on the WWE network available in most countries outside the United States. From January 2025, WWE content will move to Netflix

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NASCAR Cup Series Race at Martinsville

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