NASCAR Cup Series Race at Martinsville

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March 28, 2024

What is the schedule of the NASCAR cup series?

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The NASCAR cup series race will start from April 5 with the craftsman truck series at 7:30PM

Then comes the  NASCAR Xfinity series which is going to take place on April 6 at 7:30PM

Lastly, the NASCAR cup series will come to an end on April 7, at 3:00 pm.

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Who are the tough contenders of the NASCAR cup series?


Denny Hamlin has won three times at Martinsville. He has an aggressive racing style.

Joey Lagano has been champion in the past and is well known for being a good performer under pressure.

Chase Elliot can come out to be a tough competitor. Though he’s still young he is a pro at short tracks.

Kyle Busch has registered two wins in the past but has strong will and ability to win the games from any position.

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What more can you expect at the NASCAR cup series race?


NASCAR cup series isn’t just a race but is a family event too.

For fans, it has autograph opportunities, merchandise booths and a lot of other fun things to offer.

 It has dedicated areas for kids to play, make paintings, and it also hosts fun events for the young fans.

Families can enjoy tasty food from different vendors and can also have fun at live performances.

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Timeline of controversies at the NASCAR cup series race


In 2010, Denny Hanlin wanted to win the game so badly that he bumped into Marx Martin to throw him out of the way. This move was allowed by the race rules. But some fans thought this move to be too rough and unfair.


In 2017, Kevin Harvick touched Martin Truex Jr. in a way that made him lose control over his car. Kevin said that it was an accident but Martin and his fan took it as a deliberate action.


In 2020, Erik Jones let his teammate Denny Hamlin win by not going ahead of him on the track. This made some fans mad because they felt that both the drivers should try their hardest to win.

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