NCAA Tournament Heats Up : Know all about Sweet 16 and Elite Eight

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March 22, 2024

All about NCAA Tournament

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NCAA tournament is a single-elimination championship tournament for the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

 It is one of the most awaited basketball events in the United States.

This year it is back and you can see your favorite team competing from Mar 28- Mar 31, 2024.

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How does this event work?

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68 teams are chosen after qualifying their conference tournament.

Another way of them being selected is done by a committee based on their season performance.

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Journey to March Madness

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The NCAA tournament has four regions: East, West, South and Midwest each with 16 teams.

Teams play a series of basketball game within their regions like:

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First Four: Play-in games happen before the main bracket to finalize two teams in each region

First and Second rounds: Winners are moved forward in this round and losers are eliminated

Sweet Sixteen and Elite eight: In this game, winners from each region face off, narrowing the field to 4 teams.

Final four: Regional champions compete for their spot in this tournament for the national championship.

National Championship: The remaining two teams fight against each other to win the NCAA title.

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Schedule of the event: March 28-31, 2024

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The sweet sixteen and elite eight tournament is going to happen between Mar 28- Mar 31, 2024.

Sweet sixteen and elite eight will feature a total of 12 games across cities like Boston, LA, Dallas, Detroit.

The winners of the sweet sixteen will move forward to the elite eight round.

Only winning teams of the elite eight round will have the chance to go to the final four rounds.

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So, don’t miss out this exciting opportunity to see your favorite team qualifying the regionals and reaching the final showdown of the NCAA tournament.

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