Ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021 |‌ ‌TV,‌ ‌Streaming,‌ and‌ ‌Radio‌

The National Football League is widely recognized as one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States, regularly drawing enormous crowds at major games and inspiring numerous television shows. It is extensively regarded as one of the most successful professional sports leagues in terms of revenue generation, having generated over $14 billion in revenues since its creation in 1937. Forbes estimates the current value of the NFL at $3.6 billion, making it one of the most profitable sports leagues in the world. In this article, we will list all the options to Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021.

Don’t worry! We are not letting you get bored with just the information. As we are here to introduce some very easy and quick ways to watch NFL. Shall we begin?

About NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is a globally recognized American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The league generates money through television contracts, sponsorships, and other means through its member clubs. 

The National Football League is a global business that generates over $9 Billion in revenue each year. With a global fan base, teams compete to sell out every game, and rank in the top 20 Television Networks in North America for 22 years straight (1998-2012) and 5 times during that span (2003-2012). Forbes Magazine has ranked the NFL as 14th in its list of the World’s Most Powerful Sports Brand since 2010, just behind the NBA’s. 

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

NFL is divided into three divisions: The American Football Conference (AFC), The National Football League Premier Division (NFLPLD), and The National Football League Expositional Division (NFLX).

Ways to Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

We have come up with many ways to watch NFL. We have also made sure that we don’t restrict you to certain platforms only. So we will introduce many streaming networks and TV channels along with radio and mobile apps for you. 

Have a look!

TV Channels and Streaming Platforms to Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

There are a number of platforms out there that will offer you to stream NFL. A few of them are listed below. 

NBC Sports – Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Are you a sports fan? Countless hours are spent traipsing around the nation’s capital rooting for your favorite teams. Yet when it comes to choosing an actual Sunday Night Football package to watch, many viewers wind up getting bogged down in indecision over which package includes the best channels for them. This happens because they have no clear idea of what criteria to use when selecting a package. NBC Sports provides a useful solution to this problem.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

It’s hard to deny the allure of an amazing TV deal that allows you to watch broadcast games for free. Rarely do you think about the logistics of getting the ball rolling on a Sunday Night Football viewing session, but once you take a closer look at available games and channels, you’ll find NBC Sports offers one of the best and most affordable options available. Plus, this year’s NFL season features an exciting new champion… NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl will return to ABC this year for the first time in 20 years (when of course it will air on FOX).

Watch NBC Sports for free on your computer, tablet, or phone. NBC Sports offers exclusive in-game footage, expert analysis, and up-to-date locker room coverage as it happens — all made available without cable or satellite TV. NBC Sports Network is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal.

NFL Sunday Ticket TV – Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

You are surely a fan of the National Football League! Then you need to know about DIRECTV Live (www.directv.com). DIRECTV is allowing college fans to access 100% of their favorite teams’ out-of-market games this season. That means games played on Sunday afternoons on CBS (not including college football bowl games), plus extra Sunday Night Football games (including Wild Card Sunday) after Labor Day weekends on CBS. DIRECTV offers all of this for one low monthly price.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

The benefit of NFL Sunday Ticket TV is an affordable way to see your favorite teams when they are playing on Sunday afternoons. By being a DIRECTV subscriber, you also get access to an additional live region (the US or Canada) for free every month. This helps to create the strongest fan experience possible. Plus, with DIRECTV Catchup on Xbox One, you can watch local games on the couch with your friends regardless of whether you are at home or in another city.

Red Zone from NFL Network

We are all rooting for the same teams. Whether it’s the Saints or the Vikings we are all rooting for a winner. This football Sunday, viewers around the country will be glued to their televisions waiting to see who will take home the championship. With all the hype around this game, people are willing to pay good money to see some exciting plays and close contests. If you love football as much as we do, there is a good chance you have jumped on the bandwagon and are checking out NFL RedZone – where you can root for your favorite team via video on demand.

Red Zone from NFL Network is your one-stop-shop for all the in-game action, high-quality video, exclusive interviews, and breaking news. Hook up with teammates, sample pre-game rituals, and explore the personalities of some of the game’s most legendary figures with our exclusive Red Zone series. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional coverage of your favorite teams and players, look no further.

GP – Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

For a die-hard sports fan, the preseason games can be daunting. But cutting through the noise and tuning in to these games allows you to see how your favorite teams are realizing their potential and preparing for the season ahead. This is valuable viewing and observing time, which is why GPM Analytics created Watch live out-of-market preseason games and replay every game of the season.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

GP will be showing live out-of-market preseason games and replays of every game of the 2016 season on their Official YouTube channel. The channel will also have behind the scenes looks at the Liverpool squad, training with the Docherty Spurs Academy & Academy coaches, a Q&A session with Academy coaches & players, and match highlights.

GP is the best sports app for your Apple Watch. It will give you live game action, including the first six minutes of every game, and replays of key moments right on your wrist. It gives you access to scores from every game, plus all the box scores from past seasons. The best thing about GP is that it’s free – it doesn’t cost you a thing to watch out-of-market games through the Watch app on your Apple Watch.


What if you could access all of your favorite shows and enjoy them all at once? What if you could enjoy the hottest shows from networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, plus many others across multiple platforms? With Paramount+, you can! Paramount+ is a subscription-based streaming app that allows you to watch 75% of All-Star Football (including Thursday Night Football), Major League Baseball Games from CBS Sports Network, and more than 30 live U.S.Movies! PLUS – receive important notifications about hot new shows coming soon to your favorite network!

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Before the Super Bowl, you may have missed your favorite team playing in prime time. That’s why it’s so important to have access to the best possible streams to be able to watch from any device. That experience is where Paramount+ comes in. This client concentrates on providing the best possible sporting events and deserves no less. They have subscribers across different platforms that allow them to deliver an unparalleled experience to their customers.

FOX Sports – Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

FOX Sports is one of the most popular cable channels in the US, and it’s free to your TV provider account. However, if you want to be able to stream their live events over the internet, you will need to sign in with your TV Provider credentials as well as your Net ID or online stream ID. These can be found on the screen during the signing-in process or directly within your FOX Sports GO app.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Watching your favorite sporting event is an experience best enjoyed after a win or a tie. FOX Sports gives you complete local coverage for all of the major sporting events in the U.S., including the Super Bowl, NCAA college basketball championships, the World Series, NCAA football playoffs, and many more. Not only do you get to enjoy 30-second pre-game, post-game, and game-day shows; you also get access to on-air talent that includes on-site analysts and reporters from around the country giving their views on the day’s events.

FOX Sports allows you to watch your local professional sports team on any device with a FOX Sports GO programming bundle. FOX Sports offers over 100 live regular-season games plus the top three live preseason matches of each major sport such as: ” NBA ” on FOX, “NCAA” on FOX, ” MotoGP” on FOX.

ESPN – Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Monday Night Football is back and Monday morning everyone will be glued to their TV tuned in to watch the Green Bay Packers take on the Chicago Bears. If you missed any part of the game last week, no worries — you can catch up on all of it on the ESPN App or online at WatchESPN.com. There was a time when Monday Night Football was just a game between two teams and it was not until 1991 that it was officially recognized as an official national sport by the United States Congress. It wasn’t until 1993 that the first Monday Night Football game was broadcast nationally on ABC.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

ESPN App users can access Monday Night Football via the WatchESPN mobile app, as well as online at WatchESPN.com. As a result, fans can watch every Monday Night Football game regardless of where they are physically located. For users that do not have a TV subscription, online streaming provides another option for adding Monday Night Football to their weekly sports viewing rotation via either cable or satellite TV or online through their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Amazon Prime Video

Want to know what’s going right now in Prime Video? The best football games are available now on Amazon. With all the action coming from the games this July, Prime Video is the best place to experience it all. Be the ultimate Fanatics and watch every minute of the games with exclusive highlight videos, behind-the-scenes clips, and interviews with players and coaches as they get ready for the big night. See what some viewers have been talking about on social media since the games began streaming on Thursday. Use our app to discover what other fans are watching so you can be the best Fanatics out there!

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

There is a lot to be excited about with Amazon’s new streaming service. Along with the standard NFL programming (Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and some Saturday games), Amazon also has shows like Texas Road Home and Bed Stuy Game Preview. Prime Video is one of the best ways to get caught up with the biggest stories from the week without having to pay for cable or satellite. 


It’s official! With four games being broadcasted on Super Bowl Sunday, Univision and its media partner, NFL International, will provide the most comprehensive coverage of the Super Bowl ever provided by any U.S. media and sports network. On top of that, the networks involved in the production, including ABC, CBS, and NBC, will provide live coverage of Sunday’s action through their respective international feeds. So, whether you want to enjoy the excitement of Super Bowl XLVII on your mobile, tablet, or computer within Mexico City or San Francisco, you can do so with unmatched coverage provided by your trusted Univision-owned networks.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Universo y Go! is a new platform that gives you Spanish access to live out your fantasy football dreams. With hundreds of talented Latino athletes from around the country, Universo y Go! empowers fans to experience all that the NFL has to offer through their authentic, localized experience. With the fastest driving game with authentic touch screen controls and exciting features such as live draft feed, licensed stadiums with the full video board, and more, you will never want to miss out on the biggest events in sports.

Mobile Applications to Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Here come’s the best part! You can stream NFL online on your mobile application as well. This will not bound you to an area. You can watch your favorite match anytime and anywhere. 

NFL live on Yahoo! Sports

This app is FREE and features all the latest news, scores, and videos from around the internet. And it’s ad-free too! If you enjoy watching games on your phone or have friends with you all the time, then this app is a great addition to your family plan. You can view the live game with just a few clicks from your phone and have access to dozens of other sports apps that you may have missed while at work.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

“The Most Popular Free Apps” are the hottest and most-requested apps on the Apple and Google Play Store, with millions of downloads per day. Millions of users tune into these apps every month to watch live shows and watch their favorite teams play in the biggest games. Rarely do you see a sports app that is so successful it has made it to the top free apps list – but that’s exactly what “NFL Live on Yahoo Sports” has done! With over twenty million downloads in just two days, this app is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports apps in the world.

So, you should download it too, and watch the NFL matches and NFL live scores. 

NFL Application

The NFL app for Android or iOS is the best way to watch your favorite teams, and it can also help you with your fantasy football (or real-life) team. Since it’s free, why not give it a try? You can either download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store, and it will give you all the live local games for all your favorite teams. You can also get the latest breaking news straight from the source via YouTube. The app also has a section called, “Your Team,’ which has all the information about all the players on that team. You can go through and follow all of them one by one easily from one place.

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

The best sports app is the one that gives you the information and access you need to stay informed and engaged. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best NFL apps for all of your favorite platforms. Whether it’s live game coverage, stats, and scores from your favorite teams or scores from around the country—our team of expert journalists has the inside scoop on everything you need to know. Get the app today and join the conversation. Enjoy NFL Streaming!

Radio Options to Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Why not we give some rest to our eyes? And let our ears do the work. With the radio option, you can begin imagining yourself enjoying the match in person. So, let us know which platforms can provide you the experience of radio.


What if I told you there was a way to have your NFL team* listen to your favorite sports teams play, all for free? The solution is right here, and it’s about to change how you enjoy live sports. SiriusXM, a privately held company, has announced that it has reached an agreement with the National Football League to provide live music, on-demand play-by-play, and original intros for its sports channels. This is a major step forward for the satellite radio company, which has been neglecting its live content for too long. 

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Get your fix of live NFL action on SiriusXM. With more than 63 million subscribers, SiriusXM is America’s most listened to sports radio network with a national audience tuning in for all the latest news and analysis. With music fans from around the world tuning in every day, SiriusXM offers multiple languages worldwide for its listeners and foreign language versions are available via satellite radio providers in many countries. 

Did you know? In addition to the new partnership with the NFL, SiriusXM has also announced a partnership with Uber to deliver Uber riders along with their car services on game days.

Westwood One Sports

As we all know, the National Football League (NFL) is the most popular professional sports league in the United States. To understand the Westwood One Sports Radio Network which encompasses the audio broadcasts of all NFL games, you need an active, insurance-backed radio subscription. Visit https://www.westwoodone.com/core for more information about this great service. 

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

With the above-mentioned Westwood One Sports website, you can choose one of the following options: The premise of this site is that you can listen to any sports game that is being played about 20 miles away from you using your computer, phone, and an antenna. If you want to play the latest Notre Dame/Michigan game but don’t have a ticket or can’t find one, you can find someone to give you a listen. As long as you have Internet access at your location and a signal strength greater than 30 dB held fixed to your lawn with a powered shoehorn, you’re good to go.


Haven’t heard the national broadcasts of your favorite team? You can listen to all the games from all national broadcast channels. Tune in every Sunday at 5 AM ET for the latest FREE numbers from national broadcasters throughout the day! Entravision offers an all-access pass to all the action on national television with exclusive, interactive features that highlight key moments from the day’s biggest games and bring you right into the action as the players run onto the field or onto the field in MNF games (network exclusive in Spanish).

Watch‌ ‌NFL‌ ‌2021

Entravision, the exclusive US rights holder to all 50 NFL Television Channels/Broadcasts (including Fox, CBS, NBC), provides fans in the Sports Universe with unparalleled access to every game. Each week, Entravision employees deliver game day programming nationally to over 180 million households, plus millions more on Spanish Language radio including nationally syndicated programs “El Corte Inglés”, “El Rápida” and “La Rallión”. As the trusted agent for all things NFL, Entravision brings fans the most comprehensive resources available to them whether they’re tuning into live games or watching on-demand via their mobile devices.

Final Words

Now you are all set to watch NFL with the above-mentioned platforms. Pick the one which suits you the best and enjoy streaming NFL Online!

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