How To Watch and Stream Biz Kid$ – Kids Paradise for Entrepreneurship

Biz Kid$ is a fast-paced public television program in which children teach children about money and business. The young company entrepreneurs on the show, whether a handbag designer, podcast presenter, or dog groomer, encourage viewers to transform their hobbies into profits. The series’ comedy skits and movie spoofs make it a success for both youngsters and parents. Biz Kid$ also demonstrates how to utilize credit responsibly, as well as the value of saving, budgeting, investing, and giving back to the community. Let’s learn more about how to watch Biz Kids and what all does it have in its kitty to cater to us.

Biz Kid$ is a national business enterprise education initiative based on the Emmy Award-winning community television series where kids teach kids about money and business. As a result, more than 50 million children are learning basic financial literacy skills and more than 500,000 are using this information to improve their own finances. The show encourages kids to think independently about money and how it can be used wisely. Financial literacy is important because it extends beyond the classroom and provides a framework for economic growth, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

What Is the Objective And Purpose Behind Biz Kids

The objective of the platform is to inspire interested, capable young people to overcome financial imbalances and lead productive lives. We get in touch with kids who’re at risk for being unprepared for college, work, or retirement. Our goal is to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate these challenges while encouraging them to develop a lifelong love for learning. Biz Kids young will inspire generations of youth to get active in making their communities better places to live through public service, education, and leadership training. Biz Kids is about identifying financial opportunities in your community. 

Each year, more than 1 million children are involved in Moneyavin’. These children learn the value of money and how it can be used to be more fiscally responsible members of their families, communities, and lives. Biz Kids provides financial education to at-risk youth, ages 5-18 who are at risk for not having known how to manage their own money or have difficulties applying for credit.

Join the Biz Kids Community Newsletter

Biz Kid$ – The future of leadership is here! As a reward for investing your time and money in ways that will positively impact the world, we’re giving away a Business Plan Guide for Teens. This comprehensive newsletter highlights proven ways for families to manage their finances and build wealth – via a combination of fintech solutions, startup investing, passive income sources, and more – so that kids don’t have to make financial decisions based on fear or envy but can make smart, informed decisions based on eminent factors. It outlines the steps a company must take in order to get ready for the nation’s largest annual business development competition. Strives to help next-generation entrepreneurs succeed by helping them create strategies, execute them and network with potential investors and sponsors. The goal is to help these young entrepreneurs realize their full economic potential and realize their dream of owning their own businesses.

Biz Kid$ Community Newsletter

Motivate children to take responsibility for their financial destiny. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive free lesson ideas, parent advice, and real-life tales from young entrepreneurs sent directly to your inbox. Join the Biz Kids Newsletter and receive our Business Plan Guide for Teens as a free gift by subscribing now!

How Does Biz Kids Online Course Work?

The Biz Kid$ Style e-Learning Course is a fast-paced, interactive way to learn and grow from within. You will be able to ” See the Amazing” in individuals and collect real-world skills through the process. You will be challenged in ways you have never before imagined. The course structure involves activating the brain in ways that can only be experienced through repeat exposure. Chapter after chapter will challenge your thinking skills as you are exposed to different ways of thinking about various subjects. This will equip you with the mindset and skills necessary to pursue your goals in whatever area of business you decide to set your sights on.

Steps on How To Join Biz Kids Team?

Biz Kids would not be feasible without the wonderful volunteer team that supports it. Each person offers their unique skill and determination to make a difference in the lives of so many children. If you are passionate about what we do and have skills to offer, the association would love to hear from you!

Biz Kid$ is grateful to have such a big volunteer staff, all of whom are gaining real-world, hands-on experience in the areas in which they are most interested. From social media to curriculum creation, software and online game development, art and graphic design, advocacy and change-making, facilitating, video and animation, research, SEO, and public relations, and more! What is your hobby? How can Biz Kid$ assist you in moving one step closer to your professional objectives?

NOTE: Please keep in mind that any active jobs they are looking to fill are only advertised on Indeed for a limited period and are frequently filled swiftly. Set up an alert to get alerted when new roles and openings are posted.

Visit for being a part of Biz Kid$ Group and keep following the instructions we have brought to you below.

Step 1: Tell us about yourself. Please complete the given application by providing the following details mentioned.

  • In the first section provide your name.
  • Enter your email address in the text box.
  • Then you have to attach your Resume/Coverletter/Portfolio by selecting the green tab with the title “Choose File”.

NOTE: This is an important step to give emphasis to your talents.

  • In the last prompted field, you have to mention the role are you interested in assisting with? You have to tell them about yourself, make sure to cover the traits you wish to exhibit. This step highlights your potential and confidence as a volunteer.
  • Click on the square placed left to the “I am not a Robot” option.
  • Finally, just tap on the red button with the “Send In Your Application” feature. Now, you are all done!

Step 2: If you are chosen, Biz Kids will organize a Zoom interview to learn more about you. Good luck with the best results!

Biz Kids Professional Development Kit For Teachers

This kit provides organizations with tools to conduct teacher professional development. It may be used for training teachers at districts, professional associations, and conference presentations. The kit will introduce teachers to the resources of Biz Kid$ and give them global strategies for using Biz Kid$ in the classroom. This is an effective way to reach many students through their teachers. Organizations can leverage the Academic Resources Explorations (Arex) platform for teacher training, seeking resources that are easily understood and relatable to the needs of educators.

Organizations can use these resources to help strengthen relationships with their students and ensure that teachers are meeting the needs of students in their specific fields. These can include improving communication, increasing accountability, providing support in developing lesson plans, and implementing technology like laptops into the classroom.

Teachers can use this kit to train new teachers on topics including using smartphones and tablets effectively, how to use e-textbooks, and how to reach particular groups of students based on their needs. Using Biz Kid$ is an easy way for teachers to get a quick boost in their careers and can help build a stronger relationship with students. Organizations can use this tool to train teachers on how to effectively use technology in the classroom. These resources will help teachers use smartphones effectively in order to distribute lessons/media better and easily reach out to students who may not have a teacher available.

Teacher Professional Development Kit Purpose:

This package equips organizations with the resources they need to undertake teacher professional development. It might be utilized for teacher training in districts, professional associations, and conference presentations. The package will expose teachers to Biz Kid$ materials and provide them with global methods for using Biz Kid$ in the classroom. This is an efficient method of reaching out to a large number of kids via their instructors. The package supplements the series’ curriculum and current materials.

Kit for Professional Development for Teachers: Table of Contents


  • Introducing Biz Kid$
  • Purpose of Biz Kid$ in the Classroom: Teacher Professional Development Kit
  • Community Partnerships and the Classroom
  • Is Financial Education required? Have a look at the Statistics!

Session Planning: 

  • Training Event Planning Survey
  • Using Biz Kid$ in the Classroom
  • Using Biz Kid$ Curriculum
  • Expanded Curriculum for Core Biz Kid$ Episodes

Biz Kid$ Instructional Theme Matrix

  • Biz Kid$ Episode Descriptions
  • Biz Kid$ Biz Term Bingo
  • Biz Term Bingo Directions & Definition Cards
  • Biz Term Bingo Card 
  • Biz Term List by Episode

Career Exploration Module

  • Biz Kid$ Career Exploration Episodes
  • Get to Know the Biz Kids
  • Researching Careers
  • Get to Know the Makers of the Dough
  • Guest Speakers
  • Class Field Trip to a Business
  • “Learn About Careers” Day
  • Job Shadowing

Business Development Module 

  • Dollar-A-Glass Game Competition and Business Plan
  • Create Your Own Business
  • Complete the “Planning My Business” Handout
  • Make Your Own Resume
  • Biz Cards
  • Brainstorm a Marketing Poster
  • Evaluate and Create Advertising with the “Market Me” Handout
  • Make a Biz Brochure

Launch a Biz Kid$ Contest

Training Session Resources:

  • Introduction to Training
  • PowerPoint Presentation with Sample Script
  • Customizable PowerPoint Presentation File
  • Biz Kid$ Classroom Brochure File 

Wrapping Up

With Biz Kid$, provide your child with future-proof abilities as well as the courage to use them in an ever-changing world. To them, it is not just about what our students do while enrolled in our programs, but also about what they are capable of doing thereafter. The skills your child gains from this experience will be visible for years to come, manifesting in the student’s success, fulfillment, and good impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (Biz Kids FAQs):-

Q. Why Should You Volunteer With Biz Kid$?

A: Following are the reasons we outlined due to which you would thrive to volunteer with Biz KId$.

  • You wish this program existed when you were a youngster.
  • You want to gain real-world experience and develop your portfolio.
  • You wish to build greater leadership in your field.
  • You want to work on fresh and exciting projects in your field.
  • You want to give back to your community and to young people.
  • You want to be a part of a community that can help you achieve your goals.

Q. What are the options Biz Kid$ provides for learning?

A: On the user interface you will find the following options to learn in Biz Kid$:

  • Financial Basis
  • Saving & investments
  • Credit $ debit
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Jobs, college, & careers
  • The economy
  • Adulting

Q. What Can Biz Kid$ Offer to its volunteers?

A: You will be thrilled to discover the options Biz Kid$ is expecting to offer its volunteers. Check out them below.

  • Build your career and portfolio by taking on ownership initiatives.
  • A strong sense of belonging and teamwork
  • Your gift to our organization has been publicly validated online.
  • Once your projects have been created, you will be able to provide phone and letter references.
  • Opportunities for leadership
  • Schedule flexibility combined with accountability for achievements and objectives
  • Active support network to assist you in achieving your career objectives

Q. What is the vision of Biz Kid$ for the children?

A: They are dedicated to training a new generation of forward-thinking kids to meet whatever difficulties the future may bring. Programs aim to complement traditional schooling with one-of-a-kind, real-world learning experiences, and activities for children to participate actively in their education. Kids acquire and apply basic skills that will last a lifetime via a series of hands-on projects with a focus on entrepreneurship.

The activities that students undertake as part of their studies are only the beginning. Create a Business Kids alumni have access to continuous opportunities and the confidence and know-how to take on new challenges, generating significant and long-term change in themselves and their societies.

Q. How do I contact Biz Kids?

A: If you have a query, an idea, a partnership request, or anything else that is really amazing and you should talk about it? Here’s where you can get in touch with Biz Kid$: 

Media Inquiries: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Phone:(604) 313.9996

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