A complete guide for TurboTax Track My Refund

You can prepare your taxes perfectly through TurboTax. It is a reliable tax preparation software that you can rely upon. Different firms, business corporations, and other offices as well. It has been a reputable platform for the users. However, it’s a bit complex for the people to use it, especially the section of TurboTax Track My Refund. There have been noticed many complaints about this issue. Are you one of them? Then you are at the right place. This article will definitely resolve this issue right away. 

We eagerly wait for the tax refunds. Right? After you click the e-file option it’s not the end. Everybody needs to know about the following steps or their status. You must want to know how you can track ‘’Turbotax login, track my refund’’. 

Know about TurboTax Track My Refund

If you wish to track down the TurboTax refund then you got to know about the IRS breakdown. There are in total three stages in IRS that are- ‘’Return Received, Return approved and Return Sent’’. Now you can check the status of your refund. In order to track the TurboTax refund, you need to wait for the processing time which is recognized as Refund processing time. 

How can you see your ‘TurboTax Refund’ status online?

  • Waiting time- in order to begin using the Turbotax refund tracker you have to wait for a minimum of three days of filing your taxes. You can proceed further with the tracking process once it is updated on its website and gets acknowledged by the IRS.
  • Get a copy of the tax return- You can collect some relevant information about the tax return before you get on with the TurboTax login, which has been suggested to every user. Get a copy of your tax return for future reference as you will need information such as SSN- Social Security number, filing status, the exact amount of the tax refund. 
  • Go to ‘’Where is my Refund’’- When you navigate to this section where you would ask to enter information in 3 boxes. The information that you need to fill in encompass filing status, exact refund amount, and the Social Security Number. Tap on the option ‘’Submit’’ and you will be presented with the refund status.

How much time does TurboTax take to finish the processing entirely?

  • The quickest way to have your federal tax refund is Direct deposit e-file tax returns. In total out of 10 e-filed tax returns, minimum of 9 of their returns through Direct Deposit that is processed further with the time period of 21 days, it is the statement of IRS. 
  • The basic time for the refund processing is between 6 to 8 weeks that is taken into consideration from the date when your tax returns have been received by IRS.

TurboTax Track My Refund

Before getting into anything first you need to know the entire process and that it takes time as well. Here is the brief description of the whole process- 

  • Firstly you need to once lookout for the e-file between 24 to 48 hours. To check this you can use IRS and then go to the option ‘’Where is my fund?’’. In the case where you mailed a paper tax return, it’s not possible to check the status of the tax for approximately four weeks.
  • The moment you get the notice saying ‘’Receive notice’’ you have to return the notice in the duration of 24 to 48 hours after the e-file. You can find the tool on IRS ‘’My refund tool’’ through which you will receive the notification of the ‘’Return received’’. If you haven’t received the confirmation then it means that the IRS has not yet processed the tax return.
  • As soon as the tax return is accepted by the IRS then only the status will be from ‘’Received’’ to ‘’Approve’’. This way you can get to know about its status. If your tax return hasn’t been approved then the status will not change, nor the option ‘’Where is my fund’’ will work or show anything. 
  • The date of refund will be shown by the tool, ‘’Where my refund’’. It’s a tool by IRS. the date of refund will be shown after the status is changed from ‘’Received to approved’’.
  • Understand that your tax refund is sent when the tool IRS ‘’Where is my refund?’’ displays the message ‘’refund sent’’. This way indicates that the tax return has been sent to your tax refund, to the respected financial institution via fixed deposit.
  • The time taken will be added if you opt for the mail alternative. The general time for the financial institution is between 1- 5 days but if you mail it will take up to 1 week. 

Top 5 reasons that your Track TurboTax Refund is delayed

  1. Silly typos 

Make sure while entering the information you type correct such as your name, digits of the SSN- Social Security Number. If you have sloppy handwriting that might be a cause for these types of errors. 

  1. Calculation mistake

While including the Tax returns you need too many calculations. If any one of the calculations goes wrong then your entire process and calculation will be incorrect. Always review everything that you have done so far. 

  1. Many filling statuses  

In terms of choosing your status such as Divorced, Married, etc. you have to fill only one status. The status incorporates the filling requirements, tax amounts, and standard deductions. Kindly fill in accordingly and you will get the results faster. 

  1. Wrong line entries 

In case you are filling the tax form manually then there are chances of messing up the lines. For instance, entering the alimony received the amount as a little downwards then it will be considered as the business income. Even a small messing up of spaces can result in a huge difference. It will create confusion for IRS. 

  1. Last minute or too early tax entries

In both the cases of early filing and last-minute filling there are chances of inappropriate consideration by the IRS. The delays would be tough to process. Kindly fill up the forms before the deadline to avoid any problems that may appear in the future. 

Now the issue has been resolved. You know how you can access your Turbotax login, track my refund. You can easily follow the process mentioned above and get through this without any worries. If you are facing delays then there is the reason given as well which may be the cause in your case. Make sure you avoid them to get your tax refund faster.

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