Step-by-step Guide to Activate, Login and Apply for Zulily Credit Card easily

If you’re a new Zulily Credit Card user, then you’ll need to activate your card before you can start using it. Just follow the simple steps in our guide to getting started and you can start shopping! Indeed Zulily is a popular online shopping site with a gorgeous selection of goods. With the Zulily Credit card, you can shop on Zulily and make purchases using your favorite credit cards. The Zulily Credit Card provides you with a number of convenient benefits such as special financing rates, low-interest rates, special cash back opportunities, and awesome rewards. These rewards may include gift cards from popular retailers like Macy’s, Walmart, Sephora, etc.

Continue reading to find out how to sign up, apply for, and access your Zulily credit card online account. With the help of this credit card, you can create an online account and access all the most recent updates. Imagine doing much more than just shopping if you have this credit card. You may check statements, make payments, and update your personal information all with a hassle-free online process. We are sure that you are excited by now, so let us hike up your enthusiasm by highlighting a few benefits and features of the Zulily credit card.

About Zulily credit card: features, benefits, and more-

If you’re a Zulily customer, you can use this credit card to earn rewards on any purchase made at Zulily. You may use this low-rate, store-branded credit card for shopping, paying down your outstanding balance, or even to re-load your Zulily savings account with money.

The Zulily Credit Card by Synchrony Financial can be used for anything at Zulily! It is your one-stop-shop for all your online shopping needs. With the Zulily Credit Card, you can: Shop online and enjoy fun gift cards, deals, and discounts at participating retailers. Check your shipments and expedite your returns through their entire supply chain with real-time updates on delivery dates. Order products while they last! Send a cashier’s check or get cash back when you pay with this card.

The new Zulily Credit Card provides you with many benefits. Take advantage of all the perks that come with this card, and start using it today. You’ll enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions, including 25% off your first purchase when you spend $500 or more online. Plus, get a 10% month-long discount on anything in your cart on your next purchase while you wait for your item to arrive. 

Best of all, applying takes just a few minutes. And you’ll explore all the steps for quick access given below in our guide. So, stay tuned till the end to gather all the necessary information related to your Zulily Credit Card.

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About Zulily and the Synchrony Financial-

Credit cards for Zulily are issued by Synchrony Financial. The concept of introducing a store-branded credit card was developed by both Synchrony Financial and Zulily. Among Zulily’s frequent clients, the Zulily Credit card is highly well-liked. Let us dig on Zulily and then we’ll come to Synchrony Financial.

Zulily is an e-commerce firm started on December 10, 2009, in America, by Darrell Cavens and Mark Vadon. On January 27, 2010, Zulily’s main website went live. This online retailer generated $331 million in revenue in 2013 from its approximately 2.6 million active users. Mothers who value distinctive brands and items for their kids make up Zulily’s target market. Zulily presently sells a wide range of goods in addition to apparel. New deals and offers for its consumers are frequently added to the company’s official website.

An American corporation called Synchrony Financial offers financial services. It was established on September 12th, 2003, and has been offering credit cards for eighteen years. The cards offered on the Synchrony Financial portal are open to any individual US resident. Therefore, if you intend to apply for a credit card, we advise you to carefully read the fees and perks. It provides customers with credit cards, financing for promotions, and many more initiatives.

How can you set up & Register your Zulily credit card for internet access?

If you register and have a Zulily credit card, you can access your account online. Your credit card’s pertinent data is contained in this account. Furthermore, with just a click and at any time or location, you may make a payment and keep track of your prior spending. The steps for logging in are as follows:

 Reset password method
  1. Search for in the browser on any of your gadgets.
  2. You’ll see the Zulily credit card login page.
  3. Take a look at the login box’s bottom. “I want to Register or apply” will appear.
  4. You will be taken to the registration page when you select “Register.”
  5. The “Account Number” and “ZIP code” must be entered.
  6. Select the “Continue” button after that. You will now be prompted to proceed and provide further information.
  7. On the final page, create and confirm your password after providing the requested information.
  8. To finish, click the “submit” button to open an online Zulily credit card account.

We hope you fully comprehended the instructions because they are not at all difficult. You only need to supply the specifics and data requested in order to receive a Zulily credit card User ID and password. For future usage, note down this information.

How can you log in with my Zulily credit card?

After registering, you must use the Zulily credit card login to access your account. To finish the login process, you may use your Zulily card login user ID and password. The actions listed below should be followed if you don’t know how to log in:

 Reset password method
  1. Look up in your browser.
  2. A login box can be found on the homepage.
  3. Your Zulily login ID and password must be entered there.
  4. Select the “Secure Login” button after that.

You have successfully logged into your online account. You can now take advantage of the perks and privileges given to credit card users together with real-time transaction information. There are a few stages involved in logging in.

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What happens if you forget your Zulily Credit Card login User ID or Password?

Typically, the only choice we have when we forget something’s credentials is to reset or retrieve them. If you have forgotten your Zulily card login User ID and Password, that is what we need to do. To do this, you must adhere to a few fundamental steps. The following are examples of these directions or steps:

  1. Look for in the browser after opening it.
  2. You’ll be sent to the Zulily credit card login page.
  3. There is a login box there with the words “I forgot my User ID and Password” at the end of the box.
  4. To reset your Zulily user ID, select “User ID.”
  5. Enter your Account Number and ZIP code on the new page.
  6. You must now click the “proceed” button.
  7. To restore your user ID, kindly enter all the information requested.
  8. You may wish to write down your user ID after you get it so you won’t forget it later.

Use the instructions provided below if you know your User ID but cannot remember your password.

Forgot password for Zulily Credit Card: Reset password method-

 Reset password method
  1. Any of your devices can be used to search for
  2. You will see a login box appearing in the center of the screen when you access the Zulily credit card login page.
  3. You can click “I forgot my User ID and Password” at the bottom of the login box.
  4. To change your Zulily credit card login password this time, tap on “Password.”
  5. It will direct you to a site with additional instructions for changing your password.
  6. Click the “proceed” button after entering your User ID and ZIP code.
  7. You can now choose or create a password.
  8. Finally, use this Zulily user ID and password to get into your account.

I hope you were able to reset or recover your password. In the event that you were unable to, you should contact Zulily customer support. You will benefit from it and get a solid answer.

How to Contact Zulily Credit Card Customer care?

It’s easy to shop at Zulily with the Zulily Credit Card. With 100 percent transparency – both for you, and for them – as you can see all of your transactions, pay as much or as little as you like each month, cancel or fund your account online, and call them any time day or night to ask questions or check your balances and more. Now, if you’re wondering how to get in touch with customer support to ask a question, keep reading. Here is some contact information that will undoubtedly be useful to you.

A toll-free number is 877 7795615.

Contact information of customer care: 888 8266564 and 8777795615

For the main office, you can easily call 877 7795614.

The email address to send mails will be [email protected]

The purple chat bubble that shows in the right corner of the official Zulily website allows you to always chat with customer support. The following are the hours for calling or emailing customer service:

Monday – Friday, 5 am-8 pm PT

Saturday/Sunday, 6 am-6 pm PT

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Wrapping up

We hope you have now received all of your answers related to your new credit card. If not, you can post your query in the comments or get in touch with customer care. Anyone who has a credit card can access the internet. Users can utilize this access for information about notifications relating to their credit card and its use. After completing the registration you can use the services that the card lets you earn with it. Earn up to 2% cash back in your first year and no annual fee on purchases! So, that was all in our post and we hope you liked it!

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