Zapier purchased no-code-focused Makerpad in its first Acquisition

Recently, the internet is flooded with the news that Zapier has purchased and taken over the command of Makerpad. Now the question arises: does the Zapier Acquisition of Makerpad make workflow automation effortless? Over the ages, we all have witnessed the effortless and convenient services of Zapier. It is a one-stop solution that helps to connect your major applications effortlessly on your smartphone. The work-life with Zapier is much easier now, as the online task management program leads to connecting all your high-usage apps including Google, Gmail, Slack, and much more under one roof. 

In this article, we are going to discuss more MakerPad and Zapier, and how does the Zapier Acquisition of Makerpad stimulate the automation process easier? Here’s what you need to know!

Zapier A One-Stop Solution to Automate Work

For newcomers to the technical world, Zapier is a premium automation tool that offers you a platform to connect your most preferred apps with each other. The Zapier online task management program lets the individuals connect with the multiple apps as per the usage, just to make the workflow systemize. At a time, you can connect your daily wage apps like Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, Trello, Google Calendar, and much more to automate monotonous tasks without any coding ground. With the software, you will be benefited to keep and manage your data across several web apps with consummate ease. Therefore, in case you are planning to experience the astounding services of Zapier, then don’t hesitate and create your Zapier account to get the best solutions for your business and professional work.

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And yes, the rumor is true, Zapier, the leading workflow automation tool, has been acquired by Makerpad, a leading provider of workflow solutions. The acquisition makes it easier than ever for businesses to automate their workflows and get more done with less effort. With Makerpad, businesses can easily create and manage their workflows with a simple, visual interface. The combination of these two powerful tools makes it easy for businesses to automate their workflows and get more done with less effort.

Makerpad, a no-code education platform, and community has been acquired by Zapier, a very well no-code automation tool. The agreement’s terms weren’t made public. Zapier has been often covered by TechCrunch throughout its existence, including its one and only financing event, a $1.2 million round in 2012 that included Bessemer, DFJ, and others. Ever since, the business has built up team-focused features, offered more expensive service tiers, and recently discussed how it scaled its remote-only team with Extra Crunch.

MakerPad: A Complete Definition and Concept About the Platform

Ben Tossell, the founder of Makerpad has started the “no-code” movement in 2019 to make the business profitable. With this, Makerpad, a well-known platform, and community leads its users and allows them to build impactful applications without even taking classes in coding. Yes! You heard it right, it is a no-code tool that actually simplifies the software building process much easier. This online no-code education medium allows anyone to build a tech product with ease. Also, one can use functional applications to manage the workflow with a better approach. 

Wade Foster, the CEO of Zapier, told TechCrunch that his business now employs 400 people and this summer reached $100 million in annual revenue. The subscription service of Makerpad is designed to provide in-depth tutorials on how to build and set up new technology projects or businesses with No Code tools. 

Advantages of MakerPad – 

Create your tech-based product without code. “No Code” tools like Makerpad are the major trend-setting products that easily allow you to access and build an online application without taking the help of the developers and programmers. With new-age technology, we are blessed to use many amazing tools and software that empower non-coders to build their professional ground without spending a lot on developers. 

The initial acquisition is the Makerpad agreement. Ben Tossell, the creator of Makerpad, responded through email when TechCrunch inquired about the deal’s structure that his business will function as a “stand-alone” entity from its new parent firm.

The smaller startup’s plans before the deal’s signing don’t appear to be in danger of being altered by it. As many people as possible should be made aware of the possibility of building without writing code, according to Tossell’s conclusion in his essay. Foster told TechCrunch that he expects to let Makerpad operate largely independently while adhering to a set of editorial principles, and he appears content with that approach.

The Makerpad creator was questioned by TechCrunch about why now was the ideal moment to sell his company. He added that the partnership will enable his team to advance the no-code industry further than it could on its own and that it was a “no-brainer” over “other paths such as VC finance” to make the arrangement.

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How Do I Create A Zapier Account?

1. Open the official Zapier login page and start proceeding with the registration steps for accessing a Zapier free account.

2. Enter details like your name, email address, and password to set up the account, and then proceed with the further useful steps mentioned here. 

How does Zapier’s Acquisition of Makerpad help the Automation Process

Zapier acquires Makerpad, which is the latest news feature across the internet. For years we have watched that both companies have provided their best in the industry for easy automation. Then what makes these two brands join hands all of a sudden is a hidden truth. In a recent interview, the co-founder and CEO, Zapier – Wade Foster, announced that “Zapier will carry on to make automation easy for the users, while the Makerpad is working in such a manner to teach users how to do it. Together we will work in the direction of ensuring anyone with a problem of their technical abilities, can easily solve it themselves by utilizing our efforts of no coding.” 

How did this acquisition turn out to be the largest success story for Zapier

The no-code world, which includes a wide range of technology solutions, may include Zapier as one of its biggest success stories. Zapier now has a community that may help grow both its user base directly and indirectly over time by increasing the total number of no-coders.

Both the low-code industry and its brother niche, the no-code market, have been busy lately. As some organizations turn to low-code tools to help them more swiftly construct internal software, the latter has recently seen rounds in the nine figures. The no-code industry has seen success, as seen by Zapier’s nine-figure earnings.

Foster’s position on more acquisitions was undecided; he didn’t open the door wider when TechCrunch asked, but he also didn’t close it either. But the CEO was a little bit clearer when asked about SPAC. Not at all.

After speaking with a number of no-code and low-code entrepreneurs and investors over the past few months, it is apparent that the larger business sector is beginning to embrace low-code services and that smaller businesses have embraced no-code technology quickly. Perhaps we’ll see the two related groups converge as no-code tools add functionality and low-code tools become more and more decoupled from coding.

What do experts say about this Acquisition

You might be thinking about how experts think this acquisition will help automation. Right! Well most of them considered this joint venture to be an evolving and growing platform. This is because both the active platforms are already known and recognized by users and this will benefit the company to serve its purpose without any hassle. Zapier feasibly has recorded one of the largest success stories in the field of technology products, hence this decision could directly add more users to the service, and perhaps make the cumulative pool of no-coders over time.

One tweet served as a catalyst for the acquisition in part. You can check out the post here. Tossell claims that the CEO of Zapier contacted him after reading it, which resulted in conversations and a business transaction. Foster elaborated on the tale over the phone, revealing that he had long been a fan of Tossell’s writing and that the two of them had previously dined together. According to him, the tweet ended up in his Slack, which prompted him to contact the Makerpad founder. From there, the deal came through very quickly.

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The two businesses have grown quickly in recent quarters. Foster explained to TechCrunch how, in the post-COVID world, small businesses have become more dependent on his company’s service, with Zapier witnessing significant SMB uptake once the Covid-19 virus outbreak hit. That’s a tendency that probably won’t change very soon, given how quickly the digital transition is occurring. Additionally, Tossell told TechCrunch that his company has seen a 4x increase in users in less than a year and that no-code has already “grown greater than [he] had anticipated it could.”

FAQs :-

What is Zapier automation?

With the help of the automation platform Zapier, you may automate repetitive operations by connecting your work programs. By linking your apps, and then transferring information across them in accordance with the criteria you define, Zapier automates your work

What is the value of Zapier?

As of January 14, 2021, Zapier has a post-money valuation in the range of $1B to $10B, according to PrivCo.

Zapier offers SaaS or PAAS?

A company that develops software is called Zapier. Your favorite apps, like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and others, may be connected using Zapier, an online automation platform. It provides a SaaS platform that links applications and streamlines processes. Users can automate activities and move data using Zapier’s services.

How to know workflow automation?

 Workflow automation is a strategy for enabling the independent performance of tasks, documents, and information across work-related activities in compliance with established business standards.

How useful is Zapier?

Zapier is a fantastic solution for business and productivity task automation. It offers a tonne of helpful suggestions on how to connect services in meaningful ways and supports almost every app you would use. In contrast to its rival IFTTT, it also supports multistep chains.

Who is the owner of Zapier?

Users can combine the web applications they use and automate operations using software called Zapier. The business is entirely remote.

Zapier—is it a unicorn?

Among the Bay Area’s record number of unicorns are Zapier, Sila Nanotechnologies, and Hinge Health. A record number of venture-backed businesses in the Bay Area have already achieved $1 billion or higher values this year.

What benefits does workflow offer?

Workflows can be used to automate and streamline repetitive business operations, reducing the opportunity for error and boosting overall effectiveness. This therefore significantly boosts your company’s performance. Employees are empowered to cooperate in a more effective and agile fashion, and managers may make decisions more quickly and intelligently.

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