Total by Verizon Activate SIM Card Online

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April 18, 2024

Total by Verizon provides a simple and straightforward process to activate your SIM card online. You can activate a new phone purchased through Total by Verizon or keep your own unlocked phone.

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Prepare for the Activation Process

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Make sure that you have your device and SIM card handy.

If you’re bringing your own phone you must have a SIM card from the previous service provider.

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The Complete Activation Process

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Go to and choose “ACTIVATE”.

Select the item you want to activate:

New phone

Keep your own phone

Home internet router, or

Other Devices

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Enter your device details

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When prompted, enter the IMEI/MEID serial number of your phone in the text field.

Then, enter the SIM card number.

After that, select the no-contract service plan that you have chosen.

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The Final Step

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Finalize your activation process by calling Verizon’s activation number 877-807-4646.

Now, enjoy all the perks and flexibility with Total by Verizon.

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