Suplex City and Beyond: The Thunderous Journey of Brock Lesnar

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May 02, 2024

The Next Big Thing

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Brock Lesnar has a background in amaetur wrestling with an NCAA Championship pedigree.

He signed with WWE in 2000 and quickly rose through the ranks.

He was nicknamed as “The Next Big Thing” due to his impressive physique and dominance.

He established himself as the main event threat after capturing the King of the Ring tournament in 2002.

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Domination and Suplex City

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Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock for the WWE championship in 2002 at a very young age.

He holded the title for a record-breaking reign of 52 weeks.

Through his brutal fighting style and devastating suplexes he earned the name “Suplex City”

He is known for having feuds with top stars like Hulk Hogan, Undertaker and Goldberg.

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UFC Gamble and Return to Dominance

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Brock Lesnar left WWE suddenly in 2004 to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

He signed with UFC and defeated Heath Herring in his debut in 2008.

He won the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2008.

He was forced to retire from UFC because of health issues and returned back to WWE in 2012.

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Brock Lesnar : The King of Controversies

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Brock Lesnar won the WWE championship multiple times and had fights with legends like John Cena.

His aggressive nature and real-life legal troubles have raised different controversies.

He was once briefly suspended by WWE due to a failed USADA drug test.

Despite being the king of controversies he always remains a top draw attraction.

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