National Donut Day 2024 History, Significance and how to Celebrate

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June 07, 2024

National Donut Day is a delightful day and has its very own historical significance. It is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year and this year is getting celebrated today which is June 7. To know more about this day let’s understand its history, importance and how you can celebrate it.

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History behind the National Donut Day

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National Donut Day was originated in 1938 in Chicago by The Salvation Army.

The purpose was to honor the members who served doughnuts to soldiers during WW1.

The women who used to serve doughnuts were known as the Salvation Army’s Donut Lassies.

The Donut Lassies built their bases near the front line and used to bake sweet circular treats known as Doughnuts.

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Why is Donut Day Celebrated: Know its Significance

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National Donut Day is more than just an excuse to eat your favorite glazed donuts.

The day serves as a tribute to the Donut Lassies.

They were known to boost the morale of soldiers during the war.

It is still undetermined whether it was the taste of the donuts or smiles of the women who served the soldiers that boosted their spirits.

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Steps to Celebrate the National Donut Day

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You can celebrate this day by enjoying your favorite donut.

Many donut stores near you offer free doughnuts on this very day.

Popular donut chains such as Krispy Kreme, Dunkin and Duck Donuts participate in this celebration.

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More Ways to Celebrate: You can celebrate this festival by having donuts with your family and friends. You can even go to a donut store near you or try making one by yourself at home. Another thing you can do is donate the boxes of donuts to the local charity.

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