Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

Yellowstone Season 4 is finally here! But how much are you going to enjoy it? Have a friend who’s a fan and wants to watch the season with them? Or, maybe your favorite character just died and you need another opinion on how you’re feeling about it? Well, we’re here for you. Here’s your spoiler-free guide on how to watch Yellowstone Season 4. You can now watch the whole season and all episodes online at your choice of streaming service. First, let’s look at how to watch Yellowstone online without cable on any streaming device such as Roku or your Smart TV.

Time is running out to watch Yellowstone season 4 online. So, we recommend that you visit your favorite streaming site from the given list below and catch up on all the recent happenings in this gripping series. It’s sure to be a nail-biter. Plus, you won’t know what happens next until you watch the season finale! Yellowstone season 4 continues the story of the Dutton family, who owns the country’s largest contiguous ranch. This is still border country, and the ranch is constantly threatened by land developers, an Indian reservation, and environmentalists. Here’s everything you need to know to watch Yellowstone season 4 online, even if you don’t have cable.

The plot revolving around Yellowstone Season 4-

The previous episode begins with Jamie becoming irritated because the evening news is praising John’s gubernatorial campaign, and yet Christina informs him that his father’s old-fashioned message will not work in contemporary days. Jamie then drops a bombshell, revealing that his biological father Garrett was imprisoned for 30 years for killing his spouse or Jamie’s mother. Christina advises Jamie to keep as much distance from Garrett as possible if he wants to win. And in the meantime, John’s new girlfriend Summer calls to inform him that she has been arrested as a result of the airport rebellion and that serious charges are being filed against her because she physically assaulted the arresting officer.

The plot then shifts to Kayce’s ranch, in which he instructs Rainwater and Mo to begin the warrior initiation rites of his wife’s tribe in order for her family to recognize him as a full tribal member. The men agree to assist Kayce and begin making plans. John halts for coffee on his direction to Summer’s plea bargain meeting and notices Garrett eating breakfast there. They swap “pleasantries” and “best wishes” for each other before parting ways. Once John shows up at Summer’s plea bargain having heard, he discovers that Beth was the one who organized the airport protesters, implying that she was indirectly responsible for Summer’s claims. Beth is upset as John expresses his displeasure with her and jeopardizes kicking her out of the apartment.

The scene shifts back to the mountain ranges area near the ranch, where Kayce is escorted to the tribal ritual initiation site by Mo and Rainwater. Kayce must endure the components in a controlled environment for four days without eating or consuming liquid. They abandon him as night falls and tell him he can’t leave until they return for him.

Streaming Services that help you watch Yellowstone Season 4:

When you watch Yellowstone season 4 online, the risks are raised than ever before. This episode of the Paramount Network series follows John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his children as they deal with deadly attacks, new enemies, and political maneuverings. And now it’s almost time to watch the Yellowstone season 4 finale, which promises to be full of dramatic fireworks. So, here we are with the top streaming services. This can help you watch Yellowstone Season 2 on Roku, Amazon FireStick, Apple TV, Android TV, and more.


With just a 7-Day Free Trial of Philo, you can stream “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 10, “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops” on Paramount Network. On Paramount Television Network, you can watch Yellowstone Season 4. Stream with a 7-Day Philo Free Trial with $25 / month at


FuboTV costs $64.99 and includes channels like: Paramount Network + 26 Top Cable Channels. Get a  7-Day Risk-Free Trial at a monthly fee of $64.99.


Sling TV costs $35 per month. With an add-on of $6, you can get Comedy Extra containing the AMC Network. Also, get a 3-day free trial at Sling TV to stream Yellowstone Season 4.

Direct TV-

DIRECTV STREAM costs $69.99. Including Paramount Network + 33 Top Cable Channels. Hurry and Sign Up at

Hulu Live TV-

Hulu Live TV costs $69.99 per month and includes the Paramount Network as well as 31 Top Cable Channels. To watch Yellowstone Season 4 right now, go to and sign up.

YouTube TV-

YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month and includes the Paramount Network as well as 31 Top Cable Channels. Sign up for a free account at right now.

NOTE: You can also get the Disney Bundle (Disney+ and ESPN+) for free (a $14 value).

Also, read our quick guide to WATCH AT&T TV on your preferred streaming devices.

Where can I watch Yellowstone Season 4 in Canada?

Yellowstone 4 can be viewed in Canada on the Paramount Network if the channel is available through their cable provider. The new season will also be available on Amazon Prime Video for cord-cutters. Travelers who want to use their existing streaming subscriptions should consider VPNs such as Nord VPN and ExpressVPN.

Can viewers Stream Yellowstone Season 4 in the UK?

There is some bad news for Brits. Previous seasons of Yellowstone were available for free on Paramount Network in the UK and Channel 5’s streaming service My5 (with a valid TV license). However, neither Paramount Network UK nor My5 has announced a release date for Yellowstone season 4. Fans in the United Kingdom will have to wait, possibly for some time. Anyone visiting the United Kingdom and wishing to access the streaming services for which they have already paid will require VPNs like Nord VPN and ExpressVPN.

Wrapping Up

Whereas seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone are currently available on Peacock, season 4 will not be available until after the series concludes on Paramount Network — sometime in 2022. We hope you liked this post, stay tuned for more updates and alterations in our recent post.

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