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What if there was a network dedicated to bringing the stories of African-Americans to a new generation of viewers? Founded by a team of Black entrepreneurs, Soul of the South is revitalizing the long-neglected television market by providing unparalleled access to information and entertainment for a diverse audience. This network provides an opportunity for us to tell our own stories and reach new audiences with programming that reflects not only our values but also reflects the values of our nation. In this guide, we’ll explore a lot about the network including how to watch soul of the south television on your smart tv.

What exactly is Soul of the South Television? Before answering that question, we need to understand what a black network is. There are only three black networks currently operating in America: NBC, CBS, and ABC. Each one of them has its own unique audience and, as a result, produces a product that reflects the cultural tastes of its viewers. The producers, studios, and networks of each of these three networks produce programming that reflects the culture that they represent. Because they are all owned by one company, i.e. Warner Brothers.

Soul Of the South Television Mission

The mission of Soul of the South Television is to enhance the cultural experiences of African-Americans by providing an unmatched level of quality video programming, insightful discussion, celebrity interviews, world-class artistic productions, informative audio programming, socially conscious social commentary, and more. 

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The network will give viewers an opportunity to explore their image, thoughts, and feelings – in a way that is authentic and unscripted. As a Black person who grew up in the South, I’m always looking for ways to bridge the gap between entertainment and politics.  From Black power to hip hop, we have always been known for our passion for entertainment. Ironically, the type of entertainment we choose has been sometimes dictated by what type of clothes we wear or who we are influenced by.  

Soul of the South Television provides a voice to those who aren’t afraid to discuss politics or religion as long as it’s respectful. In addition to featuring some of the top entertainers in the South as their guests, Soul of the South also provides an opportunity for people to see their heritage portrayed accurately through programs such as  Decoded and On the Media  – two shows created by African-American business owners who are just trying to reach out to their white counterparts and tell them what they need to hear.

How Do I Contact Soul Of the South Television for any queries?

  1. Begin by visiting the authorized Soul of the South television network. Enter the URL: in the address bar of a web browser.
  1. A page will preview mentioning- Feel free to contact us, we love your input! If you are human, leave this field blank. 
  1. You need to enter the following details in the prompted fields:
  • Your name
  • Your Email Address
  • A captcha message
  1. Once you have completed the above steps, click on the SUBMIT button and you are all done!

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Watch on Soul of the South for the Best Shows

There has never been a network like Soul of the South before. We can’t wait to share its rich culture with everyone. It’s going to be great for all sorts of reasons: access to new shows and content; the opportunity to discover big-ticket events and ticket prices that are far less expensive than others; the opportunity to interact with artists and show leaders; and the opportunity to support local businesses and artists from all walks of life. 

Blacktree On TV

BlackTree TV And Soul Of The South Television Announce TV Show Launch

The #1 rated black-owned and -operated business in the South, Blacktree has graciously accepted Soul of the South as its exclusive media partner for the upcoming 2017–2018 season and beyond.  Through this exclusive relationship, Blacktree strives to bring its unmatched content and services to viewers regionally and nationally. With a history of producing award-winning series like Shocking Stories, Country Music Now! and many more, Soul of the South is excited to welcome Blacktree as its exclusive media partner going into the new season.

D.C. Breakdown

D.C. Breakdown

D.C. Breakdown is a refreshing kind of political talk show. A program with a “viewpoint” both Southern and ethnical, broadcast from our nation’s capital in Washington, DC. They are a team of passionate political activists, consultants, journalists, and scholars. The show is hosted by two of D.C.’s most passionate political observers, Juan Williams and David Brooks. They aim to challenge the partisan dialogue in Washington by bringing to you real-time conversations and analyses from a diverse array of viewpoints.

Great Gospel Morning

Great Gospel Morning

The Gospel Morning is not only the best morning program on television, it is one of the most helpful, God-centered programs on television. The programming emphasizes the importance of a living, breathing Jesus who is willing to take on risks and challenges. Jesus inspires every program with his story of overcoming major challenges like poverty, disease, and many others. He also inspires people to pass out the gospel. The result is an effect that can be seen in every aspect of our life- the way we participate in his life, the messages that we share with one another on television, and the way we live in our communities.

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Secrets Of The Caribbean 

Secrets Of The Caribbean 

Remember how you wanted to learn about the Caribbean when you were a kid? You had to be brave (or have near-to-miraculous genetics) and brave enough to explore all of the forbidden islands and discover their hidden treasures. It took you on a voyage that takes you through history, from colonization to present-day issues. Secrets of the Caribbean is an exciting new lifestyle/history/culture television program that goes beyond the beach and resort—two things many people think of when they think of the Caribbean. They’ll introduce you to the “real” Caribbean! Get set ready for the Voyage to begin!

Soul Cinema Classics

Soul Cinema Classics

Soul Cinema Classics will transform your viewing experience in the Shawarma Palace theater. Feel the excitement of Southern Life as you look back in time to classic films and romance from the North. We will be showing Soul Cinema Classics on consecutive weekends in conjunction with the Shawarma Palace Classic Movies Series (airing on other major cable providers like HBO) so be sure to book a ticket now! We look forward to showcasing your favorite films and sharing your opinions with us while telling your Southern Story!

Wrapping Up

Soul Cinema Classics blends Southern culture and entertainment with new cutting-edge technology to bring you some of the best movies ever made. The Soul of the South library is a growing collection of over 6,000 titles spanning five decades with unparalleled drama, romance, comedy, and mystery. Soul Cinema knows it’s not just about having a big screen, it’s about bringing history to life in a big way. Their aim is to inspire the passion for film by providing an unparalleled perspective on both contemporary and classic films from across the globe.

We hope you liked this post and enjoyed the information we provided throughout the page. Thank you for being with us.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):-

When did Soul Of The South Television begin?

In 2013, Soul Of The South Television was established.

Where is the headquarters of Soul Of The South Television located?

The headquarters of Soul Of The South Television are located in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the United States.

Where can we watch Soul of the South online?

SOUL OF THE SOUTH will launch its broadcast platform in locations with a large concentration of African-Americans in the South, as well as key Northern hub towns such as Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Who takes care of the Soul of the South television? 

Jeff Burns Jr, former Senior Vice President of Johnson Publishing, will serve as Executive Vice President of Marketing, while Donald “Chip” Harwood of Princeton Media and Ed Baruch of Allied Media will act as distribution consultants for SOUL OF THE SOUTH NETWORK. Jeff Lyle’s Fusion Studios is in charge of master control and signal transmission.

Who is the president of the Soul of the South television?

Larry Morton, a digital broadcast pioneer and inventor of Retro TV, is the president of SOUL OF THE SOUTH NETWORK, which is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Morton adds, “I’m pleased to be working with Edwin Avent and Carl McCaskill on the launch of this unique and critical digital platform.”

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