Stream & Watch Laff TV Shows Online on Roku using Sling TV

Laff tv, originally named Laff media or LLC, is an American digital multicast television network. The headquarters of Laff TV is in Atlanta, Georgia. It is owned by Katz broadcasting who has a subsidiary E.W. Scripps company. Laff tv specializes in comedy shows that are popular in America because the network only wants to air the shows which are specifically popular so that the network doesn’t lose its worth, and it also broadcasts various others like Sitcoms and a mixture of feature films. The target audience of the Laff is from 18 years to 49 years as these age groups want entertainment from comedy shows because they go out for work and when they come home, they need a source of entertainment to relax their mind.

Laff was launched on 15th April 2015 by Katz broadcasting. This day 15th April is known as the Tax Day in America i.e on this day tax returns are filed by U.S. citizens. Then, Jon Lafayette, who is a broadcasting and cable writer, wrote an article taking into consideration the channel’s launch with the title of “people need something to smile” considering the launch of the network. On 13th March 2015, katz broadcasting announced that they are doing business with the Cox media group that will help them carry it to the other sub-channels and expand their business by 47% in the country. 

The movies that were out on Laff TV were almost 250 titles and movies and shows from libraries from the 3 film studios. They have a multi-year licensing agreement. 

Laff tv have agreements with the following channels:-

  • Walt Disney studios
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment 
  • Miramax
  • Paramount pictures
  • Sony pictures entertainment 

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How to watch Laff TV on Roku 

As Laff tv doesn’t have any official app to broadcast their shows. Similarly, it is a little bit difficult to watch it on Roku. There are various ways that we can use to watch Laff tv on Roku lets see what are these ways are:- 

There is one way of watching Laff Tv on Roku tv that is “Mirror Screening ”:

  • Firstly turn off your television and then connect your Roku device with a WIFI network.
  • When you shut down your device, it automatically resumes from where you left so press the “HOME” button to get to the HOME page.
  • Then you see the HOMEpage on the sidebar and there you can see the “Setting” option where you select the settings of the page. 
  • After selecting the “Setting” option then go to the option “System”.
  • After selecting the “System” option, choose the “screen mirroring” option and 
  • Afterward, it takes you to the option of “Screen mirroring mode”,
  • And then finally choose the “prompt” option 

How to do the screen mirroring option from the android phone:

After enabling the screen mirroring you can use your android phones to mirror the screen to do that there are few steps:-

  • On your android phone 
    • Go to the settings 
    • Bluetooth and devices connection
    • Cast option
  • Then turn on the “Enable wireless toggle” button 
  • Then the list of Television appears on the that you want to connect 
  • Choose your television or your Roku Devices 
  • And now choose the option of Screen Mirroring on your android phone 
  • And then the final step is to open the Laff Tv and start streaming 

There you go. Now go and enjoy your favorite show. 

You can watch Laff TV on your Roku Device with Sling Tv

Sling TV is the most popular American streaming TV show because it provides a wide range of channels at a very low price as compared with other networks. Sling Tv is basically the media platform that streams both live TV and channels and VOD content you can watch at an affordable price. There are  2 subscriptions that Sling TV provides they are as follows:- 

  • SLING ORANGE: under this plan, you can watch 32 channels at the price of $30/ per month 
  • SLING  BLUE: under this plan, you can watch 47 channels at $30/ per month 

They have different channels under these plans and. You can add more channels to the base pack with the channel add-ons by paying some extra cash. To get LAFF-TV, you need to add a new comedy extra with it to your base plan. It will be fun to watch LAFF-TV 

How to add sling TV to your Roku Device:

Before we begin, you need to see that LAFF-TV is added to your subscription with the comedy extra add ons. If it is not added to the plan, then you must pay for the comedy extra add ons, and then you will be able to access it. 

If you have added LAFF TV added to your Sling TV then you need to follow these steps: – 

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote, it will take you to the home page 
  • Then, navigate to the streaming channels section which is on the sidebar of the screen.
  • Then you see the search channel option and then navigate it to select the option there 
  • Press the okay button on the Roku remote television and there you will see the channel overview 
  • Then choose the “Add channel” and then it will start the download 
  • After all this, it will take you to the screen where you need to write your credentials then you will be able to enjoy the show you want to stream through LAFF TV.

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