Watch Jewelry Television on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon TV

Doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out with gemstones, Jewelry TV is committed to assisting you in your search for the ideal gemstone. Jewelry such as rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces can all be found there, along with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, and garnets. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out how to watch Jewelry TV (JTV LIVE) on your streaming device, be it Roku, Apple TV, or the newly updated Amazon TV.

What not to miss before you stream Jewelry TV

  • Customers can expect to get not just jewelry but also expert advice on how to shop for it at Jewelry Television.
  • It’s the only home shopping channel devoted just to the selling of jewelry and gemstones, and it’s rapidly becoming the most popular in the country.
  • Customers can also shop for the products they see on TV on the company’s fantastic website.
  • Jewelry Television travels around the globe to offer you products at the most affordable prices possible.
  • There is a significant level of interest in JewelryTelevision’s precious stones on a global scale.
  • If you make your purchases through the Jewelry Television online shop, you have the opportunity to save even more money on the already affordable fine jewelry, watches, loose gemstones, castings, jewelry-making equipment, and books that are offered.
  • On their website, you are able to watch all of the television programs that have been shown.
  • Many consumers prefer buying online rather than over the phone since the shipping costs for phone orders are high and vary depending on the price of the item being purchased, but the shipping costs for online sales are consistent and comparably low.

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How to watch JTV Live On-air now?

Using the JTV website’s revamped and streamlined television viewer makes it simple to watch JTV Live On-air now from the comfort of your own home. Simply following these instructions will enable you to watch live programming:

  • To access the Live viewer window, hover around LIVE from the navigation bar. Select the “Watch us Live” option from the menu that appears.
  • The live viewer window will open in a new window and will transmit JTV live content to your computer.
  • You will find a new window where you can view the show that is now being broadcast.
  • A window that contains a picture of the currently shown item together with detailed product information such as the item number, material, kind, stone size, and price is displayed to the right of the program.
  • Through the use of the button labeled “Add to Cart,” you are given the opportunity to include the item in question inside the JTV shopping cart that you have opened.
  • Following the addition of an item to your shopping basket, a new window will pop up displaying the contents of your shopping cart. From this window, you will have the option to either Continue Shopping on JTV or Proceed to Checkout.
  • The products that you have placed in your basket from the live viewer will be stored there until you are ready to proceed with the checkout process

Now, that you know enough about Jewelry TV, let’s get down to our main area of interest, Streaming! Let’s learn about how to Activate and Stream JTV Live on various platforms. 

Stream and Watch Jewelry TV (JTV Live) on Roku.

Watch Jewelry Television (JTV Live) on Roku
  • First, press “Home” on your remote to access the main screen.
  • Then, to access the Channel Store, scroll up or down and select “Streaming Channels.”
  • A list of featured, new, and popular categories may be found at the top of the Channel Store.
  • To find Jewelry TV on Roku Channel Store, use the “Search Channels” tool.
  • To discover more about a channel, hit “OK” on your remote to bring up the information. You may see screenshots of the channel in addition to a synopsis and rating.
  • To add the Jewelry TV channel to your Roku device, go to “Add Channel.”

How to Watch Jewelry TV on Apple TV?

Stream JTV Live on Apple TV
  • On the Apple TV landing page, look down to the App Store and open it. 
  • Search for the Jewelry TV app, either by looking through accessible applications or looking for “Jewelry” in the hunt bar. 
  • At the point when you’ve discovered the Jewelry application, select it.
  • Snap the download button. 
  • When downloaded, hit the open catch. 
  • Sign in to the  JTV application. 

And tada! You are done. The process for watching JTV on Apple devices is the same as for any other channel. But the only difference is that you can watch JTV on your mobile phone as well. JTV has launched its first mobile application to grow the business and outreach the maximum audience. 

How to Watch Jewelry TV on Amazon TV? 

Watch JTV on Amazon Fire TV

If we look at the process of watching any TV channel, it is similar to Amazon TV. Amazon TV gives you a user-friendly experience to march towards the monotonous era of happy streaming. So, let’s see a few steps to watch your favorite show on Amazon TV. 

  • On the Amazon Fire TV landing page, type in “JTV” in the search bar. 
  • Select the JTV application.
  • Snap the download symbol. 
  • When the download is finished, launch the JTV application. 

It’s very easy to watch anything on Amazon TV when compared with other TV services. Well, you can see how handy it is to snap the button and your favorite channel is on its way. JTV has been putting way through launching the channel on various devices lately. So, recently it got the hands-on mobile application and for now, the channel is doing amazing in terms of success. 

JTV has started its Mobile Application Now

The virtual ring-sizer, which measures the size of any ring when placed right into the screen of a smartphone, is one of the app’s most distinguishing characteristics, as it eliminates the annoying dilemma of “What size ring should I purchase?” JTV’s mobile strategy was developed to provide customers with more options for shopping. The purchasing experience is uniform because both the mobile applications and the website are built on the same Demandware platform.

JTV Play

JTV’s other properties are fully connected with the mobile site and applications. This means that customers can shop in real time across all of the company’s platforms. JTV’s live broadcast with program streaming is used on the Web and mobile channels. In addition, the company can leverage all of its video assets to provide video on demand.JTV’s mobile payment choices are identical to those available online or through its call center because the applications are fully integrated into its Demandware-powered Web platform.

The Final Take 

JTV is one of the most visited TV channels in the US. Everyone likes to watch and know about gemstones, and jewelry even if they don’t buy them. But the sense of knowing anything here does it work. Last year, JTV was given a 5-star rating on a Better Business Bureau site.  If we talk about the production of pieces of jewelry, then JTV is doing great work in bringing the best quality crafted jewelry to the customers. Well! To know you need to start watching the channel NOW!

Happy streaming Folks! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make a purchase of the Product’s Current Item On-Air?

The price of the item, the item number, as well as a brief description of the product that is now available are all included in the product information that is located underneath the display window labeled “current item.” You can either add the product to your shopping basket or email it to a friend by clicking the button that is located under the description of the item. When you choose “add to cart,” a new window will appear displaying the item that has been added to your JTV shopping basket.

Can I still access JTV when I am in Live Viewer mode?

Yes. When you click the “Add to Cart,” “Program Guide,” or “Meet the Hosts” buttons, a new window will open up and load the corresponding page. You are able to continue surfing from this window without obstructing the viewer in any way.

Is it possible to see items that have been shown more recently on JTV?

You’ll see a list of recent things shown just underneath the live viewer’s presentation of the “current item.” Just move your mouse pointer over the precise product you’re interested in learning more about, then click on it when it appears. The display for the “current item” will change to the “recent item” with a picture (if one is available) and a description of the product.

How can I get more information on the host who is currently on air on JTV?

Under the broadcast window, there is an option titled “Meet the Hosts,” which will take you to particular host sites where you can learn more about them. There are also links to the program guide, which provides a synopsis of the currently scheduled events, and the live viewer assistance page.

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