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Inmigrante TV is available over the internet on the website, which also offers an English-language version of the channel. It was launched on December 2, 2010, as a 24/7 bilingual cable television channel, targeting viewers with an interest in immigration, civil rights, and other Hispanic issues. The network was originally named after Solis’ firm name, Inmigrante Law Offices. The network was originally launched as a Spanish-language broadcast on Channel 57 in Los Angeles, California. In May 2010, the network signed up to be broadcast on Telemundo’s digital subchannel 57.3 and 49 stations nationwide.

You can watch Inmigrante TV on your streaming device for its endless programming that consists of news commentary, public affairs programs produced by Solis’ firm, and advertising for his law firm. Solis is not involved with any of the programming decisions. It is broadcast over the Internet only. The network is headquartered in the Los Angeles area and broadcasts over the Internet and through television translators.

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching Inmigrante TV

Inmigrante TV is a Spanish language 24-hour news and public affairs channel founded in 2010 by immigration attorney Manuel Solis. Inmigrante is a phrase in English that means immigrant. The network’s stated mission is to inform and educate the Hispanic community about immigration issues in the United States, including foreign policy, immigration law, regulations, and benefits related to U.S. immigration policies. Immigrants stated goal is to provide a voice for Hispanics in America who are not adequately represented by other media outlets or organizations.

Inmigrante TV offers news programs, public affairs programs, talk shows, sports shows, reality television shows, and entertainment & lifestyle content from various Latino networks including TV Azteca, Univision, Telemundo networks, and Telemundo Internacional. In 2011 Inmigrante launched a 24-hour news channel that focuses on news from across the Hispanic world. The channel offers live broadcasts of news shows from Mexico City and live coverage of important events such as presidential elections in Mexico and Latin America. 

Other programs include “Andar par la Vida,” a travel show with a twist which features a different destination each week; “Cuidando el Alma,” a show focusing on health issues; “The World On The Wire,” which has been named one of the top ten public affairs shows on television; “Political Bites,” where host Lizette Jimenez shares stories from her life as an immigrant activist; “Anime y Manga” focused primarily on anime and manga programming; “Misiones Tres” devoted to food programming; “Culpan al Mundo” focused primarily on cargos against world events; “Todo en 50”, where hosts Jorge Pardo and Jorge Buenaventura share their thoughts about current events from a Latino perspective.

How Can I Watch Inmigrante TV on my Roku streaming Player?

Considering Inmigrante TV is a local broadcast channel, chances are you are one of the 90% of homes that can get it for free using a TV antenna. If an antenna isn’t working for you, live streaming may be the solution. Many live streaming providers, like YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu Live, and AT&T TV Now, offer local channels at far lower costs than your local Cable TV provider. Check out the report to discover whether you can watch Inmigrante TV in your area.

  1. Simply pick a smart device and open a web browser. Choose Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser you regularly prefer. Visit the page: by typing this 
  1. This page will ask you to grant us permission to collect your location so that we may automatically check to check what DTV stations and networks are available in your region. 
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What are the subchannels under the umbrella of this network?

Inmigrante TV was broadcast on the following digital subchannels:

  • KAZD 55.3 Dallas – Azteca (Una Vez Mas Holdings, LLC)
  • KGBT 4.3 Harlingen, Texas – CBS (Sinclair Broadcast Group)
  • KMPX 29.2 Dallas – Estrella TV (Liberman Broadcasting)
  • KRCA 62.4 Los Angeles – Estrella TV (Liberman Broadcasting)
  • KTAZ 39.2 Phoenix – Telemundo (NBC Universal)
  • KTDO 47.3 El Paso – Telemundo (ZGS Communications)
  • KZJL 61.2 Houston – Estrella TV (Liberman Broadcasting)
  • WESV-LD 40.2 Chicago – Independent

What happened to Inmigrante Official Site?

The station’s original website, was shut down in the summer of 2011 following criticism from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which stated that it did not meet all legal requirements for a national network to be granted a license. Inmigrante TV then relocated to and was shut down on May 31, 2014, when Solis announced he would no longer host the show and would be focusing his efforts on getting a Spanish-language news station on the air in Austin, Texas.

Solis’ business partner and former business partner at Solis Law Group, Manuel Sosa, is currently hosting Inmigrante TV under an independent third party who has been granted a broadcast license by the FCC.

In October 2017 Inmigrante TV was rebranded as Inmigrantes Television Networks.

In December 2017 Inmigrantes Television Networks launched a new website and Facebook page under the title “Inmigrantes TV”. The company says its mission is to provide a one-stop source for all relevant information about immigration and life in America for people living in the U.S., Mexico, and other Hispanic nations.

Wrapping Up

Inmigrante TV is a Spanish-language television network owned by Inmigrante. The network broadcasts from Los Angeles, California, and features news and commentary aimed at Latino immigrants from the United States. In addition to keeping viewers up-to-date on the latest immigration news and political developments, Inmigrante TV hosts a series of political talk shows and specials featuring prominent political figures, including former Mexican President Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón, former Mexican First Lady Marta Sahagún de Fox (wife of former president Vicente Fox), and California Congressman Ciro Rodriguez.

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