Guide to Watch FreeView on NOW TV Stick

With the NOW TV Stick, you can enjoy live and on-demand TV, via Freeview. Plug into your TV to experience entertainment at home, with a whole host of new channels, programs, and movies from top channels including Eurosport, Discovery Channel, and Comedy Central. Watch FreeView on NOW TV you can also catch up on ITV Player content. Watch sport live or catch up on what you’ve missed.

This new stick has a fresh, seamless design. Just plug it into your TV and enjoy 112 free channels, including 60 digital-only channels, with unlimited access to the on-demand library. It is no longer just live and catch-up – there’s something for everyone across news, entertainment, sports, and movies. Watch FreeView stick as it lets you watch your favorite channels on your TV in Full HD at no extra cost, whether you’re watching live programs or catch-up content on BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, with access to the latest series and movies on NOW TV.

Compatibility of NOW TV Stick-

Do you have a Sports Membership and one of the following devices? Bonus Streams provide you access to additional channels on specified sporting events, such as more EFL matches and F1 Race Control.

  • All Amazon Fire TV Edition models are supported.
  • Smart TVs from LG and Samsung are all supported.
  • 2nd gen (2015), 3rd gen Amazon Fire TV (2017)
  • 2nd and 3rd generation Amazon FireSticks, 4K, Lite, and Basic Editions
  • Apple TV (fourth generation or later)
  • RIGHT NOW, a Smart Stick or a Box
  • Roku boxes and other streaming devices
  • YouView box
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, PS4, PS5

You’ll discover a Bonus Stream option at the bottom of your NOW app homepage when one is available. If you don’t see any Bonus Streams right now, don’t worry; they’ll arrive over time.

What is the procedure to watch FreeView on NOW TV?

When you try to watch Freeview channels on your NOW Smart Box, do you get the notice below?

To make room for new channels, the Freeview TV guide has been revised. Please retune to receive this information. To prevent it from appearing, run a channel rescan to ensure that all of your TV channels are up to date.

What is the procedure for rescanning a channel?

  1. To remove the message, first press the back button on your NOW remote. Next, on the NOW Box homepage, just go to the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Channels should be chosen.
  3. Scan through the Freeview TV channels.

To do a rescan, the Smart Box must be linked to the TV aerial.

How can I watch FreeView box on Now TV Stick for free?

  1. Select a product. Most modern TVs and recorders include Freeview Play. Simply pick a product that suits your needs.
  2. Connect. Connect your Freeview TV or set-top box to an aerial.
  3. And that’s all there is to it. Sit back, relax, and watch your favorite shows for free, both live and on-demand.

It’s the most basic, free digital television available in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t involve any form of monthly membership – all you need is a television, an antenna, and a television license – and it gives you the bare minimum of channels available on television. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 channels.

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Is it necessary for me to have a current membership in order to use my NOW Box or Smart Stick?

To use your NOW Box or Smart Stick and stream movies, entertainment, or sports on your TV, you must first register an account and have an active membership. You may continue to use your NOW Box or Smart Stick to access most of the extra channels and apps, including catch-up channels like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. You may quickly reactivate your membership if you’ve canceled one and want to enjoy movies, entertainment, or sports on your NOW Box or Smart Stick again.

If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access NOW’s on-demand movies and series, as well as the live channels. Yet, you can still use the Sky Store app on your NOW Box or Smart Stick to purchase on-demand movies. You can rent the newest blockbusters from Sky Store or choose Buy & Keep to receive the DVD in the mail. 

Wrapping Up

NOW TV is the latest device to bring UK terrestrial channels to your TV and PC with which you can watch Freeview. NOW TV combines the best of free-to-air HD channels with access to Sky’s premium content. The NOW TV Stick connects easily to a TV and computer via USB so you can watch live or catch up on all your favorite shows.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. Is it possible to view with subtitles?

A: With the Cinema and Entertainment Memberships, subtitles are available for a limited number of on-demand movies and series. Subtitles are available on several of their devices, including the NOW Smart Stick and Box.

Q. Is it possible to acquire Freeview channels right now?

A: Only subscription TV channels and on-demand movies or shows are available with a NOW membership; no Freeview channels are available. To obtain Freeview channels on your TV, simply connect your Smart Box to your TV aerial.

Q. Is it possible to prevent younger people from watching R-rated films and shows?

A: Yes, you certainly can. Simply activate your Parental PIN and select the age range to which it should be applied. Keep in mind that to view most live channels with the NOW Cinema Membership and select live channels with the Entertainment Membership, you’ll need a Parental PIN.

Q. Can I prevent people from using my saved card to change my membership?

A: Make sure your Payment PIN is turned on if you want friends or family to be able to use your NOW account without being able to join new membership kinds or other items using your saved card data.

Q. Can I use my NOW Smart Stick or Box to access the internet?

A: You can’t use the NOW Smart Stick or Box to access the internet. You may stream everything on your NOW Membership using your NOW device. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube are just a few of the apps available through your Box and Smart Stick.

Q. Is it possible to watch sporting events on Sky Box Office?

A: You can watch Sky Sports Box Office events, such as boxing and WWE if you have a NOW Smart Stick or Box.

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