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Deutsche Welle is a German public international broadcaster funded by the German federal tax budget. Airing worldwide in 30 different languages, Deutsche Welle operates a hybrid of a television channel, radio service, and online portal that engages audiences in several ways including news, information, culture, and arts programs. The DW English-language television channel broadcasts news and current affairs programming with a schedule of German-language content on weekdays and international news and current affairs programs on weekends. You can watch DW-TV live to keep up with news that goes beneath the surface, offering the latest updates from Europe and around the globe.

The radio service broadcasts news programs at breakfast time every morning, news summaries at lunchtime on weekdays, and four times per day at breakfast time on weekends. The website offers both news and entertainment programming from DW as well as from the DW Newsroom. In addition to its own programming, Deutsche Welle produces staff-produced content for its channels and channels operated by other broadcasters. Deutschland sender is a joint production of DW and Bavaria Media Group’s Bavaria 3TV station.

Tell me all that I need to know about Deutsche Welle

DW is one of the world’s largest broadcasters, broadcasting in 30 languages across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Deutsche Welle was founded in 1965 as an independent broadcasting company. It is headquartered in Berlin with bureaus in several countries, including Warsaw, Washington D.C., Delhi, Brussels, and Buenos Aires. It is a public corporation under public law with a self-imposed mission to provide global information and be a reliable voice for Germany abroad.

Deutsche Welle maintains regional bureaux in Berlin (English), Jakarta (Indonesian), New York City (English), Buenos Aires (Argentinean Spanish), and Washington D.C. (English). It has been broadcasting German-language programming with an international focus since July 1965 via shortwave radio, satellite transmission, and cable television to countries where there are no national public broadcasters. DW also produces electronic media products for international distribution, including news bulletins and language courses for adults and children.

DW launched its first television channel on 1 August 1993, followed by the launch of the first International News Channel (INN) on 1 May 1994. The following year DW introduced its news website, which was launched as “The Voice of Germany” at in 1997; this was changed to “DW international” at in 2016. The channel broadcasts traditional news bulletins 24 hours a day on DW TV channel 3, as well as various audio channels on FM radio station DW’s Newsradio Internet station; it also broadcasts audio content on the Internet.

About 80 percent of all programming broadcast on DW is produced outside of Germany. A large number of shows are broadcast in both German and English languages, while some shows are only available in German or English. Programming includes live news broadcasts from around the world and current affairs shows. 

What are the Top Stories to Watch on DW TV Live?

Top stories to watch on DW-TV
  • 100 Must-Reads
  • 50 kitchens, one city
  • Baking Bread
  • DW Freedom
  • Expedition Humboldt
  • Meet the Germans
  • Planet Berlin

How do I effortlessly Watch DW TV Live?

Deutsche Welle operates a news website that publishes content in 10 different languages. In late 2017, Deutsche Welle announced that it would be launching a new German-language podcast service called DW Podcasts, which would be available to download from Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play. The service launched on January 24, 2018. You can easily stream the network online by using the following steps:

  1. Next, select the device from which you want to watch online. You may select between a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices.
  1. Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, or another. Navigate to the web page and input the URL: into the address bar.
  1. When you visit the official Deutsche Welle page in your web browser, you will see a range of options offered horizontally in the blue zone.
  1. Choose the first option, Live TV, to watch Deutsche Welle online. By selecting this option, the presently broadcast show will begin to play.
  1. In addition, you will find several shows from the TV choice directly alongside the media center you selected in the previous stage.

What’s so special about Watching DW TV Live?

We are well aware of the competition of exclusive networks out there in the market. But the question comes, how does the Deutsche Welle channel stands out? Well, the channel doesn’t only provide you favorable content but also helps you learn the German language. Following are the categories that the network offers to the audiences who are interested in learning this absolute new language.


  • Best German Courses
  • Quick start
  • Harry
  • Deutsch Interaktiv
  • Radio D
  • Mission Europe
  • Deutsch – warum nicht?
  • Audiotrainer
  • Deutschtrainer
  • Die Bienenretter


  • German XXL
  • Deutsch Aktuell
  • Deutsch im Fokus
  • Telenovela
  • Bandtagebuch
  • Landeskunde


  • Community D
  • Das Porträt
  • Podcasts & Newsletter
  • Service


  • Teaching German
  • DW im Unterricht
  • Unterrichtsreihen
  • Deutschlehrer-Info

Wrapping Up

Deutsche Welle is a publicly funded and the world’s largest broadcaster and has an international presence in several television markets. In addition to its German-language channel, DW operates two digital channels: the Deutsche Welle Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on international cooperation issues, and DW European. We hope you liked this article on how to watch DW-TV on your streaming device. Thanks for being our reader!

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