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The only desire of entrepreneurs is to grow their businesses. In order to have an idea and ways to do that here is Biz TV where entrepreneurs can relate so much with. This channel fundamentally aims at entrepreneurs. It’s a national TV broadcast network that is owned by Center Post Media. Youtoo America is also owned by Center Post Media. It’s basically for the entrepreneurs and small businesses out there. The corporate offices of Biz TV are based in Arlington, Texas. Its currently accessed by 44 million TV households in the U.S. In addition to this, it also features the OTT feed which requires a subscription and you can access live content and video-on-demand through its official website. 

Where you can watch Biz TV?

City State Station City State Station 
Birmingham ALWBXA- TV 24.1Des Moines IAWBXF- TV 28.1
Florence ALWBCF-TV 10.3Boise IDKBKI 27.3
Montgomery ALWBXM-TV 41.1Twin FallsIDKBAX-TV 27.4
Fresno CAKGMC-TV 43ChampaignILWBXC-TV 46.2
LA CAKFLA-TV 8.4Wichita KSKCTU- 5.7
San Diego CAKZTC- TV 7Wichita KSKGPT- TV 26.9
Santa BarbaraCAKZDF 8.4Bowling GreenKY WDNZ 11
Cortez COSWCOTV 31.1BostonMAWFXZ-TV 24.1
Washington DCWMDE TV 36.1Flint-SaginawMIWFFC 25.4
Jacksonville FLWBXJ TV 43.1Alexandria MNTV 51.5
Orlando FLWSWF-TV 10Godahl MNK16CG-TV 16.5
Tampa FLWXAX 26.4Granite FallsMNTV 41.1
Atlanta GAWANN 32.1Jackson MNK23FO-TV 16.5
Atlanta GAWTBS 26.1Biloxi MSWXVO 7.1
Atlanta GAWTBS 9.1Starkville MSWOBV_TV 5
Augusta GAWBPI TV 49.2Pineburst NCWYBE-TV 44.1
Savannah GAWGCB_LD 35.10Nags HeadNCW24EC 24.2
Honolulu HIKITM-TV 2Raleigh/Durham/NCWUBX-TV 31.2
Las Vegas NVKHMP-TV 18.2


City State Station 
Las Vegas NVKPVT-TV 2.1
Las Vegas NVKPVT-TV 2.2
Reno NVKRMF-TV 7.3
Reno NVKCNL-LD 3.1
Columbus OHWCSN-TV 32.6
Eugene ORSLTV-TV 28
Charleston SCWHDC-12.10
Beaufort SCWSCG-LD 14.10 
Greenville SCWGGS-TV 16
Austin TXKADF-LA 20.4
Dallas TX 44.3
Houston TXKVQTI 8.2
National USChannel master 
National USGiniko
National USTiki Live
Martinsville VAWYAT 40
Charleston HuntingtonWVWYAT 50



What’s exclusive on Biz TV?

You get the latest, everyday shows which mainly emphasize entrepreneurship, markets, investments, travel, and daily work balance and life. It has a bunch of shows which portray how resources and finance should be managed while your business is growing or even at the beginning stage. You have the access to this kind of content on Biz TV.

What is the vision of Biz TV?

There is a famous entrepreneur who founded the Biz TV named, Ed Frazier in order to serve the audience with current business news, situation, and stories of successful entrepreneurs while managing their businesses and life which also lets you know about the ways that business worked through.

Here is the list of the programs currently airing on Biz TV. You should definitely give it a shot to them. 

Biz TV Shows

Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough
Animal Science 
Awesome Adventures 
The Ray Lucia show
Real Life 101
Think Big
Walking Wild & Wild Wonders
Talk with Audrey
Money TV
Made in Germany
INN News
Financial Issues with Dan Celia
DW News
Business Rockstars 
BTV Business Network
The Big Biz Show

**Note-  There are some movies that are being aired under the brand of  Biz TV, which are originally sourced from the other networks like, DreamWorks pictures or Paramount pictures, offered by Trifecta Entertainment & Media.

About Newsletter of Biz TV-

You can sign up for the Newsletter of the Biz TV in order to stay updated with all the latest events, on-air personalities, and news. The main stuff that is being offered is-

  • Host bios and stories
  • Articles for entrepreneurs
  • Announcements of programming
  • Tour fascinating work surrounding Office land
  • Movie night previews

Schedule of Biz TV

1st October 2021

6:00 AMInteractive program8:00 PMSmall Town Big Deal
7:00 AMBusiness Rockstars8:30 PMChasing Down Madison Brown
8:00 AMMoney TV9:00 PMThe Big Biz Show
8:30 AMPaid Program10:00 PMAmerica Trends
9:00 AMFinancial Issues with Dan Celia11:00 PMSmall Town Big Deal
11:00 AMPaid Program11:30 PMChasing Down Madison Brown
11:30 AMDW News12:00 AMThe Big Biz Show
12:00 PMC-Suite TV1:00 AMAmerican Trends
1:00 PMThe Big Biz Show2:00 AM Interactive program
2:00 PMAmerica Trends2:30 AMDW News
3:00 PMFinancial Issues with Dan Celia3:00 AMInteractive program
5:00 PMBusiness Rockstars3:30 AMHiring America
6:00 PMDW News4:00 AMInteractive program
6:30 PMFISM News5:00 AMThe Big Biz Show
7:00 PMC-Suite TV

2nd October 2021

6:00 AMInteractive program2:00 PMSmall Town Big Deal
7:00 AMBusiness Rockstars 2:30 PMPaid Program
8:00 AMPaid program3:00 PMBitcoin for Boomers
8:30 AMPaid Program4:00 PMThe Big Biz Show
9:00 AMXploration Nature knows BEST5:00 PMBusiness Rockstars
9:30 AMPloration Weird but True6:00 PM Paid Program
10:00 AMBiz Kid$ are you Financially Literate 7:00 PMElevator Pitch
10:30 AMDragonfly TV engineering7:30 PMElevator Pitch
11:00 AMThink BigComfort courts8:00 PMThe Playbook: David Meltzer
11:30 AMXploration Earth 20508:30 PMThe Playbook: David Meltzer
12:00 PMPaid Program9:00 PMRadio night live with Kevin McCullough
12:30 PMPaid Program11:00 PMRadio night live with Kevin McCullough
1:00 PMCrypto Beadles1:00 PMMeet the Drapers
1:30 PMCrypto Crow2:00 PMInteractive program

Biz TV is all about business and entrepreneurship. If you are willing to get some really interesting content in that niche then you can roll in now.

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