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Mayonnaise, toothpaste, and a brand-new mobile phone plan are all available at Walmart. Yes, the retail behemoth has entered the mobile space too. Walmart’s mobile phone plans can be ideal for you if you like store brand items (Great Value, for the win!). In our Walmart Family Mobile guide, we’ll go over all of the important details regarding the company’s programs, performance, the login process, and customer service. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

About Walmart Family Mobile:

Walmart Family Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which implies it sells low-cost phone plans on the network of another provider. It is a low-cost solution to keep your phone connected without sacrificing a good network. This prepaid mobile virtual network provider is based on the T-Mobile network, which means it offers statewide coverage at high 4G speeds and is 5G ready.

T-Mobile, along with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, is one of the Big Four cellular networks in the United States. It boasts the fastest speeds and the most service regions among the four. Of course, since you’re on a sub-network, you’ll have to remember that T-Mobile subscribers have priority. This might result in slower speeds in crowded regions during peak hours. However, it is how cost reductions are achieved. There are many phones that are just as inexpensive as the network plans, but you can also bring your own and only buy the SIM.

Is it the finest prepaid mobile phone plans supplier for you, with all these discounts and freedom? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Walmart Family Mobile.

Walmart Family Mobile Plans:

Walmart Family Mobile offers a variety of plan choices as well as a large selection of phones. This prepaid service accepts payments in 30-day increments, and you can set up autopay to ensure that you always have credit. You can cancel at any moment since everything is month-to-month. Standard plans from WFM include unlimited talk and text, as well as restricted or unlimited high-speed data.

If you set up autopay, you’ll save even more money. You can save even more money by adding extra lines, which is excellent if you want to link your whole family. Unlimited talk, text, and data plans start at $24.88 per month. However, there is a catch. On speeds, data is limitless, thus you get 4G LTE for the first 2GB and then a completely worthless 2G connection for the remainder. In actuality, for that amount, you receive 2GB of data every month.

If you pay $29.88, you’ll receive 5GB of data, $39.88 will get you 20GB, and $49.88 will offer you genuinely limitless data. The two most expensive plans also include unlimited calling from the United States to Mexico and Canada. The highest tier also includes 10GB of data for use as a mobile hotspot. Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, and Motorola are among the phone brands offered by the carrier.

Coverage and dependability of the network:

You’re in good hands since Walmart Family Mobile uses T-network Mobile’s infrastructure. That implies the biggest 5G network covers 94 percent of the United States. Although, at the time of writing, WFM’s plans only provide 4G LTE. That is both a good and a negative thing. It’s bad since you don’t have 5G speeds. However, you won’t have to compete for bandwidth with T-Mobile users, who will always have precedence and may restrict your 5G speeds anyhow.

There were formerly coverage concerns in rural regions, but T-Mobile has invested in resolving such issues, so they are no longer a concern. Although coverage in the Pacific Northwest and the West Mountain areas is expected to be weaker.

You can use the T-Mobile coverage checker map to see how coverage is in your region by entering your zip code or zooming in. This shows you coverage for both inside and outdoor use, as well as in-car driving.

Walmart Family Mobile uses T-network

T-Mobile boasts the best cellular speeds in the business, as you can see. This is great news for Walmart Family Mobile users who like listening to music and watching movies on their phones. Keep in mind that your wireless speeds may be throttled as a result of being deprioritized on the T-network, Mobile’s but you can anticipate fast downloads and uploads on your phone the majority of the time.

Now that we’ve covered all that is to know about Walmart Family Mobile, it’s time to get back to our main area of interest, the Walmart Family Mobile login procedure, and how to activate mobile plans. You can learn the processes in detail below.

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Walmart Family Mobile login process

The Walmart Mobile login process is as follows:

  • Go over to the official website of Walmart Family Mobile which is
  • Click on the My Account tab in the upper right-hand corner.
Walmart Family Mobile uses T-network
  • Enter the registered email address or the mobile phone number in the empty box.
  • Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox.
  • Click on Continue.

However, if you want to activate your Walmart Family Mobile service, you can follow the steps below.

How to activate Walmart Family Account?

It’s simple to set up a Family Mobile account. You can either bring your own phone or buy a family phone. Use one of the following procedures to activate a new Family Mobile service or add a line:

Holder of the primary account: The person who establishes, modifies, or sets up the account with the account information is known as the primary account holder.

  • Any account member (including the main account holder) who signs in with their Phone number and 4-Digit Security PIN will only be able to see their Phone information.
  • All account information is accessible to any member of the account (including the principal account holder) who signs in using their phone number or account email and the Account Password.

Unless you’re transferring a phone number, which may take longer, the activation procedure might take a few hours. Follow the steps below to activate your Walmart Family Account:

Walmart Family Mobile uses T-network
  • Choose ‘A Family Mobile Phone’ if you have a new device and choose ‘Bring your own phone’ if you want to use your old device.
  • Click on Continue. A new screen will appear.
  • Enter your SIM card number or the ICCID.
Walmart Family Mobile uses T-network
  • Tick mark the ‘Terms and Condition’ tab and click continue.
  • Next, choose your plan according to your need.
  • Then, set up your phone, and you are done.

Customer service at Walmart Family Mobile:

If you’re lonely, you may contact Walmart for customer service or simply a polite conversation. MVNOs like Walmart Family Mobile, unlike large telecommunications carriers, aren’t scrutinized by major customer satisfaction reviews like the American Customer Satisfaction Index. As a result, reliable statistics on consumer satisfaction are difficult to come by.

However, we can tell that contacting Walmart Family Mobile to negotiate to sign up, change plans, and receive technical help is simple. The company’s customer support department may be reached at +1-877-440-9758.

Conclusion:  A Walmart Family Mobile plan may be right for you if you want a cheaper-than-contract phone plan with 4G speeds and nationwide coverage. This enables you to use your existing phone and just add the SIM card, with its monthly charging, saving you money. This is ideal for families that wish to add a lot of devices to their plan and save money as they do so. The disadvantage is that unless you choose the most expensive plan, you will face restrictions on your data.

Also, when compared to other solutions like Mint Mobile, the plan cost isn’t exactly inexpensive. It’s important to remember that with any prepaid MVNO, you’ll lose priority to main network consumers, which means performance may suffer during peak hours. So, that was all about the Walmart Family Mobile Login process and all the other important details about it. We hope you find the content of our article useful and please don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What’s the best way to set up my voicemail on My Walmart Family Mobile?

1. Hold down the “1” key for a few seconds. Your phone will automatically dial “Voicemail.”
2. Follow the directions after the call is connected.
Note: Before attempting to set up your voicemail, you must make at least one call. Please contact our Customer Care Center for help if the setup fails.

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