Activate Vice TV on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV [Updated 2022]

Do you wish to activate Vice TV on your streaming device? You can do that in a streamlined way. Just go to the Vice TV app and use your web browser to navigate to Enter the activation code displayed on your screen. Then just click the “Activate” button and you’ll be done!

With a simple and clean design, Vice has quickly gained popularity among young adults and teenagers especially after the news of its acquisition by Lagardère TV Channel in 2016. In just one month, Vice gained over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 40 million views monthly. This popularity has also garnered it a host of awards such as

The global growth of Vice Media is a story of the organization, innovation, and disruptive strategy. Since 2014 its business model has evolved under new management and international expansion. The network was previously known for its documentary series lights of Note, interviewing high-profile guests from politics, film, and entertainment; as well as the series Hits of Note, profiles of artists and filmmakers; and its music video channel. In its early days, Vice focused on gaining access to stories that were typically behind the scenes, allowing viewers to gain insight into the inner workings of major media outlets, while at the same time generating revenue through subscription-based advertising.

The mission of Vice Media is to give people a voice and a seat at the table, where they can be told what their voices and perspectives should be – across multiple platforms where they feel heard and respected. For this reason, it’s amongst the most trusted news networks in America along with CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN among others. It offers a mix of documentary, analysis, entertainment, and lifestyle content often referred to as “edgy news”.

Now that we have covered much about Vice TV, we are all set to activate Vice TV at Let us get started!

How to Activate Vice TV Channel on Various Streaming Devices via

Viceland is an online-only basic cable network that focuses on lifestyle, arts, and culture, with a heavy focus on music. Viceland’s mission is ” To help fans discover and love the artists they love, globally and through their television.” If you want to watch Vice TV on a media player like Roku, Smart TVs, or Apple TV, you must first download and install the Vice TV app from the streaming device’s app store, and then activate it on the page. Read the instructions below to learn how to install and activate Vice TV on the portal.

Access Vice TV on Roku Device using

We have brought to you some detailed steps to refer to. Just adhere to them to successfully activate Vice TV on your Roku device.

  • To begin, switch on your Roku device and use your Roku remote to click the Home button. You will be directed to your Roku device’s home screen.
  • Then, scroll down to the Streaming Channels area and click the Search Channels button. In the search area, use the virtual keyboard that appears on your screen to type VICE TV in the given field.
  • Next, from the search results that show on your screen, choose the VICE TV application and then hit the Details option to access the Preview.
  • After you’ve reached the VICE TV app’s Preview screen, click the Add Channel button. Then, continue with the on-screen instructions to download and install the program.
  • After installing the app on your Roku device, go to the home screen and launch the VICE TV app.
  • If asked, sign in to the app using the login credentials supplied by your service provider as the app will open on your screen. When you sign in to the app, you will be given an activation code as well as for instructions.
  • Afterward, launch a web browser on your computer and navigate to the VICE TV channel activation page at
  • On the activation screen, choose your device from the drop-down menu, then your cable provider, and then input the activation code in the given area.
  • After providing all of the needed information, you must confirm the membership by clicking the Continue button.
  • Once the authorization procedure is complete, you will be able to access Vice TV on your Roku device.

Use to Binge-watch Vice TV Shows on Apple TV

The steps we have mentioned below will leave you no doubts about activating Vice TV shows on your Apple TV. Have a look!

  • To begin, switch on your Apple TV and browse to the App Store.
  • Enter VICE TV in the search box in the App Store section and hit the Search button.
  • To access the preview page, pick the VICE TV app from the search results.
  • When you’re on the preview screen, click the Install button and wait for the program to install on your Apple TV.
  • After installing the app, navigate to the home screen and launch VICE TV. If asked, enter your VICE TV app login credentials to obtain the activation code.
  • Once you have the activation code, use a web browser on your computer and proceed to the activation page using the URL – Vicetv Activation Page.
  • On the activation screen, choose your device from the available options, select your cable provider, and then input the activation code in the suggested area.
  • Once entering all of the needed information in the proper areas, you must confirm the membership by clicking the Continue button.
  • After completing the activation procedure, you will be able to access Vice TV on your Apple TV device. To Get Vice TV Channel on Amazon Fire TV

Go through the comprehensive steps we brought to you below to activate Vice TV Channel on Fire TV. Let’s begin!

  • To begin, turn on your Amazon Fire TV and navigate to the Apps area on the main screen. Access the home screen, with the home icon button on your Fire TV remote.
  • Find the VICE TV channel, by going to the Applications area and scroll through the list of apps. You may also utilize the Search function.
  • Once you’ve found the VICE TV app, go to the preview screen and choose the Install button. This will install the software on your Fire TV stick.
  • When the installation is finished, click the Open option to open the program. Sign in to the application if requested to obtain the activation code.
  • After you get the activation code, open a web browser on your phone, tablet, or PC and navigate to the activation page at
  • Once on the activation screen, choose your device from the available options, then your cable provider, and then input the activation code in the supplied area.
  • Once you are done entering all of the needed information in the relevant areas, you must confirm the subscription by clicking the Continue button.
  • After completing the activation procedure, you will be able to watch Vice TV on your Amazon Fire TV.

Voila! You have now finally activated Vice TV with You have done a great job throughout! So, now sit back and relax to enjoy the extensive content offered by Vice TV.

Binge-worthy Shows of Vice TV

Here, we will come across some amazing shows that you shouldn’t miss out on once you are done activating Vice TV on your smart media players. Have a look!

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Get your hands on this masterpiece after activating Vice TV using Music has the power to lift you out of yourself and elevate your soul in ways that can help you achieve greater success in your work and personal lives. Music can make you more productive, more innovative, and happier – particularly when you’re sick or in debt. It can clear your mind and focus you better. The problem is that most pop music today is not well-crafted – it’s formulaic, underwritten with mass-produced hooks and looped pieces that go on forever. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. In this Docuseries, Hamilton Morris – son of Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris – explores the history, chemistry, and societal impacts of some of the world’s most unique drugs. Hamilton’s work is driven by research – his apartment is filled with books on the subject – but he takes it beyond. His passion for the subject is infectious and his filmmaking style is instantaneously engaging. 

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.9/10

Google user: 94%

Google Play: 5/5


The goal of this show is not only to educate but to entertain as well. Through this video series and its various social media channels, Gaycation hopes to create awareness for the issues faced by the LGBTQ community worldwide. We want to inspire people to look at different cultures and see facets of themselves they may not have previously seen. Through conversations with individuals from different walks of life, we hope to shine a light on the uniqueness of each culture and how each individual is accepted and welcomed in their own country.

There is no doubt that the world we live in is changing tremendously. The idea of what a normal family looks like is changing as well. It used to be that if you were a kid who liked superheroes and airplanes and sports it was okay to be a normal kid. Now things are a little bit more nuanced because we have so many more superheroes and airplanes and things like that… But if you want to find out what it’s like being a normal kid then go check out Gaycation.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 7.8/10

Google user: 86%

Google Play: 4.1/5


This is Noisey, a Vice TV show in which we investigate the cultural significance of noise – the quotidian, annoying, and sometimes essential background noise that interrupts our world – and how it affects us as individuals, as well as our society. Noise can be physical–the constant drone of traffic on a particular highway, the honking horns on a particular street–or it can be emotional and social. Vice follows journalists and editors as they travel the world to investigate these matters for this publication; present their findings in reportage; investigate social issues; and even evaluate equipment used for making noise.

In Nigeria, for example, it’s common for people to have a loud noise machine turned up just before they go to sleep to prevent themselves from being disturbed by waking dreams. Similarly in America, certain areas have become so accustomed to certain music genres that they no longer consider other genres disruptive–at least according to some people in those areas. In Nigeria, Noisey’s goal is to bridge the gap between African culture and mainstream America by exploring new music from around the world. On this show, Goldbaum travels to Nigeria, confronts his hosts about their preference for certain kinds of noise, and investigates why certain artists have become so popular in certain parts of the country.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.1/10

Google user: 76%

Rating Graph: 8.5/10

Bong Appetit

Bong Appetit is a Vice-TV show that uses food to discuss and celebrate social issues relating to weed. Binge-watch the show once you activate Vice TV at In each episode, producer and host Abdullah Saeed goes to a local area with an unmarked van and sets up a separate kitchen at a local Bong Store. From there, guests eat street food prepared by chefs from around the country; deliveries are made regularly so that viewers can see what the food looks like before they purchase it. It’s a clever way to show viewers what a typical day in the life of someone who uses weed is – and it’s pretty interesting viewing. The show explores all sorts of issues related to eating local, including what kinds of weed you can eat (legal or not) and where you can find it compared to places where it’s not legal.

There’s no shortage of great recipes for edible cannabis. It’s hard to determine which recipes are the best because it all comes down to personal preference, though. What I do know is that users of legal states have a clear preference when it comes to what kind of edible cannabis they want. And that puts Bong Appetit at the forefront of edible cannabis tourism. The show is hosted by celebrity Chef/Food Network personality Abdullah Saeed, who is also the owner of Oakland’s first legal medical marijuana dispensary, Evergreen Medica. 

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8/10

Google user: 94% 4.3/5

American Boyband

For the uninitiated, let’s explain what Brockhampton is. Inside the fertile minds of its enthusiasts lies a complex, interlocked system of peer pressure, idol worshiping, self-promotion, self-deprecation, and self-aggrandizement. Yet despite this kaleidoscope of self-absorption and mediocrity, this group has managed to generate a significant amount of media coverage spanning multiple continents and growing daily. Through clever use of social media, viral iconography, clever MTV video editing skills, and ultimately some serious hard work (not to mention some illegal activity), Brockhampton has managed to gain a foothold in the pop culture psyche as nothing less than the next great American alternative rock band.

For something to become a major cultural phenomenon, it usually requires a few things. There needs to be a compelling creation narrative, an innovative concept, artists with an underlying personal message, and a way for fans to share in the proceeds. Since American Boyband hit shelves last week, it’s already come to represent all three of those things. Unfortunately for Brockhampton, none of those things are exactly novel.

Popular Ratings

IMDb: 8.1/10 5/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How to Stream Vice TV (Viceland) Without Cable in 2021?

Streaming Vice TV without cable seems pretty economical. Here are a few streaming services that offer you to watch Vice TV without cable. 

-Hulu Live TV ($64.99 / month+ 7 days free-trail)
-YouTube TV ($64.99 / month)
-Sling TV ($35 / month+ $25 OFF)
-Philo ($25 / month+ 7 days free-trail)
-fuboTV ($64.99 / month+ 7 days free-trail)
-DirecTV ($64.99 / month)
-AT&T TV ($64.99 / month)

Is Vice available for free on Roku?

On the Roku platform, Vice Media Group has launched its first FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) channel.

Is the Vice channel available on YouTube TV?

Vice TV is not available as a streaming service on YouTube TV. YouTube TV is not accessible on Nintendo Switch.

How do I access Vice TV?

With an active subscription to Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV (Orange), fuboTV, or Philo, you can access a Vice TV live stream. Vice TV is available on all of the aforementioned providers’ channel lineups. Dark Side of Football will also be available for viewing the next day on the Vice TV website and app.

Is Vice available on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

You can stream Vice TV on Amazon Prime video but unfortunately, Netflix does not offer Vice TV streaming.

Is Disney the owner of Vice?

When Disney finalized its acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March 2019, it bought Fox’s share in Vice. As a result, Disney now controls a combined 26 percent of Vice Media via Fox and A+E.

What does Vice News mean?

Vice News (stylized as VICE News) is Vice Media’s current affairs program, with daily documentary essays and videos available on its website and YouTube channel. It prides itself on covering “under-reported stories.”

What happened to Vice?

TBI has learned that Vice Media is planning to shut its UK linear network Vice and investigate other distribution options for its programming, including AVOD. Vice, previously known as Viceland, was introduced in the UK and Ireland on pay-TV provider Sky in 2016 as part of a worldwide channel roll-out.

Q. What channel does Vice TV broadcast on?



Q. What channel does Vice TV broadcast on?

Dish NetworkChannel 121 (HD/SD)
DirecTVChannel 271 (HD/SD)

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