Ways to Update Logitech Mouse Driver on Windows

Has upgrading to Windows 10 caused your Logitech mouse to stop working properly? This issue is almost certainly caused by out-of-date Logitech mouse drivers. Such Logitech mouse driver issues can occur because the mouse driver has been uninstalled, is obsolete, or is incompatible with Windows 10. Most of the time, this Logitech mouse driver not working problem in Windows 10 but keep your worries aside as the fixing is possible. You can Update Logitech Mouse Driver on Windows. Your Logitech mouse may have stopped operating for a variety of reasons, so don’t panic. You should be familiar with the symptoms before diving into the reasons why your Logitech Wireless mouse has failed to work.

  • When you move the pointing device, it does not appear to respond.
  • When you press a button on the your gadget, nothing happens.
  • After a while, the pointing device will stop working on its own.
  • Once connected to the PC/laptop, the Logitech mouse is not detected by Windows 10. The problems persist after executing the Add New Hardware wizard.

Now that you’re aware of the symptoms, you may use the procedures listed below to find a quick solution to your problem. It is not necessary to try all of them; instead, choose the one that best suits your needs. Try the following tips first before updating your drivers. They might work wonders in your situation. Test the mouse on a separate USB port by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

How do I Update The Logitech Mouse Driver in Windows 11?

Is your Logitech wireless mouse not working? To resolve the problem, update the Logitech Mouse Driver. We’ll show you how to acquire a Logitech driver for Windows 11,10 in this troubleshooting guide. Logitech is known for making top-of-the-line computer accessories. However, if we fail to update the company’s drivers, our handy pointing device (mouse) would stop operating. This implies that your productivity will suffer and there is a possibility of disruption of your job. You will also be unable to play games in a smooth manner.

You’ve come to the right place if you can relate to what we’re saying and want to understand how to upgrade Logitech mouse drivers. Whenever your Logitech mouse isn’t working, start by rebooting your computer. This will refresh the operating system and delete any corrupt temporary data that may be interfering with mouse operation. If this works, great; if not, continue on to other options.

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Try to Refresh your Mouse now-

Refreshing the mouse is one easy approach to fix a Logitech mouse driver. To do so, disconnect the USB receiver from the PC and then disconnect the mouse’s batteries. After a minute, replace the battery and reconnect the receiver. Try using the mouse now; it should work.

Replace the mouse’s battery-

The battery in the wireless mouse needs to be replaced. It’s possible that the battery has been exhausted if you haven’t changed it in a long time. So, swap it out for a new one and try using a Logitech mouse again; it should now function.

Connect the Mouse Receiver to a different USB port on your computer-

There’s now a chance that the USB port to which the wireless receiver is connected isn’t working. As a result, to see if that’s the issue, try connecting to a different USB port. If your Logitech mouse starts operating again following this, you’ve found the problem.

Connect the mouse to a different computer-

Occasionally, either the mouse or the computer you’re using can cause issues. Try to use the mouse on a different PC to see which of the two is causing the Logitech mouse to stop working. If the mouse does not function on another computer, the issue is with the gadget, not the computer. If the situation is the opposite, the driver is likely to be outdated. We highly recommend that you update your Logitech device driver on Windows in this instance.

Steps to update the Logitech Device Driver in Windows 11 and 10-

Manually and automatically, Logitech mouse solutions for Windows 10 can be ready for updates. To update the Logitech mouse driver directly, go to Device Manager, whereas Advanced Driver Updater, the finest driver updater for Windows, can update it instantly.

Note that manually updating drivers takes time and requires patience. There’s also a higher probability of downloading and installing the wrong Logitech driver upgrades. If you’re willing to take these risks, start with manual steps. However, if you’re clever, you won’t waste time updating drivers, which usually happens automatically with Advanced Driver Updater, a third-party driver update program.

How to Manually Update Mouse Driver Using Device Manager?

  • Type Device Manager into the Windows search box and press Enter.
  • Navigate for the option Mouse and other pointing devices.
  • To enlarge it, double-click it.
  • Right-click the Logitech mouse or wireless mouse > Update driver.
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” to open a new window.
  • Allow Windows to search for available updates. There will be an automatic installation if it is accessible.

If Windows is unable to locate the update, you will need to download it from Logitech’s official website. Look for the appropriate driver based on the Operating System and the bit you’re using in this section.

NOTE: An incorrect driver update will cause issues and may render the system unusable.

After you’ve downloaded the driver, double-click it and complete the on-screen directions.

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Update Logitech Mouse Drivers Automatically-

We recommend utilizing Advanced Driver Updater for updating Logitech mouse drivers automatically. If this seems like too much work, or you don’t want to endanger your system, Advanced Driver Updater can do it for you.

Advanced Driver Updater is a famous third-party tool for automatically updating drivers. For using this driver updating application, all you have to do is download, install, and run it; the Advanced Driver Updater will sort out the rest.

This good driver updater will detect the operating system, outdated drivers, and show the most recent automatic updates.

NOTE: If you’re using the tool’s free edition, you’ll have to manually update each driver by selecting the Update driver option next to each one that’s out of date. If you have the Pro version, you can use the Update All option to update all missing, corrupt, and troublesome drivers at once.

Follow the instructions below to update the Logitech Mouse Driver:

  • Advanced Driver Updater can be downloaded and installed.
  • Run the wonderful Windows driver updater utility.
  • To search the system for obsolete, corrupt, or missing drivers, click Start Scan Now.
  • Allow time for the scan to complete.
  • Search for the Logitech mouse driver or HID Keyboard Device in the scan results and select Update driver next to it.

Wrapping up

We hope that with the steps outlined above, you will be able to get Logitech mouse drivers to operate and that you will be able to update Logitech drivers for Windows 11,10. Advanced Driver Updater is the simplest way to update a Logitech mouse driver. I hope you will give it a shot.

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