Get Untamed Sports TV To Experience New Outdoor Sports

One of the noted subchannels that offers you both prominent niches, outdoor and lifestyle is Untamed Sports TV- UST. Its digital subchannel and available on various stations in the United States. The Untamed Sports TV channel was established on 25th December 2008. It is owned by Olympusat. TOKU is also operated by Olympusat. It’s an independent TV network service in the market. Olympusat has taken the position of the top owner and distributor whose network is spread to the satellite, cable, and telco industry. In addition, the network has reached mobile, broadband, and DVD as well. 

The channel offers shows like Blue Collar Adventures, Fishing Across America, Key West Time, Hog Heaven, Mud truck TV, World Match Racing Your, etc, do these names of the popular shows excite you? Then Untamed Sports TV channel is definitely for you. 

How Many Strategies Do Untamed Sports Vertical Programming Have?

There are 5 main areas of the Untamed Sports’vertical programming that are offered to you which are listed below-

  • Adventure sports
  • Field sports
  • Lifestyle sports
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Power sports

There is an endless number of athletes who believe in themselves as non-elite athletes. So Untamed Sports is here to shell out the new and exciting experiences with the capability to gain advanced knowledge and techniques. This allows the players to have greater interaction with the sports community. 

The Mission Of Untamed Sports-

The fundamental agenda of Untamed Sports is to engage the audience with exceptional concepts and theories while they also get to know about some challenges as well which balance out both sides of this field. They offer their audience ‘’How-to’s’’ which will enhance their creative mind and they will explore some new ideas. One of their goals is to make them feel empowered for what they are doing and encourage them to continue for a long term on this path. There are many significant life lessons that the users will learn about. 

Program Schedule For 15th October 2021 And 16th October 2021

15th October 2021, Friday

12:30 AMEA FIFA ALL- Star2:00 PMTexan on Tour
1:30 AMHere’s the Catch 2:30 PMFishing with Ladin
2:00 AMPaid program 3:00 PM3 Wide Life
2:30 AMPaid program 3:30 PMUFA
3:00 AMPaid program 4:30 PMChampionship Wrestling from Arizona 
3:30 AMPaid program 5:30 PMSSN sports 
4:00 AMPaid program 6:00 PMFormula America Network
4:30 AMPaid program 7:00 PMChampionship Wrestling from Hollywood 
5:00 AMPaid program 8:00 PMIWWA Wrestling
5:30 AMPaid program 8:30 PMHere’s the Catch
6:00 AMPaid program 9:00 PMClassic Cars
6:30 AMPaid program 10:00 PMPitstop 
7:00 AMPaid program 10:30 PMLife of Cards
7:30 AMPaid program 11:30 PMKing of the Road
8:00 AMAuto files 
8:30 AMBirding Adventures 
9: 00 AMWild Photo Adventures
9:30 AMSports Stars of Tomorrow
10:00 AMPlanet X
10:30 AMHooked on the Palm Beaches
11:00 AMRace through time
11:30 AMGetting away together
12:30 PMGetting Away together
1:00 PMLarysa Unleashed 

16th October 21, Saturday

12:00 AMHeartland poker Tour6:30 AMPaid programming 
1:00 AMChasing Monsters 7:00 AMPaid programming 
2:00 AMPaid programming 7:30 AMPaid programming 
3:00 AMPaid Programming 8:00 AMPitstop 
3:30 AMPaid programming 8:30 AMKing of the Road
4:00 AMPaid programming 9:00 AMThe Outdoorsman with Buch McNeely
4:30 AMPaid programming 9:30 AMFishing with Ladin
5:00 PMPaid programming 10:00 AMCanadian Sport Fishing
5:30 AMPaid programming 11:00 AMHeartland Poker Tour
6:00 AMPaid programming 12:30 PMBrief History
1:00 PMRace Central TV5:20 PMCharlie Moore: No Offense
1:25 PMLife of Cards6:20 PMTexan on Tour
2:55 AMHeartland Poker Tour6:50 PMChampionship Wrestling from Arizona
3:55 PMGrass Roots Racing7:45 PMChampionship Wrestling frpm Hollywood
4:25 PMSSN Sports: The Short List8:40 PMFormula Americas Network
4:50 PMHere The Catch9:40 PMOVW Wrestling

Sign up To Untamed Sports TV

You would need to sign up before getting started with the experience of  Untamed Sports TV. the process of signing up is uncomplicated unless you enter incorrect information, otherwise, it will be tough for you. The steps are given in the order which you just need to follow-

  • Drop by visiting the official website of Untamed Sports TV which is given here-
  • After you visit the website you will be displayed the home screen of the Untamed Sports TV. 
  • Locate the header ‘’Sign Up’’, which you will find in the middle of the screen. 
  • You will have a form under the header which you need to fill out. 
  • Starting off with the option wherein you have to tick the boxes of the categories that you are interested in. 
  • The categories are Field sports,  Motorsports, Lifestyle sports, Adventure, Outdoor recreation, Combat/Martial arts, Adventure sports, and Sports documentaries. 
  • You can put a tick on as many categories as you want.
  • Now, enter your Full name, email ID, address, ZIP/ Postal code, and your phone number. 
  • Tick the Captcha and tap on the ‘’Submit’’ option. 

You are done with the signing-up process. It was simple, isn’t it? Make sure you enter all your information correctly. 

Programs Of Untamed Sports TV

Adrenaline TVGreat Southwest Outdoors- hunting/ fishingMud Truck TV- motorsports
At your Leisure- family-oriented adventureFishing Across America with Dave MayardOcean Paddler TV- paddling sports
Athletes in Motion- multiple sportsFishing with Ladin On the Hook TV- fishing
ATV TV- motorsportsHawaiian Xtreme Sports TVOutdoor News-news
Beach Sports TV- Volleyball/watercrossHunter’s Exchange- huntingPower Boat TV- boating
Deer Camp- huntingKey West Time starring Howard Livingston- lifestyle & travelProfessional Championship bull riding Tour- bull riding 
Divers Down Television- Scuba divingLatitudes & Attitudes- boatingReel Adventures- fishing
FIM Motorcross World Championship- motorsportsLouis Vuitton Pacific Series- boatingScuba World the Television Series- scuba diving
Gillette World Sport- multiple sportsMazdaspeed Motorsports Race Series- motorsportsSupermoto World Championship-moto sports
GillznFinz TV-fishingMotor TV- motorsportsThe Travelling Trio

Here Are The Affiliates Of Untamed Sports TV

City Station Channel Owned by
Fresno, CAKVHF- LD4.3Cocola Broadcasting 
Kansas City, KSKCKS- LD25.8 Heartland Broadcasting
Kansas City, KSKMJC- LD25.8Heartland Broadcasting
Topeka, KSWROB- LD25.8Heartland Broadcasting

Action-Packed Episodes Of famous Series On Untamed Sports TV 

The list of the episodes that are aired on the Untamed Sports TV channel are mentioned below-

Championship Wrestling From Arizona 

It’s a weekly aired wrestling program that is admired by many people. This includes the frequent battle shows along with the top names from worldwide in a professional wrestling ring in Arizona. 

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

This Championship Wrestling from Hollywood contributes to making the audience feel all thrilled up with a bit of drama of the Golden Days of Television with the stars like Dusty Rhoads, Gordon Solie, and Briscoe Brothers at the late-night show. 

Getting Away Together 

This series portrays the story of a bunch of people having fun on a vacation with their friends and family. The entire vacation incorporates some outstanding turns such as, family reunions, girlfriend getaways which made the series an exceptional and most amazing vacation in America.

Life in between Gates

It is a documentary series that is created by Aether Films and World Pro Ski Tour. This includes the world’s best ski racers traveling all the way to top ski locations and get head to head completed. 

Pure Outdoors

It’s an action-packed series that is created to depict enthusiastic lifestyles along with outdoor sports such as airplane aerobatics, freestyle skiing, surfing, cycling, cliff diving, water-ski racing, and motocross. Isn’t this all sound amazing?

If you have read the article then you must know what your next step should be. Get the Untamed Sports TV channel and watch all these shows that will give you an amazing experience and at the end, you will also learn something new which will help you in the long run. 

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