How can I track my prescription drugs order on Amazon PillPack?

What is Amazon PillPack?

PillPack is a new kind of care that is being offered by Amazon Pharmacy Service. It is a prescription medication delivery service owned and operated by Amazon. You also get the easy track of prescription drugs on Pillpack. This service not only offers free delivery but also sorts your daily meds by date and time. Isn’t that cool! You will be even more surprised after knowing that these services are included in the charges you pay for the ordered medication. Now that’s an Amazon thing, setting itself apart by providing extra benefit which is not offered in the case of standard pharmacy service. Amazon PillPack also covers most types of health insurance.

PillPack Medication Packs

The main center of attraction about Amazon PillPack is their convenient single-serve packs in which each day pills are sorted and organized wonderfully that even their front covers are printed with time the medicines have to be taken. The complete process is done to make medicine consumption more convenient for the person who takes a lot of medicine or have difficulty in remembering which medicine has to be taken at which time.

How to sign up for an Amazon PillPack account?

You can set up your Amazon PillPack account with this simple 2 step process
Step 1: you have to sign up online at to create your account or call at 866–332–1668 to have a word with an advisor

PillPack SignIn

Step 2: In this step, you will have to fill in your doctor’s details; you can either select it via a dropdown list or add them manually if their name is not available. Adding doctor information is important to receive a prescription of your required medication from the doctor by the Amazon team.

Order from PillPack

Step 3: In this step, you have to provide your details related to insurance. You can either pick from the or add manually. You can even skip this step if you don’t have any.

PillPack Insurance

Step 4: in this step, you have to add a list of medicines and other details associated with them.

PillPack Prescriptions

Step 5: in this step, you have to fill in the payment details. To verify your account details you will have to undergo a $1 test charge, to make sure you have filled correct details; this amount will be refunded with 24 hrs.

Now you are ready to get started. In case of any questions or query, you can contact them 24/7 via email at [email protected] or helpline number- 855-745-5725

How to Track your active shipments on Amazon PillPack?

To track the prescription drugs on PillPack, customers do get information on their status of medical shipment from time to time either via mail or by phone. The information or alerts can also be delivered via SMS at standard rates. The message will be delivered to you with a tracking link once the order gets shipped.

PillPack Order Confirmation

To track your ordered prescription drugs online you have to sign in to your account at and then click on ‘Track Delivery. Apart from tracking your active shipments you can also check the current status of your shipment and view the billing statement too.

Service limitations on Amazon PillPack

There are few Service limitations:

• PillPack does not dispense Schedule II medications which include narcotics and non-narcotics medication. For detailed information, you can visit their website.
• PillPack does not offer delivery of Compounded medications/ personalized medication
• PillPack does not deliver medical equipment like CPAP supplies, braces, or insulin pumps even if they are covered in your insurance, you will have to buy them from a medical supply company.
• In case, if you want to place your order for controlled substances then it can be only accepted via E-Scribe.
• Keep these convenient single-serve packs out of the reach of children as packets are not a child- safe.
• Few medicines like birth control pills and gummy vitamins cannot be sorted into packets cause of their packaging issues.

Amazon PillPack delivers a broad range of medicines, OTCs, and vitamins. In case if you want your medicine in a bottle it will be delivered as per your requirement.

Amazon Pharmacy

Medicines that require Refrigeration are packed separately in temperature-controlled packaging. All the transported medicines are obtained from US wholesalers which are registered and disclosed under the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).
Amazon prime members can achieve prime saving along with free 2- day delivery and can also save on medicine if you are paying without having insurance.

What does Amazon PillPack offer?

• Clear and understandable pricing
• Protection of your medical information
• Expert advice
• Sorted and organized medication with all the details of day and time, so that you can worry less
• Faster delivery

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