Top Science Channel Shows to Unclutter Science in August

One of the best channels to watch scientific things along with Discovery+, but this channel is only limited to America. So from going in the deep undergrounds to find out the hidden truths and going an extra mile for truths and digging the tunnels of Germany to take out some truths about Germany during Hitler, there are so many episodes, I have covered it all for you as these are some of the Top Science Channel Shows for August only and it is packed with so many mysteries and hidden truths I can guarantee you can’t unwatch them once you start to watch them.

Best Science Channel Shows of August

Secret Nazi Ruins – Top Science Channel Shows 

Genre– mystery 

Secret Nazi Ruins - Top Science Channel Shows 

The ultimate collapse of the Nazi culture in 1945 leaves behind so many questions and mysteries to uncover. A team of highly trained professionals goes to Germany to find out the hidden tunnels of the time during Nazi, and they tend to found some hidden truths that haven’t been discovered for many years so there will a lot of digging to find the truth and there are some truths that are yet to be discovered and many more things so it gonna be interesting to watch. 

Hunting Atlantis – Top Science Channel Shows

Genre – research and development 

Hunting Atlantis - Top Science Channel Shows

This is very interesting as the main lead of the show Steal and Jess go to find the hidden treasures of the city of Atlantis that needs to be discovered but on the verge of finding them they found a golden grave that might be of the king of Atlantis, now this is going to be interesting.

Mysteries of the Abandoned (Ghosts of the black mountain )

Genre – Mysteries

Mysteries of the Abandoned (Ghosts of the black mountain )

There are some remains of the beautifully constructed town in the remote areas of backwoods Kentucky that tell a forgotten and utter past of catastrophe and devastation, experts go there to investigate and uncover the truth that lies behind the catastrophe of the beautifully constructed city. History of the deadly industrial mining complex.  

Forbidden History: The Nazi quest for holy relics

Genre – research and development 

Forbidden History: The Nazi quest for holy relics

Channel has a team of archaeologists, that team goes to Germany to dig up the ground to find the ways the German Nazi’s true purpose and their uniqueness and some hidden truths lie under that grounds of Germany that is still needed to be discovered.

Underground Marvels – Top Science Channel Shows

Genre – Engineering 

Watch Underground Marvels Season 1 | Prime Video

They hire experts that help them to discover the phenomena around the world and share their impressive stories and their unique origins and their significance in history and their role in mankind. Along with some of the secrets they still want to keep hidden.

Engineering Catastrophes

Genre – Engineering 

Watch Engineering Catastrophes Season 1 | Prime Video

This show is very interesting as the channel hires experts that help and examine the real reason behind the disaster that happened or the real reason why the building has fallen, or what building is waiting to fall, or what building can cause disaster. They have new technology that helps them to examine the technology and have cutting-edge technology.

Mysteries of the Abandoned: ARCTIC HELL PIT 

Genre – Mystery 

Prime Video: Mysteries of the Abandoned - Season 2

This show is related to a Russian hole of hell in the Arctic circle in a military base on the west side of America and a stranger looking tower looming and there are mysterious dead engineering plants or projects that yet need to be discovered and there are many truths that are hidden there, and there yet some discoveries that needed to be done that are still unknown to the mankind and these have some value to it. 


Genre – Mystery 

Watch Unearthed Season 1 | Prime Video

There was a pyramid in ancient times which was built to bury the pharaoh’s but due to some calamity the pyramid collapsed and no pharaohs were buried there. So a team of highly trained experts is going there to examine the real cause why the pyramid collapsed because the technology at that time made some great monuments but what was the reason why that pyramid fell? After all, the Pyramid was one of the seven monuments of the world that was made before 4500 BC. It’s going to be interesting to watch the reason why it collapsed. 

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle

Genre – mystery 

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

There are many theories of why ships and planes are sinking in the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle has gained a reputation for bizarre incidents and odd disappearances have gained the attention of many experts on why this is happening. But no clue has been found out yet what is happening in the Bermuda triangle and now a team savvy boat captains with experience of sailing and with them, divers that went to the depths of the bed of the ocean are now going to unravel some of the biggest secrets of mankind, it is going to be interesting to see what they find. 

The Secrets of the Viking Stone

Genre – Mystery 

Secrets of the Viking Stone (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

This show takes us to the ancient history of America and the journey of various scholars to discover the various truths about America by meeting scholars, skeptics, and sensationalists alike. The show’s main lead Stormare and Balgaard dive deep into the story of Kensington Runestone and its controversial past. It was discovered in 1898 by a Swedish born resident Olof woman in Kensington a large stone slab was found under the roots of the tree with the alphabet still unknown to mankind in the search of this, Stormare and Balgaad went to find some of the greatest inventions of the America and the history form which everyone is still unknown to.

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