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TeLe-Romántica is a Spanish entertainment and leisure network. TeLe-Romántica is broadcast on primarily digital television subchannels across the United States. TeLe-Romántica’s target audience consists of Hispanic females and families aged 18–55. Telenovelas, films, series, health, programs, lifestyle, food shows, fashion, glamour & beauty, and documentaries make up its coverage.

Television stations broadcast TeLe-Romántica in their local markets via digital subchannels of their primary broadcast channels. The network was launched on October 9, 2015, by Univision Communications and Telefutura. TeLe-Romántica’s initial programming consisted of a mix of telenovelas and movies from the Univision library along with reruns from Telemundo and UniMás. In January 2016 Univision announced its intention to replace the Univision reruns with Spanish language content from Telemundo Studios. In April 2016 it was announced that Telemundo would add English language programming to the network beginning in 2017.

List Of Subchannels Currently Streaming TeLe-Romántica Channel:

TeLe-Romántica programming was carried on the following television stations as of June 2013:

ChannelCall signHHCableMarketOwner
33.2350,000H&H Entreprises
50.3200,000Globe LPTV, LLC
31.2WSJU-TV3,000,000Aerco Broadcasting Corporation
15.2KLMV-LD300,000Laredo, TexasJ.B. Salazar
39.3WNYN-LD2,000,000Altice USANew YorkTVC NY License, LLC
11.1WTXI-LD350,000MiamiNew York Spectrum Holding Company, LLC
22.4350,000Major Market Broadcasting
21.2W21AU-D200,000OrlandoCentral Florida Broadcast, Inc.
57.2WBWP-LD100,000Atlantic Broadband, Xfinity, SpectrumWest Palm BeachH&R Production Group, LLC
17.1WPGF-LD40,000MemphisFlinn Broadcasting
26.3KRIV109,000HoustonFox Television Stations
OTT SystemsUS

What Else Do I Need To Know About TeLe-Romántica Channel?

TeLe-Romántica is a Hispanic digital television network owned by Univision Communications, which is owned by one of the largest media companies in the world, The Walt Disney Company. TeLe-Romántica was created by Univision Communications to serve the Spanish-speaking consumer through digital television and over the Internet. It is a different programming format from Univision’s traditional television networks, including Univision and Galavisión.

Television stations air the channel in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Mezzosubtitle), with English language audio tracks for non-Spanish language areas. It is a digital cable and satellite channel distributed by both Cox Communications and Dish Network through their respective digital cable services. TeLe-Romántica is available through the mpsat2 satellite service as well as on some digital cable systems in certain markets.

In the U.S., TeLe-Romántica is available in digital subchannels on channel 39, channel 60, and channel 79. In addition, it is offered as a channel on Cablevision’s Optimum TV lineup in New York City and select areas of New Jersey. TeLe-Romántica is also offered as a companion channel to UniMás on several cable affiliates across the country.

What Makes The TeLe-Romántica Network Stand Out?

The biggest difference between TeLe-Romántica and most other Spanish language networks is that it is targeted to their female audience. The network has many programs that are popular with young women including the daily soap opera “La Reina del Sur” (The Queen of the South), “El Bufete de Los Milagros” (The Lawyer’s Office), and “Amar Amor” (To Love). For example, “El Bufete de Los Milagros” is one of the most-watched telenovelas in Latin America and is portrayed as a gritty legal drama.

TeLe-Romántica has been criticized for its lack of programming diversity by Univision and Telemundo. While there are many shows available for viewing on the channel, critics say that they don’t reflect Hispanic culture. Telemundo and Univision have accused TeLe-Romántica of airing “product placement” ads and promoting the channel as an alternative to their own channels. Telemundo and Univision also claim that TeLe-Romántica does not air original content, instead, airing rebroadcasts of English television programs such as “Gossip Girl” and “The Biggest Loser” as well as American movies. Critics argue that this type of programming may only appeal to those who already speak English fluently.

During his term as President, Bill Clinton signed into law several bills designed to promote Hispanic interests. One bill was the Spanish Language Radio Television Broadcasters Authorization Act of 1974 which allowed for bilingual radio and television broadcasts within national borders – bilingual to be defined by “the Spanish language or Spanish dialect that may be used by any person or entity authorized by such station.” The bill also required that all broadcast outlets provide equal time for Spanish language programming during election periods, not simply Spanish language programming from a specific ethnic group.

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Wrapping Up

TeLe-Romántica is in English in Puerto Rico, in Spanish in the U.S. territories, in English in Canada and Mexico, and in Spanish in Central America. Televisa USA distributes TeLe-Romántica’s programming to English-speaking audiences in the U.S. according to their own schedules. We hope you discovered plenty of brand-new facts and information in this post. If you liked our work and efforts, do not forget to invest a minute to appreciate us. Feel free to drop a comment in the appropriate section below. Thank you for being with us!

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