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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is an American movie-oriented basic cable television network owned by the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary of Time Warner. TCM’s programming consists of classic theatrically released feature films from the Turner Entertainment film library – which comprises films from Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (excluding most of the pre-1950 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film library, which is owned by Turner Entertainment and licensed to Warner Bros. subsidiary Warner Archive – as well as RKO Radio Pictures, and the pre-May 1986 MGM film library, which Turner Entertainment acquired in 1986). This article is focused on TCM Movies Schedule.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a TV channel that celebrates movies of the past and the stars that have made Hollywood what it is today. The channel features classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood, the Golden Age of Television, and more modern classics from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Each night, TCM broadcasts classic films from the Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. film libraries. 

TCM Movies Schedule (June 27- July 3).

TCM Movies Schedule – June 27 (Sunday)

12:15AMShadow Of s Doubt (1943)A young girl (Teresa Wright) suspects her favorite uncle (Joseph Cotton) of being the family’s most notorious serial killer. With the help of her brother, she tries to prove he is the killer.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 48 mins
2:30 AMStrangers on a Train (1951)A thriller film about two men who meet on a train, one of whom proposes they trade murders.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 41 mins
4:30 AMFamily Plot (1976)A family hires a phony psychic to trace one of their nephews. Suspense/ Mystery2 hrs
6:30 AMThe Lady Vanishes (1938)Miss Froy who after enjoying a day at the races with some new acquaintances ends up being thrown off the train during an argument and later discovers she has been robbed.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 37 mins
8:15 AMSuspicion (1941)It’s an intriguing story about how a young woman marries a charming man and discovers too late that he distrusts everyone – even her.Suspense/ Mystery1 hr 39 mins
10:00 AMShadow Of s Doubt (1943)A young girl (Teresa Wright) suspects her favorite uncle (Joseph Cotton) of being the family’s most notorious serial killer. With the help of her brother, she tries to prove he is the killer.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 48 mins
12:15 PMRope (1948)Two privileged young men from the wrong side of the tracks attempt to get away with a perfect crime by strangling their friend and hiding his body in a chest. Suspense/ Mystery1hr 20 mins
1:45 PMThe Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)About kidnapping a doctor’s son, star Jimmy Stewart and his teenage daughter, also Doris Day.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 59 mins
4:00 PMDial M for Murder (1954)A husband attempts to murder his wife, but when the attempt doesn’t go as planned, he has to hide the crime from everyone, including the police.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 45 mins
6:00 PMThe Trouble With Harry (1955)A corpse is stolen from the city morgue and everyone involved suddenly starts acting weird to the point of murder. The corpse provides hilarity as he moves from place to place while people try to get rid of him.Comedy1hr 39 mins
8:00 PMPsycho (1960)From the master of horror Alfred Hitchcock comes this classic tale of a woman on the run from the law who is ensnared by her sadistic pursuer.Horror/ Science-Fiction1hr 49 mins
10 PMMarine (1964)A Marine sergeant strikes up a relationship with an eccentric woman after both have been arrested for a bank robbery.Suspense/ Mystery2 hrs 10 mins

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TCM Movies Schedule – June 28 (Monday)

12:15 AMThe Lodger (1927)A murderer is on the loose in London. So much so that the newspapers are full of gruesome stories that a family decides to rent out space in their house to a mysterious lodger. Silent1hr 15 mins
2:15 AMThe Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)A British couple on vacation in Switzerland becomes involved in an assassination plot. Suspense/ Mystery1hr 24 mins
3:45 AMFrenzy (1972)A London drug-dealing psychopathic criminal wielding a knife and a gun is on the loose in London, and a police sergeant is trying to stop him from killing.Suspense/ Mystery1hr 56 mins
6:00 AMGiant (1956)It follows the struggle of a Texas ranching family after they lose their patriarch in an accident. Able to overcome their differences and grief, the family must come together to reconcile their feelings about the past before they’re torn apart.Drama3hr 21 mins
9:30 AMThe Steel Fist (1952)In an Iron Curtain country, an idealistic student goes on the run with a mysterious call girl and begins to question whether he can trust her.Drama1hr 13 mins
10:45 AMSide Street (1950)Watch as innocent mailman Steve Cochran is chased through his very own streets by both the cops and the crooks.Crime1hr 23 mins
12:30 PMSlander (1957)an enjoyable film noir drama with a great cast and nice costumes. Almost accused of murder, a TV star must find the real culprit before he loses everythingDrama1hr 21 mins
2:00 PMLibel (1959)An American Air Force POW is scheduled for release because of eyelid trouble. When Colonel Ohlsen arrives, he sets about proving that the new prisoner is an imposter.Drama1hr 40 mins
3:45 PMThe Fugitive Kind (1960)A drifter plays a man-on-the-lam in Mississippi, but the law is hot on his heels and local women are captivated by him.Drama2 hrs 15 mins
6:00 PMSuddenly, Last Summer (1959)A young woman staying at a mental institution recounts her horrifying experience that led to her hospitalization.Drama1hr 54 mins
8:00 PMCommon Threads: Stories From the Quilt (1989) It tells the stories of five people who died from AIDS and how their lives were affected by the disease. Their stories are intertwined to show how AIDS outbreaks spread since the disease was first identified in 1981.Documentary1hr 15 mins
9:30 PMThe Celluloid Closet (1995)This book looks at the history of gay characters and images in mass media, including the celluloid closet itself.Adaptation1hr 42 mins
11: 30 PMParagraph (2000)In 1933 and 1945, according to Nazi documents, approximately 100,000 men were arrested for homosexuality. This film seeks to tell some of their stories.Documentary1hr 21 mins

TCM Movies Schedule – June 29 (Tuesday)

1:15 AMThe Times of Harvey Milk (1984)A film about the life of gay politician and San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by former Supervisor Dan White.Documentary1hr 27 mins
3:00 AMWord Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (1977)Set against the backdrop of the gay liberation movement, Word Is Out is a collection of 26 personal stories regarding gay stereotypes, dealing with coming out and fighting oppression.Documentary2 hrs 10 mins
5:15 AMBefore Stonewall (1985)Based on the true story of beans in the New York gay community, this is a portrait of the history of the homosexual experience in the United States. Documentary1 hr 27 mins
6:45 AMAndy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941)A headstrong Andy Hardy, now sixteen, has trouble studying and storing up the wisdom of age at the same time. He can only cram for a few hours at a time and doesn’t think he can pass without extra help.Comedy1hr 41 mins
8:30 AMLife Begins for Andy Hardy (1941)Andy returns home from college for the summer. He becomes enamored with a singer on his way to Yale and decides to quit school to marry her. With his father’s assistance, he finds a job at his father’s bank and tries to adjust to city life.Comedy1hr 40mins
10:15 AMThe Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942)Andy Hardy is too young to drive a car, too poor to afford a date with the girl of his dreams, and too bashful to talk to Sandra Willis in school. So when he lands the job of delivering her violin to her house after school, he seizes the opportunity for true romance.Comedy1hr 33 mins
12:00 PMAndy Hardy’s Double Life (1942)CAPTAIN Andy Hardy is a popular high-school student, but he’s just earned his college diploma, falls in love with the girl next door, then marries her and forgets his studies.Comedy1hr 32 mins
1:45 PMAndy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble (1944)A college boy has to cope with a pair of beautiful twins who vie for his attention and share a penchant for trouble.Comedy1hr 47 mins
3:45 PMLove Laughs at Andy Hardy (1946)A small-town boy returns to college after the war only to find his sweetheart engaged to Andy. Too embarrassed to tell her he’s still in love with her, he pretends that a wealthy classmate will inherit the town’s new medical center if Andy marries her. When she finds out the truth, it may cost more than their relationship.Comedy1hr 33 mins
5:30 PMAndy Hardy Comes Home (1958)Caught in the middle of a land dispute between his father’s estate and the Carvel Corporation, Andy Hardy returns to Carvel. When his old friend John Hardwicke shows him how much the town has changed, Andy realizes how much he’s missed.Drama1hr 20 mins
7:00 PMHollywood My Hometown (1965)Relive some of the magic from bygone eras, as well as learn about Murray’s participation as an actor and host for television broadcasts right here in Hollywood.Documentary52 mins
8:00 PMA Place in the Sun (1951)An ambitious young man wins an heiress’s heart but has to cope with his former girlfriend, now her employee, and try to hide the fact that he’s broke.Drama2 hrs 2 mins
10: 15 PMEast of Eden (1955)Traversing the years from World War II to the Korean War and set in California’s Salinas Valley, two brothers compete for a woman’s love and their father’s approval, teaching us that the path to success lies in exploiting others rather than oneself. Drama1hr 55 mins

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TCM Movies Schedule – June 30 (Wednesday)

12:30 AMThe Philadelphia Story (1940)A spoiled socialite is married to a journalist; she meets a former suitor; her husband’s ex-flame and her reporter ex-boyfriend try to rekindle their romance. The supporting cast features Ruth Hussey, John Halliday, and Lucile Watson.Comedy1hr 52 mins
2:30 AMThe Bride Goes Wild (1948)Watching an average couple journey to the wilds of Africa, a renowned children’s author is inspired to bring fun and his brand of variety into their lives. A 1948 classic not to be missed.Comedy1hr 38 mins
4:15 AMHigh Barbaree (1947)In this classic story of life on the high seas in the South Pacific, a downed aviator reflects on his strong marriage with his wife, Alice. When a young mission school girl named Pamela arrives on their island, she is quickly welcomed into their family and their hearts. Drama1hr 31 mins
6:00 AMMusic for Millions (1944)Music for Millions tells the story of a woman who holds to her art while awaiting her soldier husband’s return from World War II. Her strong-willed aunt tries to steer her away from her career, but she stands firm and continues to perform in a nightclub.Musical1hr 57 mins
8:15 AMSusan Slade (1961)A pregnant teen allows her mother to pass the baby off as her own but chooses to give up the child to save the family and the man she loves.Romance 1hr 56 mins 
10:15 AMMexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event (1943)A newly married couple set up housekeeping, but the husband is convinced that his wife is pregnant, even though she insists otherwise. He finally accepts her word when he sees her eating supper with real gusto.Comedy1hr 3 mins
11:30 PMNever Too Late (1965)Story of a woman with grown children after 40 who discovers she’s pregnant again. Of course, she’s delighted. But her family is not – the children are married and the husband thinks it would ruin his career for his wife to have another child at this stage in life. TComedy1hr 45 mins
1:30 PMThe High Cost of Loving (1958)The film offers an intimate but moving behind-the-scenes look at the emotional and economic struggles of two very different young people who fall impetuously in love with one another.Romance1hr 27 mins
3:00 PMEverything I Have Is Yours (1952)a dancer who discovers she is pregnant by her married lover. The man’s mother attempts to prevent the child from being born by refusing to sign his divorce papers, but Sandra travels to France and has an illegal abortionMusical1hr 32 mins
4:45 PMConfidentially Connie (1953)An expectant mother hatches a series of madcap schemes to improve her husband’s image so he’ll be appointed a junior executive with a safe but well-paid job. Comedy 1hr 14 mins
6:15 PMDoctor, You’ve Got To Be Kidding (1967)The hospital atmosphere is perfect for this romantic comedy. Four men vie for the attention of a young woman who is about to give birth. Robert Morse, Yvonne Craig, and Nancy Walker provide extra entertainment in what may be Huntz Hall’s final film.Comedy1hr 34 mins
8:00 PMHold Back the Dawn (1941)The small group of students and teachers who inhabit a remote Latin American village are a typical bunch. There’s the schoolmaster, whose wife has left him; the priest’s young housekeeper, who dreams of becoming an actress; and several young men, including the schoolmaster’s son, a handsome but aimless fellow who’s been taking instruction from a gigolo.Drama1hr 55 mins
10:15 PMThe Heiress (1949)A young woman without wealth or family is courted by an English duke. When she comes into her inheritance, she finds herself tagged with undesirable suitors by fortune hunters and lawyers.Drama1hr 55 mins

TCM Movies Schedule – July 01 (Thursday)

12:30 AMThe Ambassador’s Daughter (1956)the ambassador’s daughter, who is in France on a fact-finding mission. She enjoys a whirlwind romance with a French professor; in fact, she believes she is in love with him. When she goes back to her hotel room one night, she finds out that he has been killed by Algerians.Comedy1hr 43 mins
2:30 AMIn This Our Life (1942)Two women trying to make a life for themselves despite their families’ conspiring to keep them apart. Billie, a wealthy Southern belle, elopes with mechanic Rufus. Her mother disowns her. Billie returns home to the mansion in which she grew up. Drama1hr 37 mins
4:15 AMDodge City (1939)When his sweetheart is murdered by the local crime boss, a soldier of fortune rides into Dodge City to confront the villain. His plan takes a sharp turn when the sheriff asks him to stay and help bring law and order to the town, and he finds himself trapped.Western1hr 45 mins
6:00 AMFriendly Persuasion (1956)A fun and moving 1956 movie starring Gary Cooper as a Quaker whose peace and integrity are put to the test when his home is threatened by soldiers during the Civil War.Drama2 hrs 17 mins
8:30 AMJezebel (1938)Story of a tempestuous Southern belle whose willful nature disrupts the lives of everyone around her. When she is banished by her overbearing father to a friend’s industrial Northern factory, it is the first step in her emancipation from the shackles of Southern society.Drama1hr 44 mins
10:30 AMThe Letter (1940)A woman who shoots an intruder, then discovers he was blackmailing her husband. As she turns to her partner for support, she becomes increasingly terrified that the police will discover what happened and that she will be punished for defending herself.Drama1hr 37 mins
12:15 PMThe Little Foxes (1941)Two sisters, Regina and Martha, set out to get their brothers—all corrupt businessmen—to divide the family estate among themselves.Drama1hr 56 mins
2:45 PMMrs. Miniver (1942)story of a middle-class English family struggling to make sense of and survive the first days of World War II. IWar2 hrs 14 mins
5:00 PMThe Best Years of Our Lives (1946)The film follows their predictable reintegration into society, as they each struggle to adapt after years of serving their country in the war.Drama2 hrs 52 mins
8:00 PMKissin’ Cousins (1964)“Kissin’ Cousins” was Elvis Presley’s 18th movie. It is a musical comedy. The movie also has a lot of nice music. If you like Elvis, you will enjoy this movie.Musical1hr 36 mins
10:00 PMDouble Trouble (1967)A fun-loving teen heiress and her boyfriend’s twin brother switch identities, embarking on a dangerous romance that threatens to tear their families apart.Musical 1hr 30 mins

TCM Movies Schedule – July 02 (Friday)

12:00AMClambake(1967)A man needs a wife and a playboy switches places with a water-skiing instructor to find a woman who is willing to be his wife after he has been jilted a year earlier.Musical1h 40m
2:00AMLive a Little, Love a Little (1968)Chance and Lisa are a couple madly in love with one another, but their marriage is threatened by Lisa considering moving away because of her line of work. Chance has no steady job, while the owner of the publication that Lisa works for refuses to find a steady job for her.Musical1h 30m
4:00AMCash McCall (1960)A hard-headed tycoon known as Cash McCall has a plan. Once he gets his hands on a small, public utility company owned by the vulnerable John Cory and his daughter Terry (Kathryn Grant), the stock will soar dramatically, and promoters like himself will make a killing.Romance1h 42m
6:00AMThe Mayor of 44th Street (1942)A wandering pianist is forced to hide from pursuing gangsters in the home of a kindly Jewish family and gets a job as their daughter’s teacher when he shows an interest in music.Musical1h 26m
7:30AMYouth Runs Wild (1944)A young delinquency officer, hired to help prevent juvenile crime, finds that the war has a demoralizing effect on teenagers. He travels about the country, talking to boys and girls in an attempt to turn them from antisocial behavior.Drama1h 7m
8:45AMBoys Town (1938)Tells the true story of Father Edward J. Flanagan, an entirely self-educated man who builds the first home for orphaned and disadvantaged boys, calling it Boys’ Town.Drama1h 36m
10:30AMBoys’ Ranch (1946)A father from the city turns an abandoned ranch into a home for troubled boys. The family loves the barn and fixes it up, while the boys learn to work on the grounds. The ranch is a success, but he may have been too successful in some aspects as his wife is unhappy with neglecting her.Western1h 37m
12:15PMBoy Slave (1939)A young runaway (William Tracy) tries to make his way alone in New York City in this drama. He finally ends up working in a labor camp, where conditions are terrible. The boy rebels and leads a revolt against the other youngster slaves.Drama1h 12m
1:30PMCrime School (1938)In this fast and furious film noir, a crusading warden sets out to improve conditions at a rough state pen.   Winston Churchill’s first starring role has him as a tough reform-minded prison warden, determined to clean up the system. His efforts stir up all kinds of trouble, including jealousy from crooked politicians.Drama1h 26m
3:15PMFinishing School (1934)Sara, the daughter of a broken family that has fallen on hard times, is sent to boarding school by her concerned grandmother. Her stern teachers soon discover that Sara’s wealthy father may be involved in a shady financial deal. Will Sara be able to get in touch with him before he marries his much younger opera singing mistress? Drama1h 13m
4:45PMDelinquent Daughters (1944)Two teenage girls hook up with a couple of bad boys and become the subjects of a town-wide search until they run away to a resort hotel and seek employment as singers. But the mistress of the place is in cahoots with the teenage girls’ aunt and they vie for control of the girls.Drama1h 12m
6:00PMThe Trouble With Angels (1966)The Trouble with Angels set a record for the longest-running film in Centenary’s history. Starring iconic actresses, Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell. This is a tale of two Angelic spirits causing trouble at a convent school.Comedy1h 52m
8:00PMHarper (1966)Michael Harper is a demanding, psychotic, and beautiful woman who has just lost her husband in mysterious circumstances. But if he hasn’t died, why won’t he reappear? Looking for answers, she hires “Peak Investigations”, a detective agency run by a shabby middle-aged gumshoe. Michael Harper is the most intriguing woman Peak has ever met -and the most dangerous.Suspense/ Mystery2h 1m
10:15PMPoint Blank (1967)The true story of a bank robber and police informant Herbert Baker. A jealous husband plans a $7 million robbery from his lover’s penthouse with his crew. Behind the scenes, he is determined to locate and kill both the woman he loves and a fellow gangster.Crime1h 32m

TCM movies schedule – July 03 Saturday

12:00AMWarning Shot (1967)After killing a suspect in self-defense, police sergeant Alex Stone finds himself suspended and persecuted by his fellow officers and Chief Dixon. Now, he’s on a rampage, determined to bring the guilty parties to justice. Adaptation1h 40 mins
2:00AMWhat’s the Matter with Helen? (1971)On the eve of their sons’ execution, mother and stepmother Helen Bracken and Lee Krasner (Simone Signoret) relocate to Hollywood in order to rent out a house there. Once in town, the women become convinced they are being haunted by the boys’ dead victim). Is it a case of mistaken identity, or is there something truly “what’s the matter with Helen?”Horror/ Science- Fiction1h 41 mins
3:45AMFragment of Seeking (1946)That is the idea of one of the most provocative films of its time, 1947’s “Fragment of Seeking.” In recent years this film has received critical praise for its progressive idea that a man should be able to experiment sexually without judgment.DramaNA
4:05AMPicnic (1949)a toy-town involving a little boy and his family who take their sleepy afternoon nap. In collaboration with his sister Isabel, Harrington creates an engaging and strange yet beautiful fantasia of surrealist illustration. An important film that seems almost revolutionary in its mix of animation, live-action, and a child’s kaleidoscopic imagination.DramaNA
4:25AMOn The Edge (1949)A schizophrenic who, following a breakdown, is released from a sanitarium and returns to his family. The family attempts to cope with its new situation and Lambert’s mother engages in frantic efforts to take care of her son, who perceives himself as the slayer of dragons. Typical of Harrington is the use of a single central room or locale, in which the action takes place.DramaNA
4:45AMThe Assignation (1953)A young woman in San Francisco agrees to a date with an older man. He brings her to the top of Twin Peaks. They have dinner and then begin to see each other regularly. One day while out shopping she spots him in the company of another woman, Alice.DramaNA
5:05AMThe Wormwood Star (1956)An unusual documentary about Marjorie Cameron. The star of the film is Cameron who had risen to fame as a model and actress in Kenneth Anger’s infamous “Scorpio Rising” before meeting and marrying LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary in Mexico. Now, she lived quietly in a remote cabin with only her dog for the company while making sculptures or painting her visions. DocumentaryNA
5:40AMUsher (2000)Told in flashbacks, the film relates how a novice writer came into the home of an aging poet. He listens to the poet’s old recordings of his poems and begins to believe that the romantic life of Roderick Us is ideal. The poet returns from one of his periodic disappearances and sends the younger man on a quest for a lover named Mira who meets with tragic consequences.AdaptationNA
6:40AMDream Wife (1953)Be transported into a time of spy movies and Cold War flings with this beautiful black and white film. After Cary Grant’s character pretends to be engaged to a Middle Eastern princess, he really loves- but they can’t be together. Watch this heartwarming classic to see what happens!Comedy1h 41 mins
8:00AMThe Hick Chick (1946)A country chicken and a city slicker chicken battle it out for the affections of a pretty hen. The big city rooster believes that his sophisticated ways will win the girl, but little does he know about his rival’s more down-home good looks.Animation7 mins
8:09AMBig Blue Goose (1956)Van Campen Heilner’s 1956 expedition along the “Big Blue” River in Louisiana, where he captures legendary alligator footage never before seen by the public. The Big Blue Goose served as a precursor to Hugh Hefner’s popular television program, “The Wild Kingdom,” highlighting a spirit of conservation and discovering new wildlife species. Short8 mins
8:18AMColorful Curacao (1939)This vintage Film Noir explores the island of Curacao, revealing the sights and sounds of a tropical paradise. The film also explores the mystical elements of a hot and secluded island, with scenes at an old-fashioned curio shop. Zoom in on conch shells as they are hand-carved into beautiful jewelry and trinkets. Documentary8 mins
8:27AMLady Gangster (1942)Sharon Lynn also known as the “Lady Gangster” accompanies her boyfriend Gerald Cooley, on a robbery. When she is identified from a previous crime and goes to jail, she decides to reform her life and gives up her former life of crime.Drama 1h 2 mins
9:30AMPoison Peril (1943)On vacation in the Caribbean republic, wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne and his valet, Alfred, become embroiled in a plot by Nazi spies to steal a valuable radium mine.Crime16 mins
10:00AMI’ll Be Skiing Ya (1947)Popeye is warming up for his annual ice-skating marathon, only to find that the girl of the hour, Olive Oyl has never learned how to skate. Bluto challenges Popeye to a race on thin ice, with Olive Oyl standing by as the prize. Will Popeye win the race and take home the trophy or will Bluto’s treachery foil his chance of victory?Animation7 mins
10:08AMThe Falcon in Hollywood (1944)In this charming, fast-paced whodunit, a society sleuth is visiting Hollywood to report on the motion picture industry and uncovers a murder right in the heart of the movie capital.Suspense/ Mystery1h 7 mins
11:30AMRespect the Law (1941)A veteran police officer believes that minor lawbreakers do more harm than major criminals. With the help of a reporter, he hopes to prove it.Short19m
12:00PMStrangers on the Train (1951)A thriller film about two men who meet on a train, one of whom proposes they trade murders.Suspense/ Mystery1h 36m
1:45PMOcean’s Eleven (1960)The Rat Pack is back as Danny Ocean leads a group of 11 thieves in a scheme to knock off the casinos of Las Vegas.Comedy2h 7m
4:00PMThe Third Man (1949)The body of a man is found in an Eastern European country; however, it appears that the man had died two weeks earlier. The case is handed to Inspector Calloway who must solve the mystery.Suspense/ Mystery1h 33m
6:00PMButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)A Western from director George Roy Hill, this film follows Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on their last train heist. Over the course of the film, they clash with a pair of detectives and meet their match in a cunning woman who turns out to be more like them than either would have guessed.Western1h 50m
8:00PMThe Misfits (1961)Sensitive divorcee Marilyn is stuck in Reno with nothing to do. At the suggestion of her friend, she heads off to try her luck at the local rodeo, where she meets a group of roping cowboys. She hooks up with rodeo veteran Johnny who introduces her to his friends Ace and Marco. After a night of drinking, Marilyn wakes up and finds that they have headed out west to ropes mustangs.Drama2h 4m
10:15PMThe Tall Men (1955)Ben and Clint Anderson are two con artists who join an Oregon cattle drive to flee the law and take from the rich to give to the poor. Along the journey are Ben’s girlfriend, Davey, as well as cowboys Moon and Little Beaver. After a series of adventures on the trail, Ben and Clint meet up with Miss Kitty to continue their search for gold.Adaptation2h 2m

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