Get Sync My Ride Activated To Enjoy All Of Its Features

If you have landed on this article then you must be searching for the guide that helps you how you can activate Sync my ride. What does it offer to you? SYNC gives you hands-free access to your compatible, Bluetooth-equipped phone, allowing you to make calls, obtain directions, play music, access applications, and more – all with only your voice. Learning well how to assemble Ford SYNC technology on your smartphone allows you to take advantage of the newest connection capabilities, such as SYNC AppLink, Ford+Alexa,  SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot, and SYNC Connect FordPass. We’ll walk you through the process of syncing your phone. Now you have acknowledged what all you are offered by the Sync my ride. It’s time for how you can set it up. 

Set Up Sync My Ride 

Simply follow these simple steps to set up SYNC My Ride:

  • To get started, go to the Ford Sync My Ride website and create an account.
  • Tap on “HELLO, YOUR NAME” from the webpage, then “Your Settings.”
  • Choose the “Vehicles & SYNC” option.
  • Click on “Add a Number” from the “SYNC Mobile Settings” menu.
  • Enter your phone number and a nickname to help you remember it.
  • Install the Ford Sync Destinations App on your smartphone.
  • If you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, it will immediately connect when you start your Ford.

Features Of Ford Sync

  • SYNC AppLink: Use voice commands or the built-in touchscreen to launch and operate your favorite smartphone apps.
  • Ford plus Alexa: Between Hayward and Cumberland, Alexa allows you to acquire traffic statistics for Rice Lake or make an Amazon purchase. You’ll get access to up to 30,000 of her skills, as well as the ability to communicate with home devices that are suitable.
  • SYNC Connect FordPass: SYNC allows you to track your vehicle’s position, lock or unlock it remotely, check crucial service information and diagnostics, and even heat up the interior before you get in.
  • SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot: SYNC Connect can connect up to 10 devices at once and give connectivity from up to 50 feet outside the car, making it ideal for the whole family. You’ll never be without a reliable, secure internet connection.
  • SYNC 3 Android Auto/Apple CarPlay: Take and make calls, return missed calls, listen to voicemail messages, access, and stream music, or send, read, and reply to text messages with SYNC 3 Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. Voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic reports are also available.
Activate Sync my ride

How to Change Phones When They’re Paired?

1. To access the PHONE MENU, press the phone icon.

2. Scroll across the radio display until SYSTEM SETTINGS displays.

3. To confirm, press OK to get to the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu.

4. Scroll through the radio display until BT DEVICE appears.

5. To confirm the choices, press OK. You’ll be sent to the BT DEVICE menu as a result of this.

6. Scroll through the radio display until CONNECT DEVICE appears.

7. Click OK to confirm your selection and see a list of previously linked phones.

8. To connect to the phone, choose the desired device and hit OK.

How to Use a USB Digital Media Player with Voice Commands?

Keep in mind that you may always say “Help” to get more possibilities.

1. Plug the player into the USB port with the ignition and radio turned on.

2. On the steering wheel controls press the icon of a man speaking or Voice.

3. Say “USB” after the audio prompt.

4. Then say “Play All,” “Play Artist / Album / Genre / Playlist, etc. 

5. Say “Play similar” to play similar songs.

6. If you need additional alternatives, say “Help.”

What Is the Best Way to Connect a USB Music Storage Device?

Users may utilize voice-activated instructions or the MENU to plug in and play music saved on flash drives and other digital media via the USB connector.

1. Connect the gadget to a USB port.

2. Hold down the AUX button until SYNC displays.

3. Press MENU to access the MEDIA MENU, which will show on the screen for a little moment.

4. Scroll through the radio display until you see SELECT SRC. To confirm your choices, press OK.

5. Scroll through the radio display until SYNC USB shows. To confirm your choices, press OK.

6. To validate the selection, the radio display will indicate USB CHOSEN.

After then, the song will begin to play.

How to pick up and end the phone call? 

1. Press the phone icon to answer incoming calls.

2. Press and hold the phone icon to end a call.

How you can make a Telephone Call?

There are two methods for making a phone call. You may instruct SYNC to CALL a contact or DIAL a number.

We’ll start by dialing a number.

1. Press the phone icon or VOICE, then speak “Phone” to start a call.

2. When asked, say “Call phone book name>” or “Dial” and the desired number when requested. Say “Dial” one again when SYNC validates the number.

Say “Delete” or press SEEK to remove the last spoken digit.

Say “Clear” or press and hold SEEK to remove all spoken numbers.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming: How to Use It

SYNC allows customers to stream music from their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and plays it over the vehicle’s SYNC audio system. The music must be stored on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone that has been previously paired and linked. Take the following steps:

1. Make sure the associated phone is playing the desired music and is in Bluetooth Audio Streaming mode.

2. On the Navigation System, press the MEDIA hard button.

3. On the touchscreen, select the User Device tab.

4. Continue pressing SOURCE until BT AUDIO shows in the line above SOURCE.

What vehicles are eligible for FordPass?

To utilize FordPass, you’ll need a car with SYNC Connect. From 2017 forward, FordPass compatible cars include:

  • Titanium version of the Ford Escape.
  • F-150 King Ranch/Platinum/Limited/Lariat Luxury/Raptor Luxury Ford F-150 King Ranch/Platinum/Limited/Lariat Luxury/Raptor Luxury
  • Ford Fusion Platinum and Platinum Hybrid models are available.

What applications are compatible with Ford SYNC 2?

  • Tidal Music is a streaming music service.
  • Alexa + Ford (Not available in Canada)
  • IHeartRadio.
  • Slacker Radio is a music streaming service.
  • Pandora.
  • Waze is a navigation app that allows you to see where you’re going in real-time.

With the 911 Support, you may be certain that in the case of an accident requiring airbag activation or, in certain circumstances, an emergency fuel pump shut-off, SYNC will assist you in contacting a local 911 operator.

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TURN ON 911 Assist On Sync My Ride

You must have a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone linked and connected to SYNC and 911 Assist turned on in the car for 911 Assist to work.

1. When a Bluetooth-enabled phone is synced with SYNC, a 911 Assist promptly will appear.

2. Select the option to enable 911 Assist.

3. Once enabled, SYNC remembers the configuration and applies it to all paired and connected phones in the future.

Working of 911 Assist- 

1. The car’s ignition system should be turned on, and the SYNC system must be powered up and fully functional.

2. A linked mobile phone should be turned on in the car and linked to SYNC through Bluetooth. If 911 Assist is turned off, SYNC will show a warning message and momentarily display the name of the phone after connecting to it.

3. If the following requirements are satisfied, 911 Assist will activate if a vehicle airbag is deployed or if the emergency fuel pump shut-off is triggered on specific cars.

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